Signs A Shy Guy Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It

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Sometimes it is easy to read the Signs That Someone is In Love With You Secretly because it is hidden in the most oblivious clues. But it actually depends on the person. What if it is hidden in the most secretive and hidden person which is the shy person?

A shy guy spend most of his life hiding who he is from most people. He hides his life and feelings from someone he is not yet comfortable with. Which means it is quite had to know the signs that he likes you. Here are the signs a shy guy likes you but is trying not to show it;


1. He Steals A Glance

The Physical Signs A Woman Likes You is usually the same with woman and one of that sign is actually stealing a glance. To make sure if it’s true, turn your gaze to another direction and see if he follows. If he does, he has been eyeing you for a long time.

2. He Giggles When You Look At Him

Giggling when you look at him only show the signs of being shy because you caught him off guard and show the signs of his admiration towards you.

3. He Stutters Whenever He Talk To You

he stutters whenever he talk to you

It’s hard to think straight when you talk with someone whom you show that you love them. Which is exactly the case when a shy guy likes you.

4. He Blush When He Is Around You

Blushing is one of the physical signs that implies attraction. You need to look at him the next time you want to catch this sign on him.

5. His Friends Mock Him Playfully When He Is With You

When you are with him his friend woo you or mock him because they know that he likes you. When his friend does this, you can start to see that he starts acting weirdly.

6. He Tries To Help You All The Time

Helping you is one of his main interest which makes him have the Husband Material Signs. He is definitely a keeper.

7. Trying To Make You Laugh

Although he sometimes come up with bad jokes, his intention is pure which is trying to put a smile in your face.

8. Smiling When Seeing You Smile

When he manage to make you smile, he start smiling uncontrollably too for the rest of his day.

9. Send You Little Hints Through Text

The (signs text0 is also the same with guys. You cans tart to notice it when a shy guy is texting you.

10. Giving You Little Gifts

giving you little gifts

Little thoughtful gifts or big gifts is what he likes to give because he know it will make you happy. This really means that he does not show the Signs of Conditional Love.

11. Like To Spend Time With You

Even thougha  shy guy usually don’t like hanging out wiht people, this time he likes to hang out with you because you are one of his most favorite person.

12. Asking To Hang Out With You

It’s hard for a shy person to initate a hang out but it only shows that he wants to do anything so he can be with you.

13. Opening Himself Up To You

He start talking about himself or about his day to you which is the start of intimacy.

More Ways to Know If He Likes You Silently

Even though it is carefully hidden, there are some clear signs a shy guy likes you but is trying not to show it. To gain more clarity, here are more ways to uncover the signs:

1. Telling You His Secret

telling you his secret

Secrets are not told to strangers by a shy person. This means that he really trust you and show you the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say.

2. Letting You See Him Do His Skill

When he is deep in practicing his skill, he usually don’t let anyone see it but since you are special he is ready for this vulnerability.

3. Unafraid To Struck A Conversation With You

He is trying his best to beat his shyness so there is no more obstacle in talking and being with you. 

4. Always Listening To You Intently

Whenever you talk he becomes the best listener and seem to always enjoy doing it.

5. Curious About You

He asks a lot of question about you which is usually not what a shy guy does.

6. Wants To Defend You

Defending you means getting out of his comfort zone but he is ready to face that danger in order to protect you from a numerous amount of problem.

Tips On What to Do with The Love of A Shy Guy

Do you think that the feeling from him to you is real? Then it’s time to make the next move. Here are the tips on what to do with the love of a shy guy;

1. Make Sure It’s True

Don’t start acting on something that you are not sure if it is true or not. Try to find if it is true by asking him about it privately.

2. Talk About How You Feel About Him

talk about how you feel about him

He have the right to know how you feel about him so you need to say it. Say the truth on whether you like him or not.

3. Slowly Let The Relationship Bloom

With a shy guy you need to take it slow so slowly let the relationship bloom to a beautiful and happy relationship

It’s quite hard to spot the signs a shy guy likes you but is trying not to show it but it is doable. That is why you need to catch it beforehand so you don’t leave him hanging. Then, you will naturally choose the path by knowing the tips on what to do with the love of a shy guy. After that the relationship will bloom.

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