7 Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Marry A Seaman

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Falling in love might not see backgrounds, cultures, even ages. We don't choose who we want to fall in love with, do we? At the right time in the right place, it's just as if a cupid shoot an arrow right through our heart and make us fall in love. We don't know whether we'll fall for a teacher, a pilot, a businessman, or perhaps even a CEO. However, actually loving and being loved by the others might feel different depend on the person itself.

Being loved by a chef might make you feel different from being loved by a doctor. That's something beside environment, peer groups, cultural difference that could affect how a person love others. This is what people might underestimate, but it actually give huge impact. Like, being loved by a sailor can flutter you surprisingly. Reversed, there will come signs you'll regret marrying your partner if you take those factors too lightly and choose the wrong partner.

There are a lot of reasons why you should marry a seaman that you should know. Such reasons will make you think twice to marry someone who's not a seaman. Just like how reasons why you should marry Indonesian girl will lure and make you feel like travelling to Indonesia, or even trying to find out how to get marry in Bali afterwards.


Why Should You Marry A Seaman?

why should you marry a seaman

Marrying a seaman can offer you a lot of things that you'd love to experience later on. Even though there might also be some weaknesses point that they have, you'll still enjoy being with them for the rest of your life. Even if you might not get all these benefits due to personal character of your partner, you'll still won’t regret it.

Here are few reasons that will assure you to marry a seaman:

1. On time

Are you someone who don't like being late, waiting, and prefer being on time? Then probably a seaman could be the best husband for you. This man would never let you down by picking you up late on a date, since they used to be on time every time. Even if for some special, emergency situation they might let you wait, it will rarely happen. However, you shouldn’t make him wait too long for you too if you're not a discipline person.

2. Calm

Do you know what should someone has when he want to be a sailor? The ability to keep their calm and not panicking yet trying to find the right solution quickly. This is the quality that your seaman husband would have be it in their workplaces or in the house. As the head of the house, of course it's good for him to have such quality, right? He should be someone who will stay calm during problems, sorting out the solution without getting too panic and messed up on everything.

3. Obedient

A sailor should never go against the rules and precautions, right? Driving in the ocean carrying hundred of people in the ship isn't something to be look down on. If they can't follow the rules and take a closer look over the precautions, then how dangerous would it be for them to drive? Having a husband who know how to follow order and rules is a great thing at times. 

4. Strong

Although there are many other occupations that make strong man, sailor have few speciality here. They sail despite how late it is, or how early it is. They might only have to drive, but that needs enough energy and focus. They won't hesitate to help you with heavy things. They would easily offer you helping hand to do chores whenever needed.

5. Focus


Again, driving a car itself is tricky already. Can you imagine how much focus you should have when driving a ship? It's one of the reasons why you should marry a seaman. This man could be a great husband who know what he's doing. He wouldn't be doing things with no directions or purpose, so he could steer your family properly as the head of the household. Then there's you, as his wide, being the one who always support him and willing to walk together with him in every seasons. 

6. Quick-Witted

A sailor isn't just someone who can drive well, but also act quickly during emergency situation. That’s something they always do at their jobs, and they'll do the same thing at home. They know when to act when a situation breakout. They won't be that man who just sit down when something needs to be done. Well, what a husband goal he is, right? Do you feel like you've had all the wife material signs within you? Perhaps it's not a long way to your marriage, ladies.

7. Brave

For human, who definitely can't swim, being in the ocean can be scary at times. Fighting with the unpredictable waves clearly requires enough courage. Come on, who wouldn't dream of having a guy who's brave and just so manly?

This is simply every woman’s dream that a sailor could fulfill. If you find this quality in the guy you're hitting on with, then that could be the signs of good husband material to marry. He always have to fight with the storms at unexpected times, handling problems along with the other teams. Such tension have shaped him to become a more brave person be it in his workplace or his house.

Marrying a seaman might make you end up missing him all the time. However, it’ll be worth all of the hours he spend with you when he's not sailing. He will be that perfect guy who can make you fall in love deeper as time goes by. How to find the man of your dreams and marry him in 6 months?

You probably wouldn't even need to think of that too much then. All of the reasons why you should marry a seaman will never disappoint you. Whether it's before marriage, after marriage, or even after a long time of marriage, your love will hopefully grow wildly without any ends.

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