Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy

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A woman makes a great lover. They are caring, tender, and sweet. In a relationship a woman will always have a way to make us happy like never before. Although a woman is a great lover, they do not want to go into a relationship in a count of minutes. Usually it takes a lot of effort to make a woman like us. So how do you know if your effort works? How do you see the Signs That Someone is In Love With You Secretly?

When trying to get someone to like you, usually we rely on signs that may tell us that the love is not one sided. With a woman, it is even harder to read the signs because they usually send mixed signals that makes us confused and tired. But unlike emotional signs, physical sign is easier to read. So here are the physical signs a woman likes you so you don’t have to worry any longer.


1. They Often Touch You Playfully

Woman is more likely to touch you playfully when they like you. Usually when you tell a joke in the middle of conversation or simply when you pass them by. A woman that likes you will touch your arm lightly or push you playfully.

This is because they feel really comfortable with you and they want more physical interaction with you. They also want to see if you pay attention to when they touch you. If your eyes are slightly focused to their touch or if you get closer to get touched again, they can know that you like them back.

2. Their Legs Often Touch Yours Under The Table

When conversing face to face on a date or a simply conversation over coffee break, do you notice a little nudge to your legs under the table? Woman usually consciously touch your legs under the table or just nudge it playfully. This means that they are feeling rather playful and flirty with you. They will do this with a slight smile or a small laugh while looking at you. Both of these signs combined is a real Signs She is Into You and they want to be closer with you.

3. When Sitting Closely, They Lean Towards You

when sitting closely, they lean towards you

Conversation are better made when it is private and when you are close to each other. Usually people sit side by side to talk or across from each other. One of the signs that sometimes goes undetected in Physical signs a woman likes you is that they always lean towards you.

Whenever you sit next to each other, they will either turn their body to face you or they will lean towards you more. This clearly indicates that they want to get closer to you.

4. They Blush Whenever You Do Something Directed To Them

This is probably the most visible physical signs a woman likes you . Whenever you do something flattering or anything that is directed towards them, they will blush. This is a natural occurrence that indicates that the person is flattered or embarrassed by what you do them or their reaction towards your action.

People that do not have a feeling towards you will not care too much, and they will not get embarrassed easily but what you do to them. Meanwhile, a person that really likes you will feel fluttery whenever you are around and your every move will really impact them which makes them blush when you’re around.

5. They Remove Anything That Blocks You From Them

Whenever you guys are together, whether on a date or on a casual hang out, the girl that likes you will think about every little detail. That little detail includes the things that are around. If you see a girl that quickly put away the things that are between the both of you, there is a high chance that they actually like you.

When a woman likes you things like a purse or a bag that is between you will be put away in a matter of second and they will scoot closer towards you. It is different with the person that isn’t interested in you. This person will cover your way to them such as holding a book close to their chest, holding the purse in the front and more. Actions like this even suggest that they are uncomfortable around you.

6. They Will Always Fidget When They Talk To You

they will always fidget when they talk to you

People who have no feelings towards each other will talk smoothly and comfortably. But for a woman that really likes you, a conversation with you is a monumental moment and it is really nerve wrecking. So what they do to compensate to their anxiousness is they will fidget.

Fidgeting means making small movements with hands or feet. This is a natural reaction to anxiousness. Actions that is included in fidgeting is tapping their finger on the table constantly, or drumming your pen, or tapping your feet to the floor constantly. If you see a girl who fidgets whenever they talk to you but they seem to be comfortable around other people, it is a definite sign of liking you.

7. They Maintain Unusual Eye Contact

It is normal for someone to maintain eye contact with someone they are conversing with. In fact, it is a sign of confidence. But one of the physical signs a woman likes you is they will hold a rather unusual eye contact with you. They will stare longer than expected but the look they give you is not angry stare or empty stare.

When they like you they will give you the dreamy stare. If you want to put this to the text, look at them when they are staring at you. See if they smile at you. If they do, that means you are definitely crushing on you. Plus see if she blush or giggles when you smile back at her.

8. They Play With Their Hair

People say that hair is the biggest part of the body that woman pay attention too. Well if you guys pay more attention to their hair, it might let out the answer you have been waiting for. A woman that really likes you will often play with their hair when they talk to you.

They will either lightly twist them or they will often lightly brush their hair whenever you guys are talking. Do not take this as a simple sign. This might mean a lot.

9. They Bite Their Lips

they bite their lips

Lips can tell a lot if you want to know if someone is attracted to you. If they occasionally bite their lips while staring at you (plus smiling too) that means that they are really attracted to you. Biting their lips means that they really like you and it is a conscious sign that they give you to let you know that their attraction towards you should not be doubted. This is a subtle Ways to Know If Girl Likes You or Not.

More Ways To Make Her Yours

More ways to know that a woman likes you through physical signs:

1. Smile Whenever You Are Around

You are the attention of her heart so whenever you are in the room, she will involuntarily smile. Because after all, you are the person that makes her the happiest.

2. They Have Wet Lips

Another sign of attraction and playfulness is that they have a rather wet lips, sometimes this is because they lick it. This is a definite sign that they really want you.

3. They Tend To Push Their Chest Out More

This is a great way to know if a woman likes you. If they stand straighter with their chest pushed out whenever you are around, she wants to show confidence and an open invitation to come closer to her.

4. They Bat Their Eyes A Lot

A person that really likes you will unconsciously bat their eyes a lot in a sign of playfulness.

5. Their Pupils Dilate When You Come Around

This is a hard thing to see but a person that likes you will have a bigger pupil whenever you are around.

6. They Touch Their Neck

While they tilt their head they usually touch their neck lightly and often.

7. They Tilt Their Head When You Talk To Them

they tilt their head when you talk to them

When you talk to them they tilt their head slightly which is an unconscious action.

8. They Look Over Their Shoulder

This is a rather seductive move to get them to like you.

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Tips On What To Do If She Likes You

The signs are clear and you are not in the grey area anymore. The problem now is What to Do If She Likes You so Much. Here are tips on what to do if she likes you.

1. Make Some Effort To Show That You Like Them Too

Talk to her more, greet her more or even smile at her when she comes. There are many ways to subtly show someone that you like them. But this should not be forced, if you really like them this should show naturally. You should be creative in terms of the Ways to Tell A Woman You Love Her.

2. Ask Their Friends

Still not sure? Ask their friends. Friends hold the biggest and most important information. So find a way to get close enough to their friends to lure that information out.

3. Ask Them

Do not go around thinking that they like you if you do not know for sure. So ask them in person. Do not do this in public and it is better if you are face to face when you ask this so that you know if it is true or not.

4. Go On Dates

Finally, the final step. Going on dates is necessary to make the bond between you grow stronger. Do what you like or what you both haven’t done but are really attracted to. At the end of the day, what you need to do is make new memories. If dates are not possible you can always have a long talk through the phone or video call.

It is clear now whether she likes you or not and what you should do to keep her around. Now go observe and do!

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