When Your Girlfriend Is Psycho - How To Deal With Her

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You were extremely smitten by your girlfriend as she was very amazing when you first know her. After dating for some time, she starts to show her true color. Every other day that pass is like tiptoeing across the mine. But it's too late for you to realize that your girlfriend is psycho.

But you shouldn't be making that conclusion so fast. A psychotic girlfriend is not a girl who demands a lot from her boyfriend but it doesn't make her psycho. You need a far more understanding of how a psycho woman would behave, and it is beyond reality as she has a mental illness.

So is your girlfriend is the real psycho? You may want to find out yourself.


How Could You Recognize A Psycho Girlfriend?

When your girlfriend is psycho, you wish that you never date her in the first place. But that thought is useless. There is no way you can recognize a psycho woman from the very first meeting. In fact, most of psycho woman appear to be a perfect woman, a kind that have so many Wife Material Signs and you want to date her right away.

It's only after some time that you realize that she turns out to be a psycho girlfriend.

What Define That She Is A Psycho?

what defines that she is a psycho

A psycho girlfriend is not a girlfriend who is difficult to deal with. If your girlfriend demands a lot of things from you, he wants your time, your attention, and she told you a lot of things not to do, it doesn't make her psycho. You really shouldn't jump into the conclusion so fast and saying that your girlfriend is a psycho.

If you have quite dating experience, it will be easier for you to spot this psychotic girlfriend. She is one a of a kin, actually. When your girlfriend is psycho, she would have all of these signs below.

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  • She is illogically insecure, jealous, and needy. She can't even let go of you for a second.
  • 100 meters after you dropped her in front of her home, she calls you already.
  • She can't let a day pass without seeing you.
  • If you doesn't reply her text right away, she'll bom you with thousand of calls.
  • She keeps showing everywhere you're at: your work, house, etc.
  • She make constant lies, even creating a delusional story to get what she wants.
  • She tries to harm you physically.
  • She's throwing things and damaging your stuffs when she's angry or when you're fighting.
  • She treats you like a property.

If you recognize most of signs above, it's safe to say that you don't date an ordinary woman.

Does She Knows It?

When your girlfriend is a psycho, she will never realize that she is. She feels just as normal as everyone else, and it's other people who weird and crazy, not them. She probably will never know until she visits a psychiatrist and find out herself that she is a psycho.

How To Deal With Her?

Now that it's too late for you to realize that she is a psycho and you can't turn back time, everything seems to be worsened. It left you in shock that you date a psycho woman and you don't know what to do. A psycho woman appears to be an impossibly perfect woman at first.

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But you should be questioning yourself, could a woman be that perfect? Well, she is hiding something behind her back. Breaking up with her is the first thing to come in your mind, but it's not a good decision. Soon, she will be a scary ex girlfriend who will never let you live in peace.

Here are some ways you can do when your girlfriend is psycho.

1. Don't Tell Her About It

Do you think she's getting any better if you tell her she is crazy? Of course not. In fact, you only make her crazier. You cause her symptoms to be multiplied when you tell her so and she's gonna freak out even more. You turn a drizzle into a storm!

2. Stay Calm

stay calm

You might be as freak out as she is when you find out that she is a psycho. However, letting your anger taking over is worse. When she gets crazy, you must contain yourself and stay calm. She'll stop right away if you appear not interested. She acts crazy because she wants things her way and you have to show her it doesn't work with you.

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3. Hold On

Many guys can't stand the extreme behavior of a psycho girlfriend, so that they'd rather give in and let her have her way. This is bad. You must not let her win because she will do the same thing again in the future. Hold on tight even when she become out of control.

Don't be submissive to her and give just literally anything she wants. Don't appear as an easy prey for her.

4. Be Brave

A psycho girlfriend thinks she can control you once she shows her anger. Be brave with her. Don't show any signs that you're afraid or she'll attack you more. If it needed, you can be brutally honest with her. Tell her that you don't need a woman like her in your life and that you have been tolerating her all the time. Enough is enough.

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5. Go Away From Her

She won't bother in your life anymore if you tell her clearly that she is crazy and you have been doing your best to keep up with her all the time. Go away from her for good. Never ever let her enter your life again and cut off ties with her.

It's difficult to deal with when your girlfriend is psycho, but you still have to save your life at some point. But it's better if you find out about her more, since a psychotic become a psycho due to a severe trauma of her past. Rather than being hated, she needs to be sympathized.

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