My Ex Blocked Me Then He Came Back And We Got Back Together. We Broke Up And He Blocked Me Again, Will He Come Back?

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After two months you got back together with him and now he leaves you again then you think like this; my ex blocked me then he came back and we got back together.

We broke up and he blocked me again, will he come back? Well, you should learn the reasons first below here.


1. The Old Memories

the old memories

Both of you still had lots of happy memories. He can't deny lots of happiness thing.

2. It Feels Different

For the first, lose a girl like you means nothing. But, the day by day it feels different than why he comes back after he blocked you.

3. He Needs You

Maybe he just needs something from you, yes he needs you to changes to be a better person, would it be?

4. He Still Loves You

After a long time, he leaves and blocked you. You don't know that he still loves you and cares about you. Will you give him a chance?

Let's see how do you handle moving past the cheating and giving it another chance? Should you give them another chance? You will answer yes or no.

5. It's Better To Get You Back

He changes his decision to unblock and then comes back to you because he thinks it's better to get you back, you are a very unique person.

Signs He Will Come Back To You Again Or Maybe Never

There are some signs that you must learn, does he still love you or not? You can check it below here.

1. The Key To Communication

After break up he blocked you then he comes back after that he blocked you again. Communication is a key to fix your relationship, notice that. Let's take a look at why is my ex texting me 6 months later? Many reasons behind it.

2. Care Or Not?

care or not

Yey, he comes back to you. Does he care about you or not? Is he just playing around with your heart? Watch it, girls.

3. His Gestures Upon You

What are you thinking about his gestures upon you? If it is like usual he honestly loves you. But it's not, you could beware there is something he hides from you.

4. The Gaze Of His Eyes

Eyes are never lying. Look deeply into his eyes. Then, you will see what is the meaning he unblocks you then comes back to you. So, how to get a Libra man come back after a breakup?  The tips are very useful.

5. Use The Feeling

Use your feeling, and find it. Does he really want you so much? Or just play your heart, then make you sad again?

How To Prepare Your Heart After He Doesn't Come Back To You Anymore

Well, the first time he may come back to you for one reason, he wants you to be a better person. But, now he blocked you again, will he come back? See the following tips on how to prepare yourself.

1. You Need A Space

My ex blocked me then, he came back and we got back together. We broke up and he blocked me again, will he come back?

You need space and your time alone. However, is it normal to still miss your ex even though you have a new boyfriend and you love him?

2. Calm Yourself

There are no signs of him again. He just playing with you. So, if you want to cry do it. Release all your feeling with crying and then calm yourself.

3. Think With A Cool Mind

After you can calm down your self. It's time to think with a cool mind. Maybe he is your Mr. Right. It will be someone else.

4. Thankful To God

thankful to god

You have to thank God because he is not your Mr. Right. He will be better with others.

And you will find out a guy that suits you. But, how to know if a guy is interested in you through WhatsApp?Go on there to see the tips and tricks.

5. Make It Your Experience

Just think positive about yesterday. It would be old stories and make it them as your precious experience. With this, you already did learn something.

6. Write A New Life 

The last way, you should write your new life with a bright plan for your precious future. You must move on and go for your life.

Hopefully, the above on my ex blocked me then he came back and we got back together.

We broke up and he blocked me again, will he come back? That gives the right answer to you, what you should do and not do. Just think positive and good luck.

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