What Should I Do If My Boyfriend Kissed Another Girl in Front of Me?

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We are all understand that a relationship will require both parties commitment. Not only commitment, but trust, and real act will be needed in order to make a long lasting relationship. We do forgive and forget the problem that appeared during our relationship journey. But, there are some problem that we need to get it straight. We need to know the limit where we are giving our partner forgiveness or chance to show how much he loves us.

Knowing  does telling little white lies causing big problems in relationship and the reason behind it will also important to have a better understanding of our partner. Because, the person who loves us will try his best not to fail the relationship that we have. And trying to improve both personality to have a better relationship. So there is a case where maybe you don't know what should I do if my boyfriend kissed another girl in front of me.


1. Approach him directly

approach him directly

The first obvious thing that you can do is approach your boyfriend who is kissing another girl directly. By approaching him, you can see his body language directly which help you to analyze whether he shows the signs of a cheating partner in a relationship.

I am pretty sure that most of us can know it directly whether he has the intention to cheat from us or not from his body language. There are some cases where the boyfriend will shock and trying to explain that what he did is not like what we thought before. But there are also some people who just ignore us and continuing to hangout with the girl he kissed. You need to be able to respect yourself enough to leave him.

2. Ask questions

The second thing you can do is asking some questions to him. You can ask him the questions to clarify what he did both directly or indirectly. But, just in case if you want to ask him the questions indirectly, make sure you have the proof that you know he was kissing a girl. This will make him upset and help you to gather the right information.

Ways to move on from a cheater

The best way to deal with the past or with your worst moment is by accepting it. You need to know how to forgive your cheating boyfriend and a little tips on how to move on. Yes, you need to move on because you need to know your worth. So, What should i do if my boyfriend kissed another girl in front of me? Move on! Here are some more tips to help you.

1. Try to have a new mindset

try to have a new mindset

The most important thing you need to do is having a new mindset. Have the mindset where you need to love yourself first and not expecting happiness from other people but yourself. You will also need to know your worth better. Some ways on how to feel less lonely when you're single is also necessary to help your move on period easier.

2. Know what make people cheat

Second thing you need to know is he factors that make people cheat on you. There are a lot of factors that make people cheat. And it can also be your mistake that make your partner cheated on you. Know these factors, and know how to prevent these factors to show up within a relationship.

So you will be able to prevent it to come and destroy your future relationship. Also know some strong things to say to your boyfriend who cheated on you to make sure he knows your worth.

3. Have a future plan

Just because there was one person cheated on you, that does not mean that all people who will have a relationship with you in the future also a cheater. After knowing the factors that can make people cheat within a relationship, you need to have your future plan.

Know what you want to do and what you want to catch in life. This will increase your personal standard, including your love life standard. And after you find the right person, there are things to say to reassure your boyfriend you love him to make sure that both of you want to fight for the relationship you have.

Those are some information I can give regarding what should i do if my boyfriend kissed another girl in front of me. Remember that we deserve happiness in life. Do not waste our time to be with someone who does not respect our worth.

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