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How to Make a Hot Boy Fall in Love with You in No Time

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Everyone simply having crush with the hottest boy around and we all know why. Because he’s too hot to resist. You must be wishing that hot boy will fall for you somehow. As you have many competitors around (and they might way hotter than you) it’s easy finding the ways ho to make a hot boy fall in love with you. But it’s not impossible!


Whether he is hot or not, a boy is a boy. He has the similar pattern when it comes to falling in love just like the other ordinary boys. Besides all the special treatment given that he is a special boy, you must understand the rule of attraction. It’s not that hard to make a hot boy to fall in love with you if you know how.

How to Make a Hot Boy Fall in Love with You

Before everything, you shouldn’t feel inferior or unequal just because he is hot and you feel you’re not. You must love yourself first before you try to make others fall in love with you. Gain all the confidence on earth and you will be ready for these things below:

1. Leave a Strong First Impression

You are not the only who have crush with the hot boy and you somehow have to leave your mark on his head. Imagine how many girls he must have seen everyday and if you’re not anything special, he might as well consider you as a passerby. Also read How to Make a Guy Fall in Love with You Over Text Messages

Leave a strong impression that he won’t be able to forget for long. It can be anything. Sitting beside him in class, helping him with work, or making eye contact from across the room. First impression is everything, since whether he’s going to make a move or not is strongly affected by it.

2. Copy His Body Language

According to psychological trick, mimicking how someone move is the fastest way to get them attracted. You can try this to snatch that hot boy over there, too. He will be drawn to you as he finds similarities between you and him. It’s important to do when you meet him for the first time.

3. Find Similarity Between You

Now we’re talking about the real similarities. The one that keep you connected and cutting those awkward moment when you have nothing to talk about. You may want to talk about music, books, movies, to serious things like life vision or political view. Just anything that make you connected to him. Also read How to Get Closer to Your Crush in School and Fall for You

4. Be Around Him…

Well you might want to do the push and pull but don’t go away too far especially when you’ve just met him. It’s only right for you to be around him until he feels your presence. Being around him means making him aware that you’re exist. Never for get to say hi when you walk past him and smile when you accidentally make eye contact.

5. …But Not Clingy

While you’re trying to be around him so that he won’t forget you that easy. it’s clearly different with clinging onto him. If you are looking for the right way how to make a hot boy fall in love with you, that’s is not one of them. You don’t to stick around and bumping in at every place he’s in. It’s kinda annoying actually. Also read Signs That He is Falling Out of Love With You

6. Talk About It to Someone

When you like someone, don’t keep it to yourself. At least tell your best friend whom you trust. It means that you are showing a willingness to start something as well as setting boundaries to your closest one to not overlap. She will be a big help too, finding alternative ways to make him fall in love with you faster.

7. Show Your Charm

Rather than look, a hot boy falls for a girl’s charm. Show how charming you are by be your real self. You have to be effortlessly special somehow. You can start by opening up yourself, sharing you deepest thoughts and exchange ideas with him. Let him swarm into your soul and adores you. Also read Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World

8. Laugh a Lot

Happiness is contagious, laugh is a form of happiness, and people fall in love easier when they are happy. You have to appear as a bright and happy person, not only in front of him but to everyone. Positive vibes invite positive energy around. Make him happy just by seeing you, because you always look happy all the time!

Beside, who will fall for a sulky-looking girl anyway?

9. Enter His Social Circle

This is a one big step you’ll make. If you really want him, you have to enter his social circle. Find connection through his friends, get close to them and get him notice you. It’s also a good chance for you to know what kind of a person he is. Also read Ways to Get Closer to Your Crush

10. Flirt on Him

Now it’s all on you. Of course you have to flirt him. And as everyone has their own flirting way, make sure you give all your best while doing this. Don’t come out too strong but not too weak for him to notice. A bit tricky, right? Yes, it is.

11. Show Him You’re Interested

Send signals that you want to be more than friends with him. This is important because you don’t want him to refer you as a good friend and end up being trapped inside the friendzone. Uh oh. Also read Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong

People have their own way to make others fall for them. And beside all of those, you may find your own way how to make a hot boy fall in love with you. But you know how hot boy is. Some of them could be cocky and full of himself that he doesn’t actually deserve to fight for. Make sure that you are not aiming on the wrong boy or all of your effort will go in vain.

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