27+ Secretive Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back From Another Girl

Last updated on May 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Did your ex-boyfriend leave you for another woman? Are you desperately hoping to win him back?

Perhaps he left you a long time ago and he has recently found another partner, but you still want to reignite your relationship.

Maybe you broke up with him and you want to fix this incredible mistake? 

Either way, this guide should be able to help you out.

It includes a list of proven strategies to win your ex-boyfriend back from another woman. 

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Are you ready for Operation Win Back Your Ex-Boyfriend? Great!

Make sure to take notes or bookmark this page, because it features tons of amazing strategies to get your ex back. 

Let's go!


28 Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back From Another Girl

1. Make Him See A Little Bit Of Your Regret Through Your Emotion

Showing a bit of regret is perfectly fine. It shows that you still have feelings about him and faith on the now broken relationship.

2. Say Sorry To Him Sincerely

Apologizing is the number one way to make his heart melt. Use the  Steps On How To Apologize For Being A Bad Girlfriend.

3. Give Him Space

give him space

If you are afraid to lose him when you give him space, don’t be. Like the proverb says, absence makes the heart grows fonder.

4. Know Some Basic Things About His Girl

This basic thing like what she does and who she is can help you in the attempt to get his heart.

5. Show That You Care Through Text

Ask about how he is doing and symphatize when he had a tough day. This lets him know that you are sincere.

6. Maintain Physical Closeness To Him

Lightly touch his arm or sit next him. These are the safe things you can do without creating a drama.

7. Don’t Show Your Jealousy In Social Media

Showing your jealousy in social media is simply immature and it makes you have the signs of When your Girlfriend is Psycho.

8. Don’t Talk About Your Feelings About Him To People You Don’t Trust

If you spread the word about your plan too much, he will start to know that you are actually trying to ruin his life.

9. Pretend To Support Him And His Girl

Show your genuine support to him and his girl to make him know that you are mature and kind.

10. Keep Communicating With Him

Constant communication can strengthen the bond of any relationship, especially those of an ex. He can even start showing the  Signs Your Ex Still in Love with You but Has a New Girl.

11. Reminisce On Happy Memories Back In The Relationship

Reminding him of the happy memories in the relationship lets him know that the relationship is still worth fighting for.

12. Give Him Gifts

give him gifts

Thoughtful gifts are actually the nonverbal Signs A Girl Loves You Secretly.

13. Always Be Kind To Him

Kindness is an admirable trait in anyone. If he sees that in you, he will reconsider the relationship he have with his girlfriend now.

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14. Don’t Bring Up Old Problems

Bringing up old problems will bring up old fights that will break the relationship further.

15. Show Change On Old Mistakes You Make

Make the changes that you want to do into an action to truly blow away and attract your ex again. 

16. Don’t Do The Same Mistake Twice

He will know that you are a girl to avoid when you keep doing the same mistake that broke the relationship piece by piece.

17. Transform Your Life

Start to change your looks, attitude, and everything about you into a higher quality.

18. Show Confidence

Confidence is the thing that can attract any men.

19. Show Independence

Independence actually makes him more curious about having a relationship with you.

20. Maintain Emotional Connection To Him

Maintain this until he shows the  Signs A Man is Emotionally Connected to You.

21. Be Available For Him

Someone who is always available for him in the end will always win.

Tips To Get The Heart Of A Dating Ex Boyfriend

It’s hard to directly grab the heart of your ex boyfriend who is already in a loving relationship with someone. Because of that, you need to figure out the sneaky tips to get the heart of your ex;

1. Hang Out Together

hang out together

Hanging out together in a nostalgic place helps strengthen the romantic vibe and can bring you closer together.

2. Be Kind To His Girlfriend

Kindness to his girlfriend will make him admire you even more.

3. Show Rational Doubt To His Girlfriend

Start to question his girlfriend but do not make it clear that you hate her.

4. Respect His Opinion

The best ways to get your ex boyfriend back from another girl is to respect his opinion. 

5. Support Him

Support is always needed. Show your love and kindness to him through constant support.

6. Compliment Him

Compliment is actually the Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong.

7. Make Another Boy Appear In Your Life

Jealousy is the last resort when all things fail.

4 Signs Of An Interested Ex Boyfriend

The process of getting his heart back may be a long one. But all of your effort have surely paid off if you see these signs of an interested ex boyfriend;

1. He Starts Openly Being Close To You

A guy that loves you will not be afraid to be close to you physically and emotionally.

2. Not Minding The Opinion Of His Girlfriend

He does not hear the voice of his jealous or worried girlfriend because his priority is you.

3. Hangs Out With You More

Hanging out with you more signifies that he loves spending time with you more than he does with his girlfriend.

4. Stating Love To You Again

stating love to you again

He starts saying that he loves you.

In Summary

Breaking up is hard and the regret usually comes after the break up itself. The regret will double itself once you know that there is a new girl in the picture. When that happens and you still want to be with your ex boyfriend, you need to do the ways to get your ex boyfriend back from another girl. From then on, you will see the signs that he is loving you again.

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