How to Get Any Girl That You Want on Facebook - The Best Flirty Ways!

Last updated on May 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Facebook is a powerful social media site where you can connect with people all around the world, it is not used only to interact with your friends and family, but it can also be used as a media to get a girl that you like. Think of Facebook as a social bar where you can interact with different girls, but this time you cannot approach her and make eye contacts with her.

Nevertheless, the formula is still the same minus the face to face in person meetings. what I mean by the formula still the same is you need to find is you need to be appealed as an interesting person to talk to, it will make her more interested in you, this is one of the right way to Get Your Crush’s Attention Through Social Media in The Right Way  for more details just keep reading this article on how to get any girl that you want on Facebook.

  1. Have an Interesting Profile Picture

One of the most important thing that you should note if you want to get any girl that you want on Facebook is to have an interesting profile picture. Profile picture is the first thing that a girl check when knowing there is a guy adding her as a friend, you should avoid using using a profile picture that is not you to look cool because eventually they will know you really are.

Use a profile picture that represent you the most, don't apply the one fits all rule, if you like mountain hiking then post a picture while you are hiking, if you like to play music post a picture when your band performing. If you just keep being yourself then it won't take a long time for girls to notice you making it easier to get any girl that you want on Facebook.

2. Post About Your Social Life

Girls don't want to be approached by someone who spends their whole day in front of the computer, they want to be with someone who have a real life, in short , they want to be with someone who is a REAL guy not just some cave dweller.

If you have activities on your wall, people commenting on you post and vice versa, you have a fair amount of friends, girls will think of you as a social and fun kind of guy to be friend with. This is also one of the most effective way you can do to Get Your Crush Attention on Facebook

3. Your Wall Represents You

What I mean by that, every single thing that you post on your wall represents you on real life, don't be afraid to pour your heart out into it; if you like a specific band that you like post a link to their song on your wall, if you to play some football post a video of you scoring your goal of the year, or event if you like exotic animal post a picture of you while you are posing with that animal.

Girls will scroll through your profile to know more about you, this is one of  Hidden Signs a Girl Likes You on Social Media. Make sure that you post something that makes you stand out with the others, the girls might learn a new thing and be more and more interested about you.

4. Pick Up The Girl

After you have done the fundamentals, now it is the time for you to pick up the girls, make sure that the girl that you are trying to pick up is attractive, lives in your area, have some mutual friends and the most important criteria to look for is make sure that she is single. You want to avoid a total stranger that you absolutely have no idea who she is, even though that she is attractive, approaching a total stranger is a no no.

If you see a "In A Relationship" sign written in her wall, just stay off because you want to approach girls not looking for troubles. Find out How to Know If A Girl Is Interested in You Even If She Has A Boyfriend and if she is shown one of the sign, try your best to avoid her.

5. Add Her As Your Friend

If you already decide on your potential target add her as your friend, it may takes sometimes for her to add you as a friend and don't bombard her with your messages because it will only get you blocked and get reported by her which can be result in Facebook disabling your account for good.

Adding someone who have some mutual friends and going to the same school/workplace with you will be easier than adding a total stranger who lives miles away and if you happen to meet a girl at a social events or a party send her a message saying that you are a guy from before while you add her as a friend and if you find a cute girl commenting on your friend's wall try to find something in common to talk about in order to spark her interest before adding her as a friend.

6. Start To Strike A Conversation

Now you have added her as your friend now it is the time to start talking to her, take it slow and easy, you don't want to rush and making her uncomfortable talking to you. Look for the right time and the right topic, you can find the right topic by scrolling through her profile to find a common interest to talk about. 

Don't talk to her too often because it will make her sees you as someone who have no life and over attached, if this happens to cross her mind then it is harder for you to find your happy endings with her. Make sure you find an interesting topic to talk about in order to make the conversation keep bouncing up and down, a one way conversation is something that nobody wants to be happened to them.

7. Take It Further

After she is comfortable chatting with you and the chat always get a positive replies, try to take things further by liking her status or commenting on her photos, you can only do this when your friendship has developed into a new level, if you do this when you are still strangers she will get creep out and blocked you for good.

Next, try to post something that you both likes, one of the goals of you doing this is to catch her interest, this post could be something like the latest score of you both favorite basketball team, it could be the latest song of you both favorite band. or it could event be the festival that you try to invite her too.

8. Be Flirty

You need to make her realize that you are not some random guy who spends his free time befriending with every single one on Facebook during his free time, you need to make her know that you are into her.

Don't jump the gun yet, you need to take it slowly and carefully, do something as little as leaving a like on her latest photo while commenting that she looks great in that photo, by doing that she might get a hint on your special care and attention towards her. That is just one of many Ways on How to Make A Girl Fall in Love with You Just By Texting Message.

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