Here's What To Do When Your Ex Calls You After No Contact For So Long (13+ Helpful Things)

Last updated on April 4, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Has your ex been calling you after a long period of no contact ? 

Are you wondering how to respond?

Do you ignore the calls, pick up and say something or do something completely different?

The guide below will help you decide the best plan of action.

A good first step might be to download and use this online communications tracker tool.

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Anyway, let's now take a deeper dive into the reasons why your ex calls you after a long period of no contact and how you may want to respond when this happens.


What To Do When Your Ex Calls You After No Contact

Ones said that the ex calls during no contact are the worst thing ever happens and what makes your effort to move on seems to be useless. You may still love them so deep in your heart you feel a bit happy about it but you know that would only leave you in pain again. To help know what to do when your ex calls you after no contact, read these carefully.

1. Ignore It

The first thing of what to do when your ex calls you after no contact is you need to ignore it. After all, there is no reason to answer his call because you are already breaking up. Moreover, if you answer that call, it would let you reminiscing about your good old day with them which is bad for your effort to move on.

2. Act Like You Don't Know His Number

When he knows that you don't answer his call, he will try to text you and contact you again. Maybe you can act like you don't know his number so he will realize it is really annoyed you.

3. Answer Casually

answer casually

If you are thinking about getting the call, you should answer it casually. It is important for what to do when your ex calls you after no contact, or you can check this Does No Contact Work If Your Ex is Seeing Someone Else?

4. Be Normal As Hard As You Can

We all know your pain is still there. However, when you decide to respond to his call then you should try to be normal as hard as you can. Remember that both of you aren't dating anymore.

5. Never Show That You Are Excited

Like I told you, deep in your heart you know you are a bit happy when he shows up on your phone. However, don't show him that you are excited because it isn't good for your dignity.

6. Don't Overthink

The next thing of what to do when your ex calls you after no contact is don't just go overthink with it. Maybe he calls you again because you still have their stuff or any else. Or if you want to make your ex fall in love with you again try learn this How to Make Your Ex Fall in Love with You Again Through Text.

7. Don't Expect Too Much

Once again, don't let your mind make its own opinion. Also, don't expect too much if your ex suddenly calls you again no contact for quite some time. We know you are happy, but your ex contacts you again doesn't always mean a good thing. So, throw away that expectation and your thought about getting back together.

8. Be Straight To Ask Him

Instead, you are wondering why and what to do when your ex calls you after no contact, just be straight and ask him directly what is his reason. You will feel ease after doing that.

9. Learn

Don't let your feeling overtake your logic. Learn about what happened in your past relationship!

10. Consider Being Nice

consider being nice

If you want to be friend with him then consider to being nice. However, exes being a friend is just hard, don't you think? Or try to check this out How to Let Your Ex Boyfriend Know You Want Him Back.

Signs Your Ex Calls You Because They Miss You

After knowing about what to do when your ex calls you after no contact, you might realize some things and one of them you think that your ex maybe misses you. So, here are signs your ex calls you because of miss you.

1. Start With Asking Your Life

The first sign when he misses you is he ask you about what's going on with your life whens he wasn't around.

2. Calls You Regularly

Maybe he sees that you respond him very nice and didn't ignore him. That is why he starts call you regularly.

3. Ask You To Hang Out

Then, he starts asking you about going out on the weekend. He probably misses all those days when you are hanging out around together at your favorite cafe. Try to learn this too How to Let Your Boyfriend Know You Are Upset with Him.

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4. Tell You Directly

There is no need for him to hide it, he thinks. That is why he just tells you that he misses you.

5. Get Jealous

It is not your fault if you don't put him into his priority anymore since he is not your boyfriend though. However, somehow it makes him upset and jealous because you don't reply his text fast.

More Tips When Your Ex Calls You After No Contact

more tips when your ex calls you after no contact

Here are more tips when your ex calls you after no contact.

1. Maintain Your Expectation

It is bad to hope too much about getting back together. However, if he clearly gives you sign of missing you, okay thought to feel happy. Just don't too much and keep maintain it.

2. Decide What You Really Want

Is this what you really want, after all this time he suddenly calls you? Do you despise his action? Decide what you really want right away.

3. Stay Or Leave

There is no time to waste because it is feeling that we're talking about. You should thinking about stay like this, or leave and move on to better love.

4. Forgive Not Forget

The relationship ended obviously because of some reason. Remember that very reason. You can forgive what he did, but you won't never can forget it.

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