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Reasons to Marry a Canadian for Now and Forever

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People that wants to date a Canadian would probably be called have a great taste. It isn’t for nothing because even one said that Canadian born with a special breed. They tend to be super friendly when you already know them. No wonder if you’re falling in love with a Canadian at the second you meet them. You can also make them fall in love with you.


Here are reasons to marry a Canadian

Even thought basically Canadian seems to be similar like other North American, still some part of them give the feeling for people to date them more. Once in a lifetime, you should know them too or lucky enough to marry them. So, here let us give you reasons to marry a Canadian.

1. Apologetic

This is kind of stereotype of a Canadian. However, this very attitude is reasons to marry a Canadian because they are apologetic and don’t have difficulty to say sorry first and apologize every time they made mistake. They always have ways to make someone feel appreciated.

2. Resilient Person

Canadian is also known as a resilient person. For example when in winter, they won’t stay still under blanket while the snow keep heaping outside their home.

3. Have Tremendous Stamina

Because their resilience, they have tremendous stamina like a softball players. This is one of reasons to marry a Canadian.

4. Polite

Canadian is very polite. They know how to behave, like when the times to show respect or when they are hanging around with their friends. Reasons to marry a Canadian? They are polite yet not a boring person.

5. Well-Mannered

As being polite, Canadian tends to be well-mannered too. If you want to have a good parent partner for your future children then this is the reason to marry a Canadian.

6. Have More Holiday

There are many holidays in Canada. Being marry to a Canadian means you will celebrate all of those too, like Canada Day or Boxing Day.

7. Adorable Accent

Canadian’s accent is slightly different. You won’t stand the adorableness and cuteness when they are talking.

8. Passionate about Outdoors

If you love outdoor activity then marrying a Canadian is perfect for you. Here is the reasons to marry a Canadian, they seem to very passionate about outdoors. They also love traveling and it is so wonderful!

9. Take You to an Amazing Place at Their Hometown

Canada has many places you can explore. Marrying a Canadian obviously gives you advantage because now you have a tour guide to take you to amazing place at Canada.

10. Rarely Hiding Their Emotions

Reasons to marry a Canadian? They are rarely hiding their emotions. If they love you, they will show it to you!

11. French As a Second Mother Language

20% of Canadian uses French as their mother language. Like we already know French is the sexiest language in the world. Can you imagine marrying one? This is the more reasons to marry a Canadian.

12. Healthy Lifestyle

Canadian tends to pay attention to their diet and do many exercise to keep their stamina. They basically have a healthy lifestyle.

13. Long Distance Relationship Isn’t an Issue

Most of people would mind a long distance relationship since they can get close to their partner often. However, Canadian used to this and long distance relationship isn’t a big issue for them.

14. Open Minded

Canadian is an open minded. They put high respect for others. So whether the country of region you come from, they won’t consider it as a matter so this is a reasons to marry a Canadian.

15. Choose the Finer Thing for Life–Yet Not So Pretentious

Canadian loves to choose the finer or even finest for every single thing. This is a good thing since they are also flexible that makes them not so pretentious about it.

Signs You Want to Marry a Canadian

After learn about reasons to marry a Canadian, you might be interested in dating one of them. So, here are signs you want to marry a Canadian.

1. You Want Someone that Honest About What They Feel

A Canadian tends to show up their real emotions, one of it also when they love someone. You want someone that can be honest with that without hesitate to tell that they love and want to marry you.

2. You Are Attracted to Their Apologetic Attitude

Canadian’s apologetic attitude is definitely one of the sweetest thing at least with the kind of romance stuff. They would apologize whenever them wrong which can make you are attracted to.

3. You Love Outdoor Activities

A Canadian loves everything about outdoor. Besides it can make them healthy by move around, it is also a lovely thing to do. If you an outdoor activities addicted, you would glad have a Canadian as your partner.

4. You Find Canadian Has Some Vision with You

Being open minded gives Canadian a wide knowledge and curiosity to learn a lot of new thing. You would find apparently Canadian has some vision with you and that is the reasons to marry a Canadian.

5. You Simply Want to Live in Canada

What can be bad by wanting to live in Canada? Then of course searching for a Canadian to marrying with is a perfect thing to do. 

More Tips to Marry a Canadian

Here are more tips if you want to marry a Canadian.

1. Have More Knowledge

Some of Canadian likes reading so much. That is why it is important for you to read too and have more knowledge. It gives you more value and can attract them too.

2. Be Kind

Nothing going to be wrong by be kind to others, especially when you want to marry a Canadian then you obviously need to do this.

3. Do Sweet Thing

As their signature, a maple syrup, Canadian would love if you do sweet thing to them. Dreaming about kiss them is also a sweet thing.

4. Have Respect

With being well-mannered, Canadian also has big respect for others. If you want to marry a Canadian, then you should respect them first.

5. Be Yourself

Or you just can be yourself. Just show them you are worthy enough to keep, since they are all open-minded, they would accept you no matter what if you can steal their heart.

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