31 Clear Signs Of A Shy Girl Having A Crush On You

by Michelle Devani

Do you have a crush on a shy girl? 

Does it feel impossible to tell whether she feels the same way about you? 

This is pretty common as shy women are even more subtle than normal when it comes to showing signs of attraction. 

However, they do show signs. You just need to know what to look for. 

That’s why I have filled this guide with 31 clear signs that a shy girl has a crush on you. 

Let me begin this guide with a warning though.

Even if this woman is attracted to you, be careful not to come on too strong when you begin flirting with her. 

This warning applies whether she’s shy or not!

Women hate when a man makes his attraction to her too obvious. It ruins the thrill of the chase for her. It takes away any excitement from the courtship. Worse still, it would make her feel cheap and slutty if she were to let anything happen between you.

That’s why I want to share this guide on ‘Stealth Attraction’. It brilliantly explains a technique that’ll help you flirt with women in a manner that doesn’t scare them away. 

This guide will help you to consistently ensure that something happens between you and the women you’re attracted to. As such, it’s surely a must-read for all men.  

With that said, let’s now explore the signs that shy women show when they’re attracted to men.

Signs A Shy Girl Is Having A Crush On You

Some girls are born very bright and lively, that they have no fear of saying what's in their mind directly. This kind of girl is usually very talkative and has a large number of friends. She also very active in the social live. This straightforward behavior is sometimes carried when she has a crush on a guy. She is sending signal everywhere and make it obvious even for everyone around her!

And some are not. There are girls who were very shy in the nature that she is not used to speak up her mind freely. She prefer sit in the corner of the class, avoiding the crowd as much as she can. This girl who is not usually very talkative will also send a hidden signal when she has a crush on a guy. Because of her shyness, the guy we talked about often doesn't get it and miss it easily.

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For guys, it's important to notice all these hidden signs. Who knows there is a shy girl that sending you signal you didn't get all along. So, here is the signs of a shy girl having a crush on you.

1. She Stare At You Intimately

For a shy girl, bump into the guy she has her crush is a gift of the day. She cherish the moment a lot that she will never let go of you from her sight. She will staring at you intensely that her eye could pierce into your soul! But she is doing it secretly and never let you caught her. But didn't we always have this feeling when someone staring at us? Don't worry, it probably this shy girl doing it.

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2. ...And Quickly Looked Away When You Turn Around

A shy girl will try their best to hide their feeling, even to the one she has crush to. She would never let you met her gaze, because she was afraid that you might discover her feeling. She was just not ready for your reaction, especially when it turned out that you don't reciprocate her feeling. She would directly looked away when you suddenly turned around. Still, you guys can find out the signs of a shy girl having a crush on you.

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3. She Will (Always) Be There For You

Let's say that this shy girl is working in the same room with you. Someday you have to worked overtime and had some difficulty in finishing your job, she will be the first hand to help you out! She doesn't mind to stay late at work with you. She saw this as an opportunity to be alone together without any pressure and awkwardness as it is on a date. Isn't it too sweet?

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4. She Likes All Of Your Social Media Posts

As she is too shy to told you directly that she has been liking you all along, she drops hints into you social media account. You will see her in every single of your posts. Whether she likes it or leave a comment on it. All of your Instagram posts got liked by her. And she leave a comment in a place you just checked in saying, "I usually going there, too." And hit the favorite button on your tweets. By all of these "hidden" actions she hopes you will notice her presence in this world.

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5. ...And Posts On Her Own Social Media As Well

As if leaving the trace in your social media isn't enough, she makes one in hers too. Her posts are probably ambiguous to you, but there is always a hidden meaning behind all of those. On one Sunday she posts Taylor Swift's "Everything Has Changed" and write some parts of the lyrics as her status. She continually posts about those kind of favorite songs. Dude, she is trying to relate her feeling with those songs and wish you to know. Somehow.

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6. She Finds Out Many Details About You

Shy girls have always been very shy to directly asks you about you hobbies and everything. But she has a million ways to find out about them. She will spend her night stalks over your social media account just to know what kind of songs you like to listen and where would you usually spend your weekend. Before you know, she could write an encyclopedia about you from A to Z. and that's the clear signs of a shy girl having a crush on you.

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7. She Loves To Engage In A Conversation About You

You know how girls usually grouped together and talk about a guy they know. In time, you will be the one they talked about, and this is definitely a golden moment for the shy girl. She will try to talk about as much as possible, so she will gained a lot from the convo without being too obvious.

8. She Smiles At You

she smiles at you

Smile is the best way to spread love and happiness. What could be the automatic gesture of a shy person who met her crush? A smile. Shy girls is an expert of this, sending signal to her crush only by a smile. You will notice that kind of full speed flirting.

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9. She Talks A Lot To You Via Text Messages

For a shy girl, it will be easier to talk to their crush without having to look him in the eye. Don't be surprised if she has so much to say when you text her but becoming the quietest person in the world when you both meet. She isn't brave enough to say it directly.

10. She Brings Up A Small Details You Don't Even Remember

This is the thing only stalker knows. As she has reach the ground bottom of your Instagram posts, she remembers that you have gone to the same restaurant for your last four weekends, and she brings it up in your conversations. She also knows which songs you listen to last week, judging by your posts. This may sound creepy, but hey, she just want to be closer to you.

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11. She Changes The Way She Dress

Naturally, a girl want to look prettier when she has a crush. Indifferently the shy one. One day she get rid of her nerdy glasses and wears a contact lens instead. She also give a try on a heels she never put on before. Hopefully her crush will notice this and like her back.

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12. She Also Start To Put On Some Make Ups

A shy girl doesn't like to draw attention, so she barely put any make up on. However, she needs her crush to notice her. For that reason, she will put on a red lips the next day. Not forgetting her shy nature, she put it as minimal as possible but enough for him to notice her.

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13. She Start A Small Talk

No matter how shy a girl is, it's important to them to talk to her crush. She wants him to notice her presence, and is there any other way instead of talk to him? Not the long and intense one, but it all always start from a simple hello. Next time she will make a comment of how nice the weather today, and  about the heavy rain last night. Slow but sure.

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14. You Got Teased By Her Bestfriends

The only person a shy girl would tell about her darkest secret is none other than her bestfriends. One day you walked down the hallway and found them teased you. Say it whether they ask if you free on the weekend, or about the type of girl you like. Hey, they are spy in action! They have a boss waiting for a report every time.

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Shy Girl Body Language In Front Of Her Crush

shy girl body language in front of her crush

Here are some body signs a shy girl gives away when she meet her crush. Check the signs of a shy girl having a crush on you:

  1. She blush whenever she sees you
  2. She giggles every time you look at her
  3. She become clumsy around you as she nervous
  4. She leans toward you when she talks
  5. She put the strands of her locks behind her ears in front of you
  6. Her close friends giggles when they see you
  7. You catch her looking at you
  8. She laughs even when your jokes aren't funny
  9. She intentionally brush her arm with yours
  10. She throws compliments at you
  11. Her face turns red whenever you are around
  12. She avoids you (because she shy and nervous)
  13. You often bump into her
  14. She become friend with your friends
  15. She listen to you when you talks
  16. She changes her hairstyle
  17. She become awkward and quiet when you are alone together

If you find these signs in a girl around you, she probably has a crush on you! If you like her back, responds to her and make the move first, as a shy girl is too shy to tell you. But if you don't tell her in a way that wouldn't hurt her. Look around you carefully, she might be sending all of those signs for ages! Now that you have know what signs a shy girl usually show when she has a crush, you'll be no longer surprised if suddenly you got yourself a stalker!

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