17 Ways On How To Talk To A Shy Guy You Like When You're Shy

Last updated on June 28, 2024 by Michelle Devani

We can easily change to someone we completely not when we are falling in love. It can be happen because love causes a hundred of butterflies to fill our stomach. We suddenly become very shy and always at loss of what to do. Even after the preparation and courage you have prepared for a long time, you are as stiff as robot when he appears in front of you. Then as a solution, you have to find out how to talk to a shy guy when your shy. After doing all of these, he will soon notice you like him.


1. Practice To Other People

First thing first, you have to practice to talk to him. Then all you have to do is trying to say hello to other people. Say hi every time you meet your friends. As the time pass, you will be familiar with this and the shyness to say hello to him will disappear.

2. Find Out His Interest

find out his interest

If you want to talk to him you gotta know what to say. Don't let the awkward silent fill in because it eats up your courage. Talk about music, sport, movies, or book. Make sure you know what he's interested in.

3. Make It As Topics

After finding out about his interest, it will be easier to change it into a topics. The short "Hello" will be lengthen into a talk about the Marvel Movies or Dan Brown newest books. The talk between you and him flows naturally.

4. Relax Yourself

Get rid all of the nervousness and brace yourself together. Take a deep breath everytime you are about to do the mission. Don't be clumsy, relax, because everything is going to be all right. You can't thinking right if you don't relax.

5. Smile

Smile contains million of meaning behind it, and one of it are the Signs a Shy Girl Wants You to Ask Her Out. Prepare your sweetest smile for him, a smile that could perfectly delivers your message that you like him.

6. Be Confident

Don't think too much about how will he react to your maneuver. Just do what you are supposed to do and don't think about anything else. Don't lose your confidence your confidence before entering the battlefield. Confidence makes your face looks better.

7. Ask For A Help

If you feel like you have no reason to talk to him, the make one. Ask him to help you with something as a start. When you are carrying heavy stuffs, ask him to help you a little. You can even make a reason to treat him for lunch out of it.

8. Throw Him A Compliment

Here is another alternative if you don't know what to say. Compliment him just like any other person will do. If he's just receive promotion at work, congratulate him and told him that did deserve it. It may seem trivial, but it make a good start.

9. Study Together

study together

This is the Signs a Nerdy Girl Likes You that guys can easily recognized. Make use of it, too. Pretend you don't really understand about particular subject he's good, and ask him to study together. Everything will go smooth after that.

10. Ask Some Question

As if you are curious about something, ask him a question. For example, if you like a guy from the finance division at work, ask him whether the other employers could ask for a payment raise. If this continue, soon he knows you are showing the Signs of a Shy Girl Crush on You.

11. Make Way To Bumped Into Him

To make everything easier, you have to get used with his appearance. So, purposely ran into him as often as possible. When that person already look familiar for you, the shyness and nervousness will fade away.

12. Say It Through Your Eyes

When lips are hardly opens, eyes can talk better. Make a powerful eye contact with him all the time. Well, maybe not all the time. But make sure that's enough for him to notice you have unusual things toward him.

13. Start With A Simple Hello

All you need is to release the "Hello" word out of your mouth. Just like how you have practice with everyone, and just like an usual greeting when you meet someone, the simple hello will build up your courage.

14. Ask Your Friends

Call 911 right away whenever you meet a dead end. Your own 911 of course. Ask help from your friends how to get rid of your shyness around him. They will have the best answers for you that he'll notice it right away.

15. Learn From Everything

You may need some tips not to be shy around him, and you can learn everywhere. From the movies or books, pay attention to how the actors showing love to each other and you can adjust them to your situation.

16. Prepare Yourself For A Rejection

prepare yourself for a rejection

Because he is just as shy as you, he may gives you the reaction you don't expect. He might ignore you because he's shy too.

17. Show Him Your Charms

If you're shy to talk to him, then don't talk at all. Show him your charms instead. Show him you smartness, kindness, and anything that can draw him in and falling in love with you right away.

Isn't the way on how to talk to a shy guy you like when your shy very easy? All you need to do is practice and gather up your courage once more. Soon he will notice the Signs of a Shy Girl Crush on You that you have been sending all the time. Wishing your effort be resulted in a very, very positive way. Cheer up!

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