How to Deal With a Girl Who is Trying to Make You Jealous?

Last updated on July 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Love can be complicated sometimes. Some people say that we cannot go back to our ex because of course there must be a reason on why the relationship is broken.

But, there are also some people who are believe that true love will never be separated and will always find the way back to each other. Confusing isn't it? Especially when you know the ways on how to know your ex girlfriend still has feelings for you, and you found out that she still has the feelings for you.

The problem will be harder if in fact, you don't have any feelings to her any more. And if you are confused on what to do when a girl ghosts you and trying to make you feel jealous to her. Here are some tips on how to deal with a girl who is trying to make you jealous.

  • Ignore her

The best and easiest way on how to deal with a girl who is trying to make you jealous is by ignoring her. The more interaction or response that you give to her will give her another chance to make you feel jealous.

This is because by reacting to her action, she knows that she has your attention. Knowing that she has your attention, she will keep doing the things that make you jealous.

So, in order not to give her a chance to keep trying to make you feel jealous, just ignore her. You will also need to know what happens when you ignore a Gemini woman. And by then, you can predict on what she is going to do after she knew that you are ignoring her on purpose.

  • Talk to her in person

And if you can't hold it anymore by ignoring her, you can just talk to her directly and ask what she wants. Talking to someone in person is one of the ways on how to solve misunderstandings between friends.

Maybe, she never had the intention to make you jealous, it can be you who are over sensitive to her because you still care about her.

But, if you don't feel a thing about her and you can see that she is purposely trying to make you feel jealous then you will need to talk about it with her. By talk to her directly, both of you can solve the current situation that you found disturbing and you can also let her know in person about what you feel towards her action.

  • Tease her

If you feel like she already knew that you don't have any intention to her or even have a feeling to her, you can just tease her back after the things that she has done to make you feel jealous. Teasing her will let you know about her reaction. Through her reaction you can see whether she is into you and trying to get your attention or not.

There are many ways to tease a girl, but remember to know the art of a soft teasing or a hard one such as ways to get your arm around a girl. By knowing the right and proper way to tease, you will be able to know and predict her reaction properly. 

  • Get along with friends and have more activities

To distract yourself to forget her and all of her tricks to make you feel jealous, you can get along with your friends more. Get along with your friends more will give you the chance to distract yourself with many activities. And with so many activities that you have, you will eventually start to forget her. This is a good option for you to distract yourself.

Because, if you feel like she is trying to make you feel jealous, then you must be lonely. And because you feel lonely, you have the time to observe more thing or even become over sensitive. You will need to know reasons why Taurus always feel lonely, and know how to handle it.

There are a lot of ways that you can do in order to how to deal with a girl who is trying to make you jealous. And each way that you choose to deal with her is reflecting what you feel about her.

For example, by ignoring her you definitely don't care about her and has no feelings about her. But, if you react the opposite way, it can means that you still care about her. And who knows she is showing the signs that your ex still cares about you even though she is trying to make you feel jealous.

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