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25 Lovable Ways to Make Your Mother-in-Law Likes You

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When things start to get serious, especially in a marriage, you want to do everything to keep the relationship intact. One of the ways to do it is by getting in the good side of the family and the most important part is the mother in law. The mother in law is someone that is often judgy and the hardest to get the approval of. But once you get their approval, your love life with your partner will be a breeze.


There are some classical ways to win that heart of hers and it doesn’t need much trick. Here are the clever ways to make your mother-in-law like you;

  1. Praise Their Child

Their child is their prized possession. That is why you need to praise her child a bit, especially your partner. Praise things that is deep and meaningful. She will start to feel happy and joyful.

  1. Praise Her Skills

Whenever she cooks, cleans, sew, or anything more, make sure to notice it and to praise it. Make the praise detailed so she knows that you really do like it.  Doing this makes her know that you have the Wife Material Signs

  1. Defend Her

When there is a bit of a family feud, make sure to be on her side once in a while. Plus, when you do this, make sure she knows. This makes her know that you favor her.

  1. Always Listen

Whenever she talks, and this opportunity will come a lot, you need to listen intently. Make appropriate responses, say words to make the conversation go on, do what you got to do to make her happy.

  1. Do What She Wants

When she told you to try on a clothes or do something for her, do it. Make sure that you do not feel used and misunderstood.  This shows that you have the Signs She is A Girlfriend Material

  1. Spend More Time With Her

Initiate more time with her. Ask her to spend more time with you, initiate fun dates, this is the way to get to know her and make her like you even more. This will happen because she will think that you want to be with her.

  1. Be Curious About Her

Ask  a lot of question about her. Make it seem like you really are curious about her very being. This will make her feel appreciated and loved.

  1. Ask To Learn From Her

Asking her to teach you something will make her feel appreciated. The learning time will also help bond you so you can make a strong and loving relationship.

  1. Ask Her For Advice

Whenever you are in a problem or simply need some advice, go to your mother in law. This is actually a magnificent ways to make your mother-in-law like you.

  1. Make Her Something Special

Put some time to know her then, make her something that you know she will like. Making her something will let her knwo that you think about her and it is in your best interest to ge ton her side.

  1. Be There For Her

Whenever she needs help, make sure to be there for her. She will absolutely remember the times that you help her when she is in need.

  1. Always Be Near Her

Being near her physically will unconciously force her to think fo you and talk to you, making this a great recipe for a fast growing relationship.

  1. Expect What She Needs

when you start to get to know her, start to expect what she needs too. She will feel loved and appreciated by you. 

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More Tips to Get Close with Your Mother-in-Law

There are still plenty more ways to grab her by the heart. And those ways are not that hard, it is worth giving the shot. Here are the tips on ways to make your mother-in-law like you;

  1. Bring Her What She Wants

Buy her a gift or bring her something you know she will like. This is a great Ways to Say I Love You without Saying I Love You

  1. Always Offer To Help

Always offer to help. You will look like a helpful and kind person to her.

  1. Boast About Your Romantic Relationship

Talk about how romantic and happy your relationship are, how grateful you are for your partner, and so on. Your mother in law will rest assured that her child is in a great realtionship.

  1. Be Comfortable With The Rest Of The Family

By seeming like you get along really well with the rest of the family, the mother in law will soon approach you.

  1. Be Talkative

Be opne for a conversation but don’t look like you are overly chatty. Being like that is the biggest downfall for your relationship with her. 

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Signs That Your Mother in Law Likes You

You need to know if the ways to make your mother-in-law like you works or not, right? so here are the real, joyful, and honest signs that your mother in law likes you;

  1. She Talks About You Positively

She shows the  Ways to Say I Can’t Stop Thinking About You and talk about you in a positive tone.

  1. She Approach You Often

She makes initiative to talk and approach you

  1. She Speaks Honestly To You

Your mother in law doesn’t try to blindside you or make you confused, she is honest and kind to you

  1. She Displays The Same Affection Towards You

She displays the same affection towards you as she does to your partner which is always a good sign.

  1. You And Your Partner Are Her Favorite Couple

She thinks that you both show the signs that you are the perfect couple

Before fully getting into the family, you need to pass through the mother in law. But don’t be scared, it’s not as tough and rough as you think it is. With the ways to make your mother-in-law like you, you will surely grab her by the heart and make her love you for a long time. Soon, she will show the honest signs that your mother in law likes you. Then, your relationship will be as strong as ever.

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