Is Your Aries Man Playing Mind Games With You?

Last updated on July 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Aries man is one of the most passionate among the other zodiac signs although he loves his independence and freedom. He loves romancing his partner traditionally so charm, chivalry, and mystery is the aspect he’ll use to win over a girl.

No wonder everyone is falling for him! But is he falling for you or  is your Aries man playing mind games with you?

Finding out the answer will push you to analyze his impulsive nature which is hard to do when he combines it with the high wall he puts up because he respect his alone time.

But no worries, we are doing that for you through these simple analysis on the signs that he is playing mind games with you;


1. Wanting To Be Right

An Aries man that is playing mind games can be a bit obnoxious by showing how much he needs to be right. This he will do in most conversations with you.

2. Bragging About His Point Of View

He wants to seem smart and capable so he’ll brag and be a bit self centered. This is definitely not a Husband Material Sign.

3. Bluffing To Conquer The Battle

Bluffing is something he will do to show his dominance and fearlessness. A bit childish, don’t you think?

4. Being A Bit Distant

Although distance is loved by an Aries man that plays mind games or not, it will especially be imminent in an Aries man that is currently playing games with you.

5.Showing Off His Characteristics

showing off his characteristics

“ I’m smart, confident, and successful” is something that he’ll say a lot. Just nod and smile to get through it.

6. Letting You Know That He Is Dominant

To let you know that he is in control, he’ll probably boss you around and be a bit over protective.

Bear with it and see through his high walls to the fact that he’s a sweet guy deep inside.

7. Charming His Way Through Your Heart

If he wants to, an Aries man can be the most charming guy you meet. You’ll most probably fall for it if you don’t see past his tricks.

8. Irregular Interactions With You

One day he’s here and the next day he’s somewhere else. Keeping you guessing and on your toes is the sign to look for when asking yourself “is your Aries man playing mind games with you?”

9. Passive Aggressive With You

His affection towards you will come and go. He does this to make you chase him and show Signs She Loves You.

10. Never Letting You Close To Him

Though you think he is showing Signs A Shy Guy Likes You, he will never let you close to him because that’s just the game.

11. Getting To Know You

He’ll try to get to know you then using that personal information to his advantage. Be careful around him.

12. Pushing Your Limits

He’ll keep playing the game to see your limits. The moment he sees that you’re overwhelmed, his ego will rise because he thinks that he is winning.

13. Never Explaining Himself

No matter how much you try, he will never explain himself and his action.

How To Win At His Game 

Don’t stutter and lose confidence! If you want to win the mind game against the Aries man and Ways to Get Him to Miss You, do these steps:

1. Be Confident Enough

be confident enough

Once you’re not confident, you’re automatically out of the game. So show your confidence through your action.

2. Challenge His Perception

Counter his attacks by challenging his perception. This might turn into an interesting debate between the both of you.

3. Don’t Interact With His Attempt Too Much

He’ll try to poke you continually to get your reaction but sometimes you just need to ignore him and let him know that the game won’t work on you.

4. Show Him Compassion

Sometimes all he needs is for you to show Ways to Make Him Feel Loved Without Even Saying It then he will soften.

5. Be The Bigger Person

Ultimately, the way to make him stop the mind game is by being the bigger person. Tell him to stop, use some tough love on him, show him compassion even though he resist it. This will show him that he actually does love you.

is your aries man playing mind games with you? You’ll see that if he does it is quite annoying.

But the key to winning the game and impressing him is always to be the bigger person by using the steps above.

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