Disadvantages Of Marrying A Rich Man - The Unpopular Opinion

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You might already watched "Fifty Shades of Grey" and you absolutely know Christian Grey. Like in the movie, you don't who you're in love with someday. Maybe it will be your boss, your work partner, your old friend, your best friend, your neighbor, or maybe a stranger. You don't what a person they are, does he rich, poor, quiet, talk active, or maybe weird.

Falling in love is a magical moment that often defies all logic, reason and practicality. Like a prince who falls in love with a poor girl. You will end up marrying a rich man, which is basically good for your life and future. Marrying a rich man always be good, it's make your life easier. You don't need worry about money, they will come to you like a bee come to a flower.


Disadvantages Of Marrying A Rich Man

All you need is just sit down and enjoying your life. But, you have to remember that love can't be bought. You will think at first marrying a rich man is absolutely a great idea and every girl's dreaming about. But, your life is never be the same anymore, you will face a new matters in your daily life.

It's not easy to being rich, you have to learn to deal some matters. You have to learn before you decided a decision for your future. So, here's some explanations of disadvantages of marrying a rich man!

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1. Intolerance And Dominating

intolerance and dominating

People who used to live in 'silver spoon' do not understand how to tolerate or keep the feelings of others. Sometimes it will break your heart and you have to ready to dealing with it. They will make you doing what they want without thinking about what you want because he knows that he have the power here. Your opinion is not important to him, because he thinks that he knows everything. You will life under his ego, his choices, and his instructions. You will lose your a completely freedom. 

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He will be the one to decide which dress you should wear, which person you should hang with, which conversation you should join, and even your family will not get enough respect from him. You will endure all of this things alone, because it's just a typical of rich man. His ego might be bigger than his money. That's the disadvantages of marrying a rich man.

2. Time Problem

He will absolutely very busy. A rich man need more time to works than a common worker. He might sometimes go to a business trip, a late midnight meeting, an accidental meeting in the middle of your quality time. Think about how long a business trip can be, it can be a month or more. It will so hard for him to find a free time to spend with you or your kids. You can't have enough quality time with your man like common couple have. 

For example, you can't go to cinema to watch movie in Saturday's night or grab some midnight snacks at Mc' Donald. He absolutely will spend his time in office, and will get home at midnight when you're already fall asleep. In case you don't fall asleep yet, you just have a few minutes to talk with him before he go to sleep. He will spend his free time with some business plan because for work-freak "time is money". He probably will not have a time to raise a kid as you wish because he not ready to share his work's time. 

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3. Never Be His Priority 

never be his priority

When you marry a rich man, you have to ready to accept that your never be his first priority. For a rich man, he will more afraid to be a poor person than losing you as his wife. His mind will 24/7 in his works. Works will be the first priority in his life and money will always be the second priority in his life. You may go to some place or doing some thing together with him but business is always in his mind.

There will be four until five or more phone calls to distract him in your quality time. He will talks with you a whole night about his business, he might be not asking you about your day or what you have been through because he thinks that what he been through is more important and interesting than you do. He will do some business before he sleeps. 

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4. Jealousy

Jealousy will be a common matter that will happen in our live when we marrying a rich man. You have no idea how many pretty woman he met in his daily life in his office or when he go to a business trip. You probably may afraid that he will be another woman from his office, because he more seeing her than you. 

He might spend his 20/24 hours at office and 4/24 at home, and as a rich man just imagine how many bunch or girls that will die for get rid of you to can be with him. That's the disadvantages of marrying a rich man.

5. Underestimated 


This case is more likely happen to you not because of your husband but his environment, his friends, his family. They might be look down upon you. They're might not take your opinion seriously, your taste even your choice. His family will looks you specifically from your looks, how you eat, how you pick a dress, your fashion, even what brand do you use every day.

Usually a rich people will have so much ability in his personality, like they can play golf, some classic music, or they can dance. Based on their opinion it will press you a lot, you will live under their opinion without they care about your opinion. They will find that you're not compatible with your husband as a rich man. Not only by his friends or family, but your friends too. 

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Some people might not know you best, they will judge you as a greedy person because you marrying a rich man. Which they absolutely feeling jealous of you because you absolutely will having a good life.

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