15 Muslim Wedding Planning Guide - Steps and Rules

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A marriage is an aspiration that many people have, especially when they already have someone in their mind. In Islam, no matter how one meets the person they intend to marry, planning a marriage should be done according to the religion. Why so? Because a marriage is said to be a part of observance that Muslim must do. A Muslim will prepare their marriage based on the rules of Islam.

Muslim Wedding Planning Guide

There are a lot of things to prepare for a wedding. Here are some of them that must be done to follow the Islamic teaching:

1. Intention

So the first Muslim wedding planning guide should be about intention. Marriage must be done with the right intention in mind. Whether it be a marriage without dating, also known as ta’aruf, or through dating.

People who are going to be married must do it with a pure will of doing an observance and also the intention of facing the future together as a legitimate couples. See more about marriage in the Reasons for Marriage Duties According to Islam

2. Understanding the Details of Islamic Marriage

It is advised to find as much information as possible on Islamic marriage. When the time comes, all those knowledge will be useful in preparing couples to step into the next stage of their lives. They will know how to have a peaceful, harmonic and loving family.

3. Vow of Marriage and Dowry

After having a knowledge on the requirements of an Islamic marriage, couples can get a picture of their vows and what they would mean to them. The couples can also determined the amount of dowry the groom will give to the bride. Dowry can often cause conflicts between the couples’ family. That’s why it’s important to think over it wisely.

4. Improve One’s Character

To be an ideal wife or husband, it’s crucial to have a strong character. These are the Rights of Wife in Islam to Husband which can also build character. Strong character will help in keeping a family peaceful and harmonious. Both the wife and the husband must always be willing in improving their character to have a successful marriage.

5. Practice Sunnah

Getting used to practicing sunnah is good for the marriage. Couples can give the right example of worshipping and learning about the religion to their children. The right kind of religious teaching in a family will help it grow with the right values as well.

6. Physical Preparation

A health check-up should be on the couple’s list before they get married. This check-up will help them stay on their best shape as preparing for a marriage can take a lot of energy and causes stress.

7. Money Preparation

It’s important for the groom to prepare a good money plan so that he can be a reliable breadwinner in the family. Abandoning the wife due to money problems is a godless act towards her.

8. Avoiding Sins

In the Muslim wedding planning guide, couples are limited in their actions. They cannot act freely in public as much as they want to or even if they want to follow the newest trend. For instance, couples cannot take an overly romantic pre wedding photoshoot as it is a form of sin.

In Islam, the bride and the groom cannot touch each other before they are officially married. A photoshoot is still okay as long as the couples don’t touch each other physically.

9. Hold Reception According to Islam

In case the couples want to hold a traditional wedding reception, some rituals must be omitted if they go against Islamic teaching.

This will need communication from the bride and the groom as well as the entire family. There might even be discussion as to separate the guests of the bride and the groom so they don’t mix.

10. Prepare Important Documents

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Couples should remember to take care of important documents for the marriage. The marriage certificate is critical. With that certificate then a marriage is declared as official and lawful, accepted by the religion and the country.

11. Prepare the Right Wedding Outfit

Next thing to pay attention in Muslim wedding planning guide is preparing the right wedding outfit according to the religion too. In Islam, women are very protected. The gowns or dress they wear must hide the shape of their body. Though they have to wear a head scarf, the body must always be covered in modesty.

12. Prepare Halal Food

The food for the wedding must be halal. This means that the couples have to choose their food carefully. The whole making and preparation of the food have to be halal as well. There should be no haram ingredients.

13. Not Expecting Gifts

Giving gifts to both the bride and the groom should be voluntary as this is an old tradition after all. But now a lot of people feel they are obliged to give one even if they can’t afford it at all. That goes against Islam because it is not allowed to cause trouble to other people. The bride and the groom must not expect gifts in any way and tell their guests not to bring any either.

14. Get a Pre-Wedding Counselling

Couples should get a pre-wedding counselling. There’s a lot to be gained from it. The couples will learn how to treat each other right, how to be kind to one another, raising a family according to the religion and so many more. You should also know all the Purpose of Life According to Islam and the Qur'an.

15. Ensuring the Blessing from Parents

Don’t leave out the parents’ blessing as a part of the Muslim wedding planning guide. Their blessing will pave the way for a harmonious marriage. So couples should keep in mind that they have to get the approval of their parents.

The parents must be willing to let go of their child, allow them to spend the rest of their life with someone else. These are the right Ways to Love Your Husband in Islam after the wife have gained the blessing.

Many of the verses in Qur’an and hadiths teach the role of the husband and the role of the wife in a marriage. When both the husband and the wife understand their duty then it will not be difficult for them to have a marriage according to Islam.

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