27 Real Reasons Why You Should Date a Girl with Natural Hair

Last updated on March 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Make up is indeed has no end. But in the recent years, there are more people who prefer natural styles. Many men now are looking for a girl with natural appearance, from her face to her hair. As for girl, her hair is her asset. She takes care of it as much as she cares for her face.

Once or twice a week she visits the hair salon for a treatment. Surely it cost some fortune, which now lands you at the reasons why you should date a girl with natural hair. Beauty treatment are far more expensive that you can ever imagine. One of the Reasons to Date a Writer is because she is confidence with who she is, similar with a girl with natural hair. So let's now go down through the list...

1. Her Gifts are Pretty Cheap

Rather than going to a salon, she prefers doing her hair treatment at home. Which makes you guys easier to find the perfect gifts for her. A set of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and hair serum would be perfect. She knows how to take care of her hair and she can do yours too!

2. All the Natural Smell

While other girls tries their best to smell good all the time, she is confident enough to show her natural smell. It doesn't always smell bad since shampoo can do wonders. She might not smell all good of the expensive shampoo in the saloon, but you'll still find her amazing. It's the good Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Fall in Love with You Again.

3. She is Confidence

The fact that she is not afraid to show her natural hair shows that she is pretty confidence. She is being herself and don't fake anything. It's the quality that not everyone have so you must be thankful of that.

4. She is Frugal

Not going to hair salon means she can save money. She knows that rather than spending money for hair treatment is somehow useless. She will make a good wife in the future as the Wife Material Signs in her is what everyone's looking for.

5. Feel Free to Touch Them

Have you ever seen a guy can't freely touch his girlfriend hair as she's just go back from treatment? It can be pretty annoying moreover when you only want to show affection. But your girl won't get mad of how much you touch it as she can fix it herself.

6. She Has a High Self Esteem

She knows no such thing as inferiority. Natural haired girl has a high self esteem and it will affect you positively. Nothing as such bad hair day that may affects her mood. She always know how fix her natural hair.

7. Your Mother Will Likes Her

If you like to date some hot chicks that care too much for her appearance, she's not your mother typical daughter-in-law. She prefers a girl who is trusted enough to care for you. And a natural girl knows the best Ways to Make Your Mother in Law Likes You by telling her that she's saving money from hair treatment.

8. She Makes a Good Mother

A good girl makes a good mother in the future. The fact that she can deal with her hair problem shows that she's ready for any challenge. She can teach her daughter how to be confidence with herself.

9. She Can be a Different Person

When you get used to see her natural hair, you will be left in awe after she dress it. Of course every girl want to look different and they try the magic of the hair salon. While she feels satisfied herself, you will be left with never ending amazement.

10. She's a Simple Person

You know that a natural girl prefers the simple look which means she is simple to the soul too. There will be less drama in your relationship because she doesn't like one too. She doesn't think much of her hair appearance.


More Reasons for You to Date a Natural Haired Girl

There are many more qualities to discover in a natural-haired girl. She never ceased to amaze you with even more reasons for you to date her. And here we go:

  1. She is very down to earth.
  2. She doesn't mind to get dirty for an adventure.
  3. She has nothing to hide.
  4. Looking at her is just like looking at the open book.
  5. She won't be panic when you show up in front of her door in the morning.
  6. You don't have to wait for hours for her to get ready.
  7. She's a spontaneous girl with a free soul.
  8. It's easier to make her happy.
  9. She won't be demanding luxury for you.
  10. Having dinner at home is better than having it in an expensive restaurant.
  11. She gets along well with your friends.
  12. She has her own style and not afraid to show it.

Codes to Know Before Dating a Girl with Natural Hair

A natural haired girl gets her own codes regarding her hair. It's important for you to know some of the particular terms below:

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  1. Grease - That oily feels when you touch her hair because she missed her wash day.
  2. Wash Day - A day dedicated to wash her hair and nobody can interrupt it. It is usually Sunday.
  3. Bobby Pins - The life-saver everywhere from the bad hair hair day.
  4. Hair Tie - Another life-saver for them. When her hair looks not good enough, the only solution is to ponytailed it.
  5.  Stray Hairs - You will find them in the middle of the day, especially when she gets tired after doing many things.

There are actually more reasons why you should date a girl with natural hair. Go find them yourself and try a hand on dating them.

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