43 Signs A Girl Likes You On Social Media

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Did you know that you can usually tell whether a woman likes you just by investigating her behavior on social media?

When you know what to look for, it can become pretty obvious whether they like you or not.

So, read on, friend! Because I'm going to be revealing the most obvious signs that a girl likes you on social media. 

Either way, I'm begging you not to make the same mistakes that most men make when flirting over social media. 

That mistake is: COMING ON TOO STRONG.

Whenever this happens - through text or in real life - it tends to kill attraction stone-dead.

Even if she really liked you, it's too difficult for her to give you what you want when you act like this.

It's frustrating for women too!!

There's not enough space here to properly explain why over-flirting is the death knell for attraction, but if you're guilty of doing this, I would urge you to read this interesting story

It explains everything you need to know about flirting with women in a way that makes them chase you HARD.

So, if you want to know the right way to push things forward with a woman who is interested in you, go ahead and read that blog post right now

Meanwhile, the tips below will help you realize when a woman is actually interested in building a deeper romantic connecting with you.


43 Hidden Signs She Likes You On Social Media

Social media age can make it hard to notice when a person is expressing true feelings for you. It’s easy for people to conceal their emotions because you can’t see their actual facial expressions. However, if you pay attention to details, you can uncover the clues that someone online is interested in you.

If you’re a guy with several questions on love and relationships online, and you desperately need to find out how a girl will act when she likes you, then you’re in the right place. This article gives a detailed exposure to the signs of attraction from a girl to any guy online.

1. She keeps in touch on all social media platforms

She keeps in touch on all social media platforms

If you recently started talking to a girl online and she wants to stay connected with you, it’s one of the prominent signs that she is interested in you. She might want to go further, and request for a more convenient platform, which shows she’s willing to take the relationship to another level. Her desire to stay connected to you is one of the positive signs that she likes you.  

2. She laughs at all your jokes

One of the ways to tell if a girl likes you is to pay attention to how they respond to your jokes. Your remarks don’t have to be intentional or funny; but if they amuse her, then she has a particular interest in you. 

You might think you’re just a funny guy, which could be true. However, when someone likes you, they respond to your jokes a bit differently. While others may laugh with careless abandon, she’ll consciously and continuously tell you how funny and smart you are. 

3. She likes your posts

You can tell if a female likes you by her ‘relationship’ with the like button. If she really likes what you upload, it shows her interest in you. She would silently give you moral support and act like your biggest fan if she needs to. You can sense the extra effort she’s putting, even by only liking your posts; and all these signs go a long way to reveal that she fancies you.

4. She mirrors your actions

According to psychology, when you spend an ample amount of time with someone, you begin to reflect their actions and behaviors. That is, your body language and words sync with the other person. 

This process could happen unconsciously or consciously, and in most cases, much faster than usual if they are enjoying the person’s company. If a girl likes you, she’ll start responding in the manner you do. She might start using the slangs you use, and start chatting in the same way.

5. She accidentally likes your old post

One common thing that girls do when they like someone is to go through their social media feeds. It’s one of the signs that she’s trying to keep tabs on you secretly. 

If there’s some distance, looking at past events of his life will make her feel closer to him. Therefore, if you see a notification that a girl liked one of your old posts, then yes, she may have been taking a long tour down your page. 

6. Her replies are encouraging

You can gauge how well a conversation is going by the replier’s responses. If the length of their answers are short, it might suggest that they aren’t as excited as you are. If they are relatively the same, it’s a good sign of interest. 

If the response is quite lengthy, maybe even longer than yours, it shows that they enjoy conversing with you. A girl’s feedback can quickly indicate whether she likes you, or not, so make sure to pay attention to it.

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7. She intentionally talks about your previous posts

she intentionally talks about your previous posts

This act is more deliberate and quite different from the last point mentioned. She might choose to like all your old posts, or instead, bring up something exciting she found out while scrolling through your feed. 

She’s knowingly informing you that she went through your page, which is one of the bright signs that she’s into you and wants to know more about you. She’s not hiding it, because she wants you to notice her interest in you.  

8. She teases you

Teasing is a milder form of flirting that can be used to create a cheery atmosphere. A girl teasing you will joke about how your new haircut makes you look more handsome, and still tell you how odd you look in other situations. 

She might let you know how a particular sweater brings out the beauty of your eyes, and even laugh at a horrible outfit you wear. You may think she’s sending mixed feelings, but she simply enjoys seeing how you react to her messages. You don’t have to take her words to heart. Just be in the moment, and tease her back.

9. She comments on your posts

When someone likes you, it’s easy for them to become your number one fan online. The distance between you two brings out her supportive side. She might praise you mildly, or comment with so much enthusiasm. 

Whatever she does indirectly reveals her interest in you, because of the extra steps she’s taking. She may comment a little bit, but this shows she’s trying to connect with you on another level, which is a good sign.

10. She’s trying to get close to you

The difference between friendship and something more intimate is the extra step taken. Usually, you would know when a person is trying to get comfortable with you. They’ll ask more personal questions, and be there for you when you’re going through tough times. 

When someone likes something, there’s always a desire to be close to it. If a girl is slowly getting comfortable with you, it suggests that she might like you.

11. She responds to your stories

Stories on Facebook, WhatsApp, and even Instagram are more personal than posts. If a girl is continually responding to them, it validates an intimate connection she has with you. This process allows her to begin a conversation with you and continuously stay in touch, even when you have nothing to talk about currently. This act is one of the signs that she likes you.

12. She bites her lip when you talk

You can observe a lot about a person through social media. Even though you’re communicating with a girl online, you should notice her reactions whenever you call. If she’s biting her lip during the video chat, it’s one of the signs of attraction. 

It’s a flirty way of saying that she’s into you and would like to spend more time with ‘offline’. Similar gestures may include staring are your lips, or leaning in instead of being away from her phone.

13. She always seems to be online at the same time as you

she always seems to be online at the same time as you

When a girl has a crush on a guy, she won’t miss the opportunity to chat with him. Being online at the same time might happen naturally, or can be coincidental. She’ll observe when he’s mostly available, and organize her schedule to meet up with that time. It could be at late hours, but she’s willing to stay up late to talk to you. That’s a way to know she likes you.

14. She smiles when she sees you

It’s easy to detect the level of attraction in a girl by her reaction when she sees you. If her face lights up when you call her, it’s one of the positive signs. She will have a subtle blush, which is quite different from other smiles she’d make with you. 

Therefore, make sure to pay attention to the difference. If she blushes, it indirectly shows that she’s delighted to be around you, and enjoys having conversations with you.

15. She replies fast

When someone isn’t immersed in a conversation, it takes them time to respond to messages. On the contrary, someone that’s interested in you will respond straight away. If a girl is replying at a constant pace, it shows she’s enjoying the conversation. 

This act could mean she also likes you as a person, which is one of the positive signs. You should, however, reciprocate her fast responses, or this might discourage her from making advances.  

16. She licks her lips

Licking one’s lips in front of a crush can show attraction in some cases. It’s more subtle than biting the lips and can be done unconsciously. If a girl likes you, there’s a chance that she might lick her lips when talking to you. This action may need to take place more than once, and especially when she’s talking to you before you can validate your observations.

17. She finds ways to keep the conversation going

If you perceive disappointment from a girl when you end a conversation, it shows that she likes you more than you know. Anyone that wants to speak with you continually is endeared to you. Another common sign is always seeking reasons to keep the communication flowing. If she brings up random topics to continue engaging with you, it shows she’s taking extra steps to be around you.

18. She befriends your friends

When a lady wants to know more about you, she’ll make an effort to be close to your friends. This process makes it easier to know about your likes and dislikes and possibly get on a good rapport with your friends. 

She might follow them online and chat with them occasionally to learn a few things about you. If you observe this, it’s one of the signs that she likes you, and wants a closer relationship.

19. She bonds over similar things

It’s not coincidental that a girl knows about your favorite comic series and bonds with you over it. If she really likes you, she’ll make an effort to know these things and get accustomed to them. She may not necessarily like them, but she’ll use these subjects as a means of getting to know you better. The more she can talk about these things, the closer you’ll be to each other.

20. She tries to get your attention

Most girls know that one of the best ways to get the attention of a crush is to engage in the things he likes. A girl that likes you will pay attention to what you love doing, and flood her timeline with it. 

She’d send pictures of the things you fancy, for example, your favorite book, and tell you how she just started reading it. She’ll strive to get your attention in many ways, and this is a way of telling you that she’s attracted to you.

21. She remembers your schedule

she remembers your schedule

The only reason why a girl would remember the plans you made is that she’s interested in you. If you tell her you’ll be somewhere, and she remembers to ask about it, it’s a sign that you’re on her mind and she cares about you. 

She’ll also keep these events stored to know when you’ll be available to chat. If you observe any of these behaviors in a lady, it’s one of the signs of affection.

22. She’ll post about you

It doesn’t necessarily have to be your picture. She might post one thing concerning you that she knows you’ll be able to understand. She’s bringing a sense of affection to the public, without directly confessing her feelings. 

It also expresses a form of closeness that supersedes essential friendship. Whether it’s a birthday shout out, appreciation, or congratulatory post, if she’s posting about you, it’s a positive sign.  

23. She tags you on posts

Bringing your attention to posts on her online feed means she’s thinking of you. If she always wants you to laugh at the things she thinks are funny, or gain information with her, it shows that you’re essential to her and she probably likes you. This means that she feels the need to involve you in her experiences on social media, it also shows how much she loves engaging with you.

24. She keeps you informed about her day

A girl that likes a guy always wants to keep him updated about events going on in her life. She’ll tell him about what she’s doing throughout the day, and about the special occasions that might keep her preoccupied. She’ll also inform him about her unavailability when needed, to prevent him from getting worried. Slowly, constant communication will become a routine between both of you.

25. She sends you cute selfies

Most girls want the guys they like to see them at their best. They won’t hesitate to send their cute selfies because it effortlessly showcases their beauty to someone they like. However, they won’t make this process too obvious. 

They’ll send it with a purpose. For example, when telling you how their day went, they’d send their selfies for a more vivid description. If it correlates with the conversation, they’ll use it as an opportunity to send you pictures.

26. She keeps pictures of the two of you

A girl that likes you will cherish the images both of you have together. If you went out with a large group of friends, but she kept the picture both of you took, and maybe even posted it online, it’s a positive sign. Similarly, if she’s maintaining anything that commemorates the experiences you’ve had together, it shows that she might have feelings for you.

27. She sends you cute emojis

You can determine someone’s feelings towards you by the kind of emojis they use when chatting. The blushing emoji, heart emoji, and even the hugging face emoji can go a long way to show you how much a girl cares about you. 

There are many other emojis girls use to express their emotions. You just need to be more observant to detect it when she uses it. She will also chat with you in a slightly different way than other girls do.

28. She gets jealous when you post about other ladies on social media

she gets jealous when you post about other ladies on social media

If she hasn’t expressed her feelings to you, there’s a high chance she won’t communicate her jealousy either. Nonetheless, it’s easy to know when a girl is jealous of something. If you posted a picture of another girl, she would most likely ask about it. 

If her response is short and unenthusiastic, she might be jealous. If she also chooses to ignore you, and miss some routines with you for no reason, it’s a sign of jealousy.

29. She gets disappointed when you don’t communicate with her

Any girl that likes a guy would want to have healthy communication with him. A friend wouldn’t mind lack of communication, but someone with feelings for you would indeed have expectations. If for any reason, you choose not to communicate with her like you usually do, she will be disappointed. This reaction is one of the ways to know when someone likes you.

30. She wants to meet in person 

Any girl that wants to meet up with you in real life may have feelings for you. Most girls would keep things on social media for as long as possible if everything were platonic

However, a girl that likes you wouldn’t hesitate to meet up with you as soon as possible. Her enthusiasm will reveal it all. If you observe she’s making immense preparations for that day, it shows that she likes you more than you know.

31. She’s always eager to hang out

Her excitement towards hanging out with you is what will reveal her true feelings for you. After the first meetup, if she’s still eager to hang out, it shows that she likes you. She doesn’t give excuses when she’s available, and she’s honest when she can’t make it. She wouldn’t be able to hide her zeal to be around you, and that’s how you’ll know she’s into you.

32. Her friends know you and probably follow you on social media

When a girl likes you, she’ll talk about you to her friends. It’s quite evident that they’ll go through your social media pages as a means of getting to know more about you. They may or may not befriend you and follow you, but if they do, it’s a sign that the girl in question has a crush on you. If she introduces you to them, then she certainly has feelings for you.

33. She engages in physical touch

There’s no doubt that a girl that likes you will want to get comfortable around you. With time, this might advance to engaging little forms of physical touch. She might touch your arm when she’s having a conversation with you, or sit too close to you. 

When you finally meet, she might even request for a hug when you’re parting ways. All these are little signs that she’s attracted to you. If she responds well when you engage physical touch, it’s likewise a positive sign.

34. She will let you know about her personal life

Girls naturally open up to people they feel comfortable being around. Apart from being a girl’s best friend, the only other reason why she’ll open up to you is that she likes you. 

If she’s telling you personal details about her life, it means she considers you to be more than her friend. She also trusts you and feels connected to you.

35. Conversations with her are unforced

conversations with her are unforced

If a girl is attracted to you, she’ll make things easy for you. Gaining access to her wouldn’t be a brawl, and more significantly, talking with her will be convenient. There’ll be a fluent flow of subjects, and both of you will feel happy texting each other. You wouldn’t have to put in too much effort to achieve a great conversation, because it’ll flow naturally.

36. Your conversations with her are always lengthy

Similar to the point that a girl who likes you will keep conversations going for as long as possible, you’ll also notice that they’ll naturally be lengthy. Whether it’s a phone call or via texting, you’ll observe that there’ll always be one thing to talk about with a girl that likes you. 

The conversation would happen almost naturally without any of you being conscious of how much time is being spent.

37. She blinks often

Blinking during a conversation can be associated with anxiety. It’s normal to wonder whether you’re saying the right things, or perhaps, impressing the person you’re talking to presently. If a girl blinks too often when talking video calling you, it shows that she might like you. 

She might also be trying to evade eye contact because it tenses her up. This kind of nervousness shows she has an interest in you.

38. Her pupils dilate

According to research, when a person stares at someone they’re attracted to, it can cause their pupils to dilate. The primary reason why this action happens is that the person gets excited to see their crush. 

Similarly, this is why widespread knowledge suggests that you can know how a person feels about you by how they stare at you. Though it might be hard to see whether her pupils dilate over video chat, it’s worth a try.

39. She stares intensely

Keeping eye contact for an extended period can show how much attraction a girl has for a boy. Most times, it’s common for girls to avoid staring too long at their crushes, but when you see a girl staring for too long, it’s most likely because she’s attracted to him. 

She might quickly look away when you catch her staring, and things might get awkward. Nonetheless, when this happens, understand that she probably likes you.

40. You will sense it in her dance moves

The way a girl dances around her crush is quite different from when she’s out with a friend. She’s more relaxed with friends but cautious around her subject of attraction. 

If she’s attracted to you, she’ll stare at you occasionally as she dances, to see if you’re looking at her, and in other cases, to get your attention. When you meet her in real life, take her dancing, and observe her body language towards you.

41. Her posture says everything

A girl’s posture unconsciously changes when she’s around someone that she likes. She might stand upright or lean closer to you when she’s near, but she might slouch or be carefree when in the presence of someone else. 

It might be hard to notice these things about a lady, but if you observe her more, you might see it. You’ll notice she’s not entirely free around you, and that’s a good thing. 

42. She hints about both of you being a couple

she hints about both of you being a couple

When a girl is attracted to you, it’s easy for her to picture both of you as couples. She’ll also subtly hint at this fact with her words. For example, telling you that you’d make a lousy boyfriend, or you wouldn’t be able to manage her as a girlfriend. All these are subtle ways of telling you that she’s interested in you and possibly wants a relationship.

43. She asks about your love life

If she brings up the subject of dating and long term relationships with you, it’s a sign that she’s thinking along that line. One of the prominent signs that she’s attracted to you is when she directly asks about your dating life. Her interest shows she’s hoping for something else, other than a friendship, but wants to prepare herself beforehand.


How do you tell if a girl likes you on text?

The best way to tell a girl is attracted to you is through her enthusiasm in conversations. If she replies fast and gives lengthy responses, it shows she’s enjoying the conversation, and most likely interested in you. If she also wants the conversation to last longer, it’s a great sign.

How do you know if a girl likes you but is hiding it?

A girl might be bold during texts but might act reserved in person. If she’s flirty with you online but evades staring at you for too long when you meet face-to-face, it shows she’s hiding her feelings. Her body language will also reveal a sense of attraction if she’s always looking at you, and wants to be close to you.

How do you know if a girl still likes you?

Staring for a prolonged period can indicate attraction from a lady. You might catch her staring, after which she looks away. This act is also a great sign that she still likes you. If she looks at your lips, or perhaps, bites hers during a conversation, it shows she’s attracted to you.

How do make a girl want you?

The first key to getting a girl attracted to you is your self-confidence. You have to know what you want and believe you can achieve it. Next, you need to be a trustworthy person. You also need to know when to give her space. Lastly, understand that flirting will communicate your attraction better than mixed signals.

Should you text a girl every day?

The only time when texting a girl every day is plausible is if she’s comfortable with it and has communicated this to you. Otherwise, it would be best not to smother her with constant communication every day. Likewise, don’t get angry if she doesn’t message regularly.

On That Note

Did you enjoy this article on signs a girl likes you on social media? Remember to always confirm from the girl in question if you get the feeling that she’s interested in you. It would be best not to make assumptions and take steps that could deter the relationship. Kindly share this article if you liked it, and let me know your thoughts on it in the comment section.

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