All Logical Reasons Why You Should Date A Softball Player

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Your relationship just ended few weeks ago. You probably start to wonder why most of your relationship didn't work out really well. Don't worry it is only normal because of course we want a partner that fit us perfectly, right?

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Here are reasons why you should date a softball player

Your feeling might seems to mix out between you want someone to accompany you at the moment and your pain from your previous ended-relationship still a bit open. Neither one of it, what you need is move on and don't bother live in the painful past. So in the related terms, have you ever had thought of dating an athlete?

Why an athlete you asked? Let us open your eyes and realize it, so here are reasons why you should date a softball player.

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1. Have Tremendous Stamina

First thing of reasons why you should date a softball player is they have tremendous stamina. A softball player does their training within the schedule or even everyday when the tournament is going to come soon. With being so full of energy, of course they will spend more time with you without feeling tired.

2. Good Decision Maker

A softball player should have ability to make a good decision because the game need strategy and there will come times when they have to decide what kind of act is efficient to bring victory for their team. That is why a softball player is such a good decision maker.

3. Down to Earth

Reasons why you should date a softball player? On a match, a softball player need to be down to earth for example if they lead the game or even become the champion of a tournament. It would be nice if you date someone with that kind of character!

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4. Handle Thing Fast

Agility is one of the thing needs to become a softball player. They used to handle thing fast and it become habit for them. If you date a softball player, they won't waste your time.

5. Not Afraid Getting Dirty

Some man will keep themselves clean and won't being in dirt. However, it is not going happen if you date a softball player. They won't afraid getting dirty. If you like outdoor activity, a softball player is a perfect partner for you!

6. Keep You Stay in Shape

A softball player will always do their practice so their body won't lose its shape. Reasons why you should date a softball player? They can keep you stay in shape too. Maybe they will invite you to jogging in Sunday morning or go to the gym together.

7. Encouraged You

If you need a support system, then date a softball player is good for you! They will encouraged you within your bad days because that what they do with their own team--support each other.

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8. Someone You Can Proud Of

Reasons why you should date a softball player? One of them is because you will have someone you can proud of. Imagine that you are the woman of a softball team captain that just won a national competition. There is no reason not to be really proud!

9. Never Give Up Easily

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A softball player can meet their hardest time too, like when they were on the edge in one match. However, they would never give up easily and fight until the end so they can come home with gold trophy. Of course this is the reasons why you should date a softball player. They would never give up easily on you too.

10. Can Protect You

Like avoid losing a match, a softball play will avoid do mistakes that can ended up losing you too. More over, with that stamina and their strong body they can protect you from dangerous thing.

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What You Can Do to Date a Softball Player

You know already about reasons why you should date a softball player. So, how is it? Do you think a softball player is a perfect partner for you? If so, here are what you can do to date a softball player.

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1. Ask Your Friend to Introducing Them to You

One of your best friend already on the softball team or you know someone that befriend with them? If you want to date a softball player then ask them to introducing them to you.

2. Apply For Their Manager

Your softball school team is now open recruitment for the new manager. You should apply it to so you if you accepted you can get close to them.

3. Cheer For Them

When there is a softball tournament and your school is participated, then you need to come to cheer them. Especially when your softball player crush is on the team. He definitely would be happy.

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4. Bring Them Healthy Lunch

Food can make a softball play stay in shape. If you happen to have crush on one of them and want to impress them, bring them healthy lunch that made by you. They will really appreciate it.

5. Learn What They Like

A softball play must be love everything about softball. However, you need to learn more about what they like. It can help you going through fun conversation with them so they won't boring talk to you.

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More Tips If You Want to Date a Softball Player

If you want to be in a relationship with a softball player, there is also couple thing you should pay attention to. Here are more tips if you want to date a softball player.

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1. Be Considerate

If you want to date a softball player, you have to be there with them through their good and bad times. Every game has a win and lose time, so you need to cheer him up if it happens that their team isn't the winner.

2. Learn Their Schedule

Of course you don't want disturb their training time. To prevent that kind of situation, you need to learn more about their schedule so you can ask him to go to movie on the right time.

3. Don't Be Such a Drag

If you are already in a relationship with a softball player, remember to still be independent. Don't be such a cry baby when he suddenly cancel your date because they have to practice more before the tournament.

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4. Don't Be Over Jealous

You know that a softball player will be very popular through school. It is normal for them to have many fans or even girls that admiring them. You need to chill and don't be over jealous.

5. Be Ready If You Are Not Priority

There will come times when they are really busy at preparation of national tournament. So, you got to be ready if they don't put you in their priority for awhile.

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