20 Reasons Why Being Mysterious Works To Attract Men

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Women are creatures that are hard to figure out. They come in different forms and personalities. But it looks like men are easily lured by one particular type of woman. The mysterious one.


Why Being Mysterious Works To Attract Men

So what do men think of a mysterious woman? How do they perceive her? These are the things that make it difficult for them to resist her.

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1. Graceful

A reason why being mysterious works to attract men is because it lets a woman have a graceful aura. Being mysterious allows her to keep a lot of things to herself. She does not say much so she is quiet. Many men are attracted to women like this. They have a certain charm that other women don’t have.

2. Seems Unfriendly

seems unfriendly

For men, a mysterious woman can seem unfriendly. She may not speak a lot but once she does, her words are blunt. Not everyone can deal with her harsh way of expressing herself. This can be a turn off for many men as this kind of woman is difficult to approach. But for some, they are in for the chase. They want to get closer to the mysterious woman as they are so curious about her.

3. Mean

It’s very frequent that men think a mysterious woman looks like a mean person. For those who have tried to approach her, they may have faced one of two kinds of outcome. The first one is that they were unsuccessful in flirting with her. The second one is that they were straightforwardly rejected. Those two things may bruise a man’s ego and cause him to back away. But for the one who is looking for a challenge, he will do anything to get a mysterious woman to like him.

4. Not The Kind Of Woman Who Cheats

Another reason why being a mysterious woman works to attract men is because she’s not the kind of woman who cheats. A mysterious woman rarely has the intention of hurting her partner by cheating anyway. She despises it as it’s an immoral thing to do.

5. Romantic

As mysterious as a woman is, she’s actually very romantic. Deep down, she’s a sweet and soft hearted person who believes in love. Though she may appear scary and unfriendly, she turns into a warm person when she finds a man who is special to her.

Not many people can see through a mysterious woman’s true personality. However, she’s into romance and loves doing things that would show the amount of love she has for her partner.

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6. A Private Person

a private person

A mysterious woman may not be very open and welcoming to everybody. It’s because she’s a private person who is very careful in making relationship with other people. She’s extremely selective for her social circles. She would probably have only one or two people that she frequently talk to.

In some cases, she wouldn’t even open up to the people closest to her. Men often go for this kind of woman in the hope of finding out who she truly is.

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7. Extremely Loyal

She is very loyal to her partner. When she’s in a relationship, her goal to maintain it for as long as possible. She is willing to work very hard to make it work. She values loyalty since she sees it as the right thing to do. It might be difficult to express her love openly but she will prove it through her honesty.

8. Attentive To Her Partner

Once a man is able to have a special place in a mysterious woman’s heart, he will be treated just like a king. A mysterious woman pays a lot of attention to the people around her, especially the ones that she love. She will take extra care of her partner as a way to show her love. She is willing to listen to what you have to say without judging you. Other than that, she’s ready to make sacrifices just to keep the relationship alive.

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9. Intriguing

A mysterious woman is intriguing. She has layers to her just like any other woman on this earth but her behavior is what makes her stand out from the rest. Men see her as this fascinating human who must have a lot concealed in her. They want to see what she’s capable of, that’s why they always try to get close to her.

10. Strong Principles

strong principles

Having strong principles is also why being mysterious works to attract men. No matter what life situation she is facing, she will strongly hold on to her principles. She believes that will make her grounded and have a clear vision of her life purpose. People may come and go but her principles are here to stay. Men like this kind of woman because she’s not easily swayed by other people’s opinions. She has her own beliefs and sticks to that. 

Other Reasons Why Men Are Attracted

Here are some more reasons why men like mysterious woman.

  1. She’s secretive.
  2. Men see her as irresistible.
  3. She’s courageous.
  4. She seems cute when she’s mad.
  5. She doesn’t care what people say about her.
  6. Men admire her quietness.
  7. She seems smart and bold.
  8. She knows all the right thing to say.
  9. She doesn’t cause a lot of fuss or problems.
  10. She minds her own business as she doesn’t stick her nose in to other people’s lives.

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Even though men are attracted to a mysterious woman, they should not see her as some object that they can play with. She is still a human being with a heart, just like any other woman in this world. Allow her to also have the space and a life that she wants without bothering her too much.

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