30 Reasons Why You Should Date a Graphic Designer

Last updated on May 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There is always perks of dating someone with certain hobbies and job. Just like how people thinks that nerd is the new sexy, many of them trying to find the Reason You Should Date a Nerd. Now it's turn for a graphic designer. Even the answer is not as straight as Reasons Why You Should Date a Photographer, you will be convince soon after finish reading all of these reasons:

1. He Transforms You Into Supermodels

With his superb ability with Photoshop, now you can say goodbye to the ugly photo. Just give it to him, and he'll transform you into supermodels in every photo. Suddenly you want to upload every of your photo on your Instagram. Not only enhance your beauty, he can edit your photos to make them look more attractive and of course Instagrammable.

2. You Will Never Out of Date

As a graphic designer, he has to be up to date with the latest tech. He will tell you what new laptops are out today, and why he wanted it so much. Soon you will be familiar with the new upgraded OS, new features on the latest Photoshop, until the trend on advertising industry.

3. You Will Become Pro Like Him

After hearing updates after updates, you will be a pro in no time. Not only you know about theoretic things, you must have mastered some basic in Photoshop as well. It's a whole new world, just like the Reasons Why Gamers Make Better Lovers.

4. You Suddenly Expert in Tech

While doing the work, he will face some trouble on his laptop and other device. Graphic designers know how to fix it, including him. Hanging out a lot with make you learn how he fix all of those. One more skill to gain if you date a graphic designer, you will be and expert in tech. This will be advantageous in the future.

5. You Will Become Friend with Tablet and Pen

People works in graphic design date their tablet, not their girl. He brings it around everywhere more than you, even when you are dating. You have to willingly be friends with them too. Trying to draw with them is not a bad thing! Who knows you've got a hidden talent all this time. Besides, it's also one of the other ways to say I love you without saying I love you.

6. He Makes You a Personalized Art

Any reasons why you should date a graphic designer? No more plain photos hanging on the wall. He can make them all more beautiful with his skill. He will touch your photo with pop art style, retro edit, or vintage effect. A graphic designer is also an artist, and he is capable to make you personalized art that only belongs to you.

7. His Love for You is Layered 

Just like how he works on layers in Photoshop, his love for you consist of million layers. It will hardly fade and hard to break as well. It's a good signs of boyfriend material he has. Someone with certain skills is always full of love.

8. Everywhere is a Good Spot for Photo

Never think a plain wall is also a plain background to take photos. He will edit them with his style and make it more interesting. He may add a bubble text or draw something on the blank space.

9. He Will Understand You Like a Pattern

A designer pays particular attention to pattern. No matter how complicated a pattern could be, he will try to find it out and understand it. If he can put so much detail and a big attention towards pattern, can you imagine how will he understand your complicated personality and mood swings as well?

10. He is Good at Expressing His Love

If he can pour all his thoughts and ideas on a blank paper, it means he is good at expressing something. Which means he is good at expressing his love too. Someone who is good in that is usually romantic. Get used to surprises and romantic moves from him! Well, there are many cute reasons why you should date a graphic designer.


Side Effects of Dating a Graphic Designer

  1. You start to forget your own laptop, playing with his is more fun!
  2. You criticize the menu design in a restaurant.
  3. You ask him to make anything for you, including the poster that is currently hanging on your wall.
  4. You know the latest font released, and even those who haven't been released yet.
  5. His work space makes you envy. Just how many screens does he have to face?
  6. You choose a menu by the illustration drawn on the cafe wall.
  7. He takes you to watch a designer-themed movies all the time.
  8. And you start to love those movies, too!
  9. You start to complain how the latest version of Photoshop lack in many things.
  10. You buy a book based on the cover design.

How Your Date Will Look Like with a Graphic Designer

  1. He criticized the menu board in the restaurant.
  2. You spend weekend alone because his deadline is full.
  3. He choose to date with his laptop instead.
  4. He brings his tablet everywhere and work everywhere.
  5. He commented every book designs in the bookstore.
  6. Instead of giving you real flowers, he made you a graphic flower.
  7. He criticized the outfit color you choose.
  8. You will always updated with the latest photoshop effects.
  9. He always dressed himself with unique print patterned shirts.
  10. His phone is no fun because it's full with sketching app.

So those are the complete reasons why you should date a graphic designer. He is indeed not just an ordinary guy, and dating him will be so much fun. You have to be a girl who is worth to date by him, too. Graphic designers are no less charming than any other guy. What are you waiting for, then?

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