Things To Say To Reassure Your Boyfriend You Love Him (140 Sweet Things)

Last updated on May 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Is your boyfriend doubting your love for him?

Does it feel like the trust and affection is disappearing from your relationship?

Do you want to know how to make him feel more belief in your feelings for him? 

Well, that’s exactly what this guide will teach you. It features a broad range of ideas for things to say to help him see that you really care about him.

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Then, by all means, continue with this guide for a list of things you can say to reassure your partner you love him.


140 Things To Say To Reassure Your Boyfriend You Love Him

Compliments are a vital part of any relationship, and knowing the right things to say to your boyfriend will let him know you care. 

At the start of your relationship, you were never short of cute things to say to your boyfriend. However, as time passes, many of us focus solely on our acts while pushing reaffirmation words aside, including the easy ‘I love you.’ 

Although expressing your love through actions is excellent, it is not enough. I understand the challenges of not knowing the right things to say to reassure your boyfriend you love him. However, you need to remember that a boyfriend whose love language is words of reaffirmation might start to feel uncertain of your love if he has not heard them in a while. 

Consequently, this can breed feelings of insecurity. Therefore, it is crucial that regardless of how long you have been in a relationship, you must make an effort to curate cute things to say to your boyfriend occasionally. 

If you are lost for ways and words to express yourself, here are 140 things to say to your boyfriend to reassure your boyfriend you love him.

1. I need you.

Every man loves to feel needed in a relationship. They like to know that they can be there for you when you need them. So this is one of the things to say to your boyfriend to make him feel special. 

2. I love you.

The three magical words - I love you are a phrase that should never lack in your relationship. Anyone irrespective of their gender would be wary of their partner’s not saying ‘I love you.’ 

3. I am thankful for you.

i am thankful for you

Gratitude is a form of joyous helplessness. When you say this to your boyfriend, it is a sign that you are happy to be with and you can’t think of any way to measure up the joy you feel, and all you can do is be grateful. 

4. You make me feel special.

Telling your boyfriend the ways that he makes you feel special is like acknowledging that you notice his efforts. This is one of the cute things to say to your boyfriend.

5. You are handsome.

Dear woman, you are not the only one who likes to receive compliments about your looks. Men appreciate when their girlfriends compliment their looks.

6. I am so happy to be your girlfriend. 

Tell your boyfriend how fortunate you feel to be his girlfriend and watch him swell with pride. He will be happy to know that being with you is something that fills you with joy. 

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7. You make me proud.

If your boyfriend has just completed a significant milestone or done something beyond his limits, it is good to chip in how proud you are to be his woman. Every guy loves it when their woman cheers them on. 

8. I love the way you care for me. 

Gary Chapman’s five love languages make it clear that we all like to receive love differently. Therefore, it is not strange to know that your boyfriend may be wondering if he loves you the right way. You can reassure him by saying how much you love the way he cares for you. 

9. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

Of course, you have been fortunate to have good things happen to you, but letting your boyfriend know he is at the top of the list will make him happy. It will reassure him of his importance to you. 

10. I want to spend forever with you.

When you tell a guy that you see him in your future, it assures him that you are here for the long run and don’t intend on breaking up with him.

11. I never want to stop loving you.

What better way to reassure your boyfriend of your infinite love than to say you will never stop loving him. It is a sign that you are committed to him, and your feelings will never sway. 

12. I would be lost without you. 

There is joy in knowing that you serve an essential purpose in someone’s life. So telling your boyfriend how being with him makes you feel whole and not lost. 

13. You give me the best kisses. 

Physical intimacy is an essential part of every relationship. As such, complimenting your boyfriend’s kisses and the ways he touches you signify that you enjoy getting physical with him. 

14. I’ll never give up on you.

One of the things to say to reassure your boyfriend of your love and commitment is saying you will never give up on him. Bonnie and Clyde will have nothing on you guys. 

15. I miss you.

A good old ‘I miss you’ text message can melt even the strongest of hearts. Perhaps you have been away from them for a while, don’t hesitate to let him know that you can’t wait to see him. 

16. You make me the happiest girl ever. 

Many of us ladies do not like to show our true emotions at the beginning of a relationship. Nonetheless, if you feel your relationship has advanced and you feel secure being vulnerable, let him know how happy he makes you.

17. Talking to you is therapeutic.

Talking to the right person can brighten up your day, and only a person with good listening skills can make you feel this way. Appreciate your boyfriend for listening to you rant about your bad day. 

18. You make me a better person.

There is satisfaction that comes from knowing that we make positive contributions to our partner’s life. So if your boyfriend has taught you something or pushes you to be something for yourself, acknowledge him and let him know. 

19. You are mine forever and always.

We all want to have our forever person. Knowing that someone loves us unconditionally and forever is a beautiful feeling. In that vein, do not deprive your boyfriend of the joy of knowing that he is your forever person. 

20. I love it when you hug me.

Hugs can be intimate yet warm. When you text him that you miss his hugs, it means you yearn for a physical connection, and you find comfort in his arms. 

21. I love waking up beside you. 

Is your boyfriend the type who loves snuggles? Telling him, you enjoy waking up beside him will make him happy. After all, you are his girl that lights up his world, and he will want to know that you feel the same way about him. 

22. You are so hot. 

While complimenting a man about his inner beauty is great, the physical compliments matter as well. For instance, if he has been working on his body and trying to stay fit lately, calling him hot will excite him and give him confidence. 

23. You are my lover and best friend. 

The blessing of a best friend is not something to be taken lightly. It means you have someone who shares your laughter, joy, pain, and inside jokes. They are like a mirror to yourself because they understand you perfectly. When you say to your boyfriend that he is your lover and your best friend, it means that you trust him with your secrets, insecurities, and heart. 

24. You never seize to give me butterflies. 

As time passes in a relationship, people stop feeling the butterflies they felt at the beginning. So if you are wondering about cute things to say to your boyfriend, tell him he never seizes to give you butterflies. It means that his love for you renews every day

25. I love how passionate you are about your work. 

When you say to your boyfriend how much you admire his passion for his work, it makes him take pride in whatever he does. 

26. You inspire me. 

In the song ‘All of Me,’ John Legend referred to his love interest as his muse. That was such an intense way to describe how much she means to him, and you can use this too.

27. Your love nourishes me. 

Being in the right relationship can affect your health. If you can think back to your relationship’s beginning, your friends probably complimented your glow and skin. So why not give your boyfriend the honors by letting him know that his love nourishes you. 

28. I made your favorite meal. 

Like our mothers used to say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. One of the things to say to reassure your boyfriend you love him is to tell him you made his favorite dish. 

29. Thoughts of your touch make me smile. 

When you are in love, the thought that someone out there is thinking of you will make you smile. One of the cute things to say to your boyfriend is telling him that his touch makes you smile. 

30. Talking to you makes me smile and lights up my day. 

talking to you makes me smile and lights up my day

Perhaps you are in a long-distance relationship, and your boyfriend worries about it being there for you as much as he would like. Appreciating the little ways his presence makes you happy can serve as a confidence booster. 

31. You are my drug, and I am addicted. 

When you call your boyfriend your drug and re-emphasize that you are addicted to him, it means that you can never let go of him. It is a sign of loyalty and love, and this will make him feel special. 

32. I like your kind of weirdness. 

The idea of being in love centers around having someone who knows everything about you, yet they still love you unconditionally. Therefore, acknowledging his weirdness but stating how much you love it is one of the best things to say to reassure your boyfriend you love him. 

33. You have gorgeous hands. 

Perhaps it is how your man holds your hand or how they look when he is working. Either way, complimenting your boyfriend about his hands will wake up his masculine energy and make him feel good

34. Your ass looks great in those pants. 

Sometimes you have to get naughty and let your partner know that you don’t only like their inner beauty, but you are also sexually attracted. Compliments about his ass in pants can be a turn-on for him, and who knows, perhaps you will get a naughty reward too. 

35. When can I see you again? 

Ask him when next you will see him again as an alternative to the usual ‘I miss you’ statements. It signifies that you enjoy his company and miss having him around you. 

36. I hope I dream of you tonight. 

When you say to your boyfriend that you hope you dream of him, it means you hate to be away from him. Waiting till morning to see him or talk to him seems too long, and you will want nothing more than to see him in your dreams. 

37. I can’t imagine being happy with anyone else. 

When you tell someone that you can’t imagine being happy with anyone else, it means that they are more than an option to you. Your happiness lies within them; therefore, you need them. Any guy will feel valued upon hearing those words. 

38. I support you. 

As a woman, you must be your boyfriend’s biggest cheerleader by providing him with your unrelenting support. You can reassure your boyfriend of your unwavering support by telling him verbally. That way, he will feel more confident sharing ideas with you. 

39. Sex with you is mind-blowing. 

Guys are competitive beings, even when it comes to sex. A guy will feel bad if he knows his girlfriend does not enjoy sex with him. So make sure you occasionally reassure him of his sexual prowess by saying how much you enjoy rolling in the sheets with him. 

40. You make me laugh. 

Part of what makes you an amazing girlfriend is laughing at your boyfriend’s jokes. Your boyfriend will want to know that you find his corny jokes funny. As the saying goes, the funny guys get all the girls, so let him know he has a hold on you with his jokes. 

41. I love your voice. 

Tell him that listening to his voice is the first thing when you wake up in the morning and the last thing when you go to sleep makes you feel at peace. 

42. I wish you were here. 

 Let your boyfriend know how much you miss him by saying you wish he was with you and not far away. He will be happy to see that you think deeply about him irrespective of distance

43. My love for you grows daily. 

Your boyfriend probably wakes up every day hoping that you still love him as much as you did the day before. Telling that your love for him grows daily is one of the best things to say to reassure your boyfriend you love him. 

44. You make me the luckiest girl alive. 

Every good guy wants to know that their girlfriends are proud to be with them and happy. So when you say he makes you feel like the luckiest girl alive, it indicates that he is treating you right, and you appreciate it all. 

45. I never want to be right if loving you is wrong. 

Saying you never want to be right if loving him is wrong means you do not mind condemnation from the world for loving your boyfriend. Loving him feels right to you, and that’s all that matters in the world right now. 

46. You rock my world. 

This is a nice compliment to tell your adventurous boyfriend whoever ceases to surprise you. Telling him that he rocks your world means you enjoy his spontaneity, and being with him adds glamour to your life. He will feel proud to hear this from you. 

47. Words cannot describe the way I feel about you. 

Letting your boyfriend know that the love you have for him sometimes renders you speechless will have him blushing. 

48. I can’t wait to have your kids. 

As a woman, you don't want to have kids with just anyone. Therefore when you say to your boyfriend that you can’t wait to have his kids, it means you deem him to be a worthy father. 

49. I want to grow old with you. 

It’s always a compliment to know that someone sees you in their future. So when you say you want to grow old with your boyfriend, it means the idea of spending forever with him brings you joy, which will reassure him of your never-ending love. 

50. You are so thoughtful. 

Is your guy the type that always aims to read your thought, predict your needs before you even say them, and does everything within his might to ensure that you are happy? Then this is one of the cute things to say to reassure your boyfriend you love him. 

51. You always get me the best gifts. 

Buying the perfect gift for a loved one can be quite a demanding task. On the one hand, you want to get something they like, and on the other hand, you want it to be a surprise. Therefore, if your boyfriend has mastered how to blow your mind with presents, you must praise him for it. 

52. Thank you for being there. 

Sometimes when you are sad and going through a tough time, it is comforting to have someone there. He does not necessarily have to say a word or do anything besides being present. If this means a lot to you, show your appreciation by thanking him for always being there. 

53. My life is so much better with you in it. 

my life is so much better with you in it

Let your guy know the ways he adds sparkle into your life by saying that your life is better with him in it. He will feel worthy, valued, and happy to know that his presence affects you positively. 

54. You are the smartest man I know. 

Complimenting a guy’s intelligence can serve as an ego boost any day. After all, every man wants to know that you see them as intelligent and trust their judgment

55. I love the way your mind works. 

When a person says I love you, it is expected that they love you beyond the physical. You want them to love your mind as well. Therefore when you say to your boyfriend that you like how his mind works, it means you love him as a whole - body, mind, and spirit. 

56. How do you do it? You make me smile even on my worst days. 

Does your boyfriend always find a way to cheer you up, even on your worst days? Perhaps he knows the right things to say to make you feel good, or he is the type to show up with comfort food. Either way, let him know that you appreciate it. 

57. I can’t wait to travel the world with you.

Are you a happy-go-lucky kind of girl? If yes, let your boyfriend know that you want him to be a part of your adventures. He will be happy to tag along as you leave marks of your beautiful love around the world. 

58. I wish I were as smooth as you are. 

Next time you are out with your boyfriend, tell him how much you admire his jovial nature and wish you could be that smooth. He will probably tease you and laugh about it, but deep down, he is swelling with pride. 

59. How are you so good at everything?

So you have got your hands on a multi-talented gentleman who seems to be good at everything he sets his mind to do. Perhaps you should ask him with a sense of wonder and wide-eyed expression. This question will serve as a good ego boost. 

60. You look sexy when you sweat. 

Many of us feel dirty and hate it when we sweat, and your boyfriend probably feels this way. However, making statements such as, ‘you look sexy when you sweat’ will make him feel good and proud of whatever he had been doing to produce that sweat in the first place. 

61. While I am alive, you will never walk alone. 

What better way to notify a man of your loyalty? Tell him that he will never walk alone while you are alive because you will always be there by his side. This is one of the cute things to say if your boyfriend is about to make an important decision. 

62. You are such an exciting guy. 

Marvel at all the many ways your boyfriend is interesting to be around. Maybe it is his ideas, his jokes, or just the energy he brings to your relationship. 

63. I like how excited you get when talking about ———. 

Compliments are essential, and saying ‘I love you’ is great. However, when you are specific about the reason why you love your boyfriend, like the way he gets excited when his BM favorite football team is playing. It demonstrates that you pay attention to the things that concern him. 

64. I can’t stop talking about you. 

‘I can’t stop thinking about you is a simple way to express how much thoughts of your boyfriend run through your mind. You can choose to switch this up by adding some quirkiness to it. 

65. You are dependable. 

It is not every day you come across someone dependable and trustworthy. As such, if your boyfriend always keeps to his words and never fails to show up when you need him, then you should compliment his dependability. 

66. You are cute. 

These three-lettered words can make a grown man smile irrespective of how far you have come in your relationship. When next you see your boyfriend acting adorable, make sure you call him out on it because it will make him smile and might even motivate him to repeat those cute actions. 

67. You know precisely how to pamper me. 

We have different ways we like to receive attention and care. So if your boyfriend is getting it right in this department, bringing it to his notice that he knows how to touch and pamper, you will make him happy and encourage him to do more for you. 

68. I’m safe when I am around you. 

Every decent man aims to be his woman’s provider and protector. Therefore when you tell your man how safe you feel around him, it means he is fulfilling his duties properly, and this will bring him joy. 

69. No one knows me as you do. 

When you tell a guy that he is the only one who knows you deeply, it means you are always honest with him. That means you are not afraid to share your secrets or tell him your fears. It’s almost like saying, ‘I trust you.’ 

70. You were right, and I was wrong. 

Relationships get rocky sometimes, and there are disagreements. However, admitting when you are wrong is a sign that you value the relationship enough to set your ego aside and allow peace to reign. 

71. You are my Prince Charming. 

As little girls, we all wanted to meet our Prince Charming like Cinderella, and all the other princesses did in the stories we hear. Referring to your boyfriend as your Prince Charming means he fits your fairytale imagination perfectly. 

72. I'd rather be with you. 

Reassure your boyfriend of your love by letting him know that you’ll rather be with him than anyone else. 

You are the best boyfriend. 

Sometimes words fail us when describing how amazing someone is, and when we have run out of all the ways to tell them, we can’t help but call them the best. 

73. You are the guy of every girl's dream. 

Your boyfriend is the perfect ten, and you can tell by the way girls stare at you guys when you are out they wish they were in his arms. By pointing this out to him, it shows that you feel fortunate to be the girl who won his heart. 

74. I am so lucky to have you all to myself. 

A man who does not flirt with other girls or entertains their calls and distractions is one worthy of your praise. Don’t hold back when expressing how lucky you feel to have him all to yourself. 

75. With you by my side, I can take on anything life throws. 

When going through a tough time, it is always great to have someone you love beside you. They give you a boost of confidence and make you feel complete even when the world around you is in chaos. 

76. You are so patient. 

Marvel at how patient he is with you even when you least deserve it. He will be happy to know that you notice that attribute of his, and you appreciate it. 

77. I trust you. 

Trust is a vital part of any relationship, and without it, two people cannot coexist together for long. Tell your partner that you trust him. This will serve as a vote of confidence to him. 

78. Loving you is easy. 

When you are with the right person, loving them is easy. It is easy because they love you too and know the right things to do to make your heart melt. Tell your boyfriend that loving him is easy, and watch his heart melt too. 

79. The day I met you is one of the best days of my life. 

the day i met you is one of the best days of my life

When you tell your partner that meeting him is considered to be one of the best days of your life, he will feel valued and be reassured of his importance in your life. 

80. I can’t stop praying for you. 

As a spiritual person, praying for your partner is a sign that you love them and wish them well. When you say you pray for him, he will know that you have his best interests at heart and want to see him succeed

81. I feel lost without you. 

I know admitting to feeling lost when your boyfriend is not around you can make you feel vulnerable, but vulnerability is a part of love, and he will appreciate your honesty. 

82. I will never leave you. 

As humans, we are all capable of changing our minds, and by all means, we have the freedom to do so. However, when you reaffirm your desire never to leave your boyfriend, it will make him happy. 

83. Thank you. 

It is normal for people to get comfortable with their significant other and forget to appreciate them as they did in the past. So make sure you tell your boyfriend a simple thank you every time he does something nice for you. 

84. I will give anything to be with you. 

How deep is your love, and how far are you willing to go to prove it? When you express that you are ready to give anything to be with your boyfriend, this will erase any doubt of your love from his mind. 

85. Loving you the right way is my priority. 

This statement holds a lot of weight. You see, stating that his love is a priority is the first step, and he will be happy to know he is important to you. 

86. I never knew relationships could be so easy until I met you. 

Were you one of those skeptics who were horrified by the idea of being in a relationship with someone? Or perhaps, you have had your fair share of bad relationships and given up. Being with your boyfriend feels different and peaceful, and you appreciate it, so make sure you tell him. It will encourage him to be more caring. 

87. You always know what’s on my mind without me having to say a word. 

If you’re anything like me who struggles with expressing myself, you will appreciate the gift of being with someone who always knows what’s on your mind. Let him know that this is a trait you love.

88. I like how you sit in silence with me when I don’t feel like talking. 

Sitting in silence is a love language in itself, and trust me, not everyone can do it. Perhaps you are going through a loss or a tough time at work, and your boyfriend knows you do not feel like talking. However, he is willing to sit in silence with you until you feel better. 

89. I can’t stay mad at you. 

Does it feel like disputes and anger do not have a place in your heart when it comes to your boyfriend? Maybe he has a way with words, or it’s a pain of being away from him. Either way, you cannot stay mad at him for long. 

90. If I had to relive my life again, I would choose you a million times over. 

Your partner knowing that you will choose them all over again in your next life is a reassurance that you believe they are the best and you love them. 

91. I wish I had met you sooner. 

Just imagine if you did not have to experience those lonely nights when you doubted the possibility of ever falling in love with someone or having someone love you the right way. 

92. I want to take back all the time I lost being with other people and give to you. 

This compliment means you wish you could take back all your wasted years so you can have more years to spend with your boyfriend. 

93. It’s incredible how time flies when I am with you. 

Indeed, time flies when you are happy. Therefore, if time flies when you are with your boyfriend, it means you are comfortable whenever you are around him. 

94. You are a dream come true.

Perhaps your partner struggles with insecurities and often wonders if he is enough or deserving of you. Telling him that he is a dream come true is the perfect reassurance. It means not only is he enough, but he is also the man of your dreams. 

95. You break my heart every time you walk away. 

Squabbles happen all the time in relationships, and sometimes it gets too intense and threatens to tear you and your boyfriend apart. If he knows that walking away hurts you, it will convince him of your love, and he will want to make amends. 

96. I’ve never been so sure of anything as I am of my undying love for you. 

There isn’t much to say here besides pointing out that you will know when you are with the right person. You do not need any Zodiac sign or palm reader to convince you. 

97. You are my penguin.

Did you know that Penguins mate for life? So when you say your boyfriend is your Penguin, it means you believe him to be your soulmate.

98. You are the only one I want to talk to when I’m having a bad day. 

When we are in a bad mood, it is not unusual to want to push people away. You probably just want to sit alone with your thoughts and cry. However, it is different with your boyfriend because being around him when you are sad is comforting. 

99. You are perfect to me. 

Tell your boyfriend that he is perfect in your sight and watch him smile and beam with pride. It is always nice to know that someone considers us perfect, and we don't have to worry about changing anything. 

100. I love you more than a pizza. 

i love you more than a pizza

There is no denying that everyone loves pizza. You can substitute this with any other food you love to prove your boyfriend’s importance and the relationship as a whole.

101. I appreciate your concerns. 

Does he show concern for your affairs? One of the things to say to your boyfriend is that you appreciate the ways he shows concern. 

102. Thank you for accepting my imperfections. 

It is one thing to think of someone as perfect and another to know they are imperfect, yet you love them. Cute things to say to your boyfriend can include appreciating his imperfections. 

103. I admire your integrity. 

A man of integrity is not always easy to come by, so if your boyfriend is honest, nothing should stop you from pointing it out. 

104. I like how honest we are with each other. 

Honesty is vital when it comes to love. Appreciate his honesty because it is not easy to open yourself to someone. 

105. You are the funniest man I know. 

Out of all the funny men in the world, your boyfriend happens to be the funniest. Now come on and give that man his praise for always making you laugh so hard till your tummy hurts. 

106. I wish I were as good a dancer as you are. 

Do you have two left feet yet your boyfriend enjoys dancing with you? Give him some accolades for his flexibility and extraordinary moves. 

107. You are incredible. 

When words fail and you are short of things to say to your boyfriend, ‘you are incredible’ works just fine. 

108. I bet my mother would love you. 

We all experience anxiety when meeting a partner’s parent for the first time. But if you say your mom will love him, it means you consider him a good person, which will boost his confidence. 

109. I like the way you are protective of your family. 

 As a woman who is family-oriented, one of the things to say to your boyfriend who maintains a good relationship with his family is, you like the way he protects them. 

110. You have a beautiful mind. 

You like his thought process, and perhaps it is why you are in a relationship with him, and it is easy for you to say I love you. Appreciating his beautiful mind is one of the nice things to say to your boyfriend.

111. We’re in this together. 

Every relationship goes through a tough time. Saying ‘we are in this together’ is encouraging. It counts as one of the brilliant things to say to your boyfriend in trying times.

112. I am positive you will smash your presentation. 

Public speaking and presentations can work up a person’s nerves, but this is one of the things to say to your boyfriend to calm him before a presentation.

113. I know you can do it. 

Let your boyfriend know that you believe in him and all that he can do even when he doesn’t think so. 

114. I wore this outfit just for you. 

Ensure that you occasionally do things solely to please your lover. Dress up in an outfit he likes and surprise him. It will warm his heart and make him smile. 

115. I could kiss you all day.

Bringing up how his kisses make you feel is one of the sexiest things you can say to your boyfriend to boost his ego. 

116. I’m comfortable around you. 

When you are in a relationship but uncomfortable around the person, you don’t trust them and, as such, do not want to let their guards down—however, the reverse happens when you are in a relationship with someone you love and trust. 

117. You are the strongest person I know. 

Perhaps your boyfriend sometimes doubts his abilities and does not consider himself strong. Remind him of his strength and, if possible, state instances where he has demonstrated this strength. 

118. I must have been good in my past life for God to bless me with you. 

A statement like this means you believe your boyfriend is a blessing and good Karma for your past good deeds. Beautiful things to say to your boyfriend should aim at making him feel valued.

119. I will be all you want and more. 

Reconfirm your commitment to your relationship and desire to meet your boyfriend’s expectations by randomly sending this text message. It is one of the things to say to your boyfriend to brighten up his day.

120. I want to be there for you through the good and bad times. 

Loyalty is a vital criterion for long-lasting relationships, and your boyfriend will feel confident about building a future with you when you say this statement. 

121. Texting you is my favorite thing to do. 

Let your boyfriend know that exchanging text messages belongs to the category of a few of your favorite things. 

122. I love the way you defend me. 

It is good to be with someone who defends you, so appreciate him for it. 

123. I will always defend you. 

Not everyone will like your boyfriend but saying you will defend him reaffirms your loyalty and shows that you trust him. 

124. I’m jealous when I see you talk to other girls. 

When you state that seeing him talk to other girls makes you jealous, it means you care about his affections and don’t want to share them. 

125. All my friends wish they had a guy like you. 

Any guy will feel good if he knows he is the envy of your friends. Meaning that they all wish their boyfriends were like yours because yours is the absolute best. 

126. I like how ambitious you are. 

By showing admiration for his ambition, it means you value his hard work and support his dreams. 

127. I like the way you smell. 

i like the way you smell

Men are not as meticulous about their hygiene as us women. However, if your boyfriend always smells nice, let him know as this will encourage him to maintain it. 

128. I am sorry, please forgive me. 

Don’t be afraid to apologize and seek forgiveness whenever you err your partner. It is a sign of humility, self-awareness, and, most importantly, love. 

129. Choosing you is the best decision of my life.

Without a doubt, you have made several good decisions in your life, so counting him as the best decision will make him feel worthy and, perhaps, crack a smile. 

130. You inspire me to chase my dreams and attain my goals. 

Just as you aim to be your boyfriend’s biggest fan, he also will be happy to know that he is your biggest cheerleader who wants to see you be the best version of yourself. 

131. You are so silly, and I love it. 

Appreciate his quirky personality as this demonstrates that you love him in every sense. 

132. If I have only two words to describe you, I would say the best. 

Suppose you are running out of words to describe this marvelous man in your life, calling him the best fits perfectly. 

133. You make me believe in true love. 

Many of us have lost hope in ever finding true love, and you were no different until you met your boyfriend. Let him know coming into your life has changed your view on love. 

134. You are magic.

From the way he talks to the way he moves, he embodies the gait and characteristics of something out of this world. It can only be magic or a miracle to have such a man as your boyfriend. 

135. You give me a reason to live. 

Nothing screams ‘I love you’ like telling a guy he is the reason you live. It means he gives your life a definition and purpose. 

136. If being with you is a dream, I never want to wake up. 

In simple terms, this means you are unwilling to ever carry on with life if he isn’t there by your side. 

137. You add color to my life. 

Give your boyfriend a reason to smile by telling him how much color he adds to your life. His presence makes you look forward to waking up every morning. 

138. Everything will be okay. 

Moments when he is faced with a challenge, remind him that everything will be okay soon. It gives him the strength to get through those tough days. 

139. How can I help you? 

It is okay if you are sometimes out of ways to support your boyfriend. By asking how you can help him, it shows that you care and are willing to assist in any way that you can. 

140. I disagree, but for you, I will try.

Couples who do not compromise can never last because compromise is the bedrock of love. When you say you will do something even though you disagree, it is as good as saying ‘I love you. 


How do I reassure my partner I love him?

Reassuring your partner of your love involves more than actions. You need to figure out the right words to tell him. I believe in you, and I love you, things to say to reassure your boyfriend of your love and commitment to the relationship.

What to say to reassure someone you love them?

I love you, and I trust you are cute things to say to reassure your boyfriend you love him. You see, love and trust are critical components of any relationship, so re-emphasizing how you feel in those areas will lift his spirits. 

How can you prove to your boyfriend that you love him?

While it is okay to look for nice things to say to your boyfriend, guys will prefer those words backed by actions. Spend time with him, support his goals and ambition, and show him respect. 

How do I make him cry for love?

The best way to make a man cry for love is by evoking feelings he has never experienced. Make your shared moments exciting and memorable, and he will not know how to live a day without you. 

What is the most romantic saying?

The choice of the most romantic saying is subjective. However, I find that saying ‘nothing else matters when you are with me’ and ‘you complete me’ top the chart of cute things to say to your boyfriend to reassure him of your love. 

In Conclusion

When expressing your emotions to your boyfriend, make sure that they are genuine. I hope you enjoyed this extensive list of cute things to say to your boyfriend to reassure him of your love. I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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