20 Obvious Signs That He is Dead Serious About You

Last updated on May 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

men are known to play around and woman usually can predict the Signs of a Man Who is a Player . When getting into a relationship, woman often still have some doubt on the loyalty of their boyfriend. but what if that loyalty does not need to be questioned?

When you know that someone really loves you and believe that you are their future, it is a wonderful thing. Men that thinks like that do not come around often. So, before you lose him, here are signs that he is dead serious about you. Know this so you can keep the relationship long lasting.


1. You are welcomed to his family

you are welcomed to his family

Many people believe that when a boy’s family already knows about you, that really means that he is serious about you. This is really true because men believe that his family is the most important aspect of his life and he need his family approval.

2. His friends protects you

His friends will try to protect you and fulfill their duty as your boyfriend best friends. This shows that you are not some random girl and that your boyfriend really cares about you.

3. He wants an exclusive relationship with you

As i said, men often shows the Signs He is Player . So if he is ready to settle down and become exclusive with you, you can rest assured. His heart is tied down to you only and he adore you so very much.

4. You are his priority

When you’ve got troubles or when you are simply sad, he will come running to you. This is because he do not want anything bad to happen to you, after all, you are his everything.

5. He really opens up

When your guy is not scared to be open to you even about his deepest feelings, you know that you are struck with the signs that he is in love with you . This is because men do not open up to everyone and they only open up to someone they trust and respect.

6. He is honest with you

he is honest with you

No games and tricks. Your man wants to be honest with you because he genuinely wants the relationship to work. He will not hide his feelings or even another girl. This is a clear signs that he is dead serious about you.

7. He wants your opinion

Guys usually handles things on their own. But when they ask you for your opinion, that means what you say matters a lot to him and that he respects you as a person. This is a great signs that he is dead serious about you

8. He openly says he miss you

Man do not usually say that he miss you because their ego is high. If your man is willing to shatter his ego and confess his true feeling, he is not playing around and he hopes you are feeling the same way about him.

9. He really wants to know you

When someone wants to really know you, you can really know that he is there to stay around. This is because he have a profound curiosity for who you are, he loves every part of you and he wants to know more.

10. He imagines a future with you

he imagines a future with you

Men are not one who thinks about long term plans. When your men think about a future family, home or even pet with you, that means he is ready to dedicate his life to you and he is not afraid of his choice. Keep her trust when he comes to this point.

11. He tries to make you included in his life

Fun and girlfriend stuffs are usually seperated by men. But that is not the case if he loves you. He will try to include you in every aspect of his life because he is sure about you.

12. He excepts you for you

Your guy does not try to change you profoundly. He understand who you are and because of knowing you, he shows the Signs That Someone is In Love With You .When he is comfortable with your every aspect, he really is dead serious about you.

More ways to know if he is dead serious about you

  1. He doesn’t mind talking forever –talking with you in long hours is not a problem because he is interested in you. Most men find it boring and useless.
  2. He is willing to talk and solve – when a problem is around, he wants to solve it and not just abandon it because he wants the relationship to last.
  3. He apologize – apologizing means that he wants to be vulnerable as long as the relationship last.
  4. He utters his adore for you – he talk about his feeling for you. The words are deep and you can see that he is sincere.
  5. He shows you every part of him – he is not afraid to show you himself because he is sure that you love him too.
  6. He trust you – he does not blindly accuse you for cheating or show signs that he is jealous of you with another guy this is because he really trust you and he is serious about you.

Tips on how to deal with his seriousness towards you

  1. Do not freak out – the last thing you could do right now is freak out. If you have commitment issue, try to work on it and do not make abrupt decisions.
  2. Show your love – he have shown his and now it is your turn. Show how much you love him in every action that you make
  3. Keep his trust – he have given you so much trust and it is your duty to keep it.
  4. Talk about this seriousness – where will this seriousness lead you? Talk about it with him so that your relationship can grow more and more

Love is a wonderful thing when it is in a deeper level and you can know by seeing the signs that he is dead serious about you. Keep the love a life and have a happy life!

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