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10 Reasons Why You Should Date an Asian Girl – Lovely

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Thing we should be thankful upon God, one of them definitely is how He created wonderful feeling such love. More over, love can bring peace and unite every people on Earth whether their country, religion, and race even though little of them still couldn’t accept that kind of different.


Talking about it, within so many country and place everyone live in, there are also differences at culture, habit, and stuff. One of them is an Asian. Asian culture tends to be different especially from Western. This is why their love habit also bit not same.

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Here are reasons why you should date an Asian girl

Dating an Asian girl seems to be popular lately. No wonder because they must be different from most of Western girl. If you want to know more about it, here are reason why you should date an Asian girl.

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1. Kind

Asian girl is well known for their kindness. This is one of their charm because they literally act so kind towards everyone. Reasons why you should date an Asian girl? Try to get close to one and you will easily fall in love with them especially with their kindness.

2. Independent

Probably most of man doesn’t want to have a clingy girlfriend. In other word, clingy is not that bad but if they do it all the time well it is kind of annoying too. You will find reasons why you should date an Asian girl towards this matter. They are such an independent person because their parents raise them to always work for what they want. Dating an hard worker girl is nice, isn’t it?

3. Well Manners

An Asian girl grow with different culture from Western or other countries. They have to understand the hierarchy system which is they need to respect people that older than them. They have well manners and tend to be humble because even they would greet someone that they don’t know as a politeness form.

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4. Love to Help

Reasons why you should date an Asian girl, one of them is because they love to help others. An Asian girl besides their kindness, they are willing to help people that need help even without they ask. For example, if there is a tourist asking for direction to them, they will glad to help and even take them to the destination place.

5. Generous

You won’t regret date an Asian girl because they are really generous. Try to visit their house, their parent will make you a lot of food and treat you very well.

6. Loyal

Reasons why you should date an Asian girl? Because they are a loyal person. Cheating on a relationship is kind of mistake that you can’t tolerate easily. So, have a loyal girl would keep your relationship healthy and help you grow in many ways.

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7. Love to Smile

An Asian girl is friendly and their take it to another level. They love to smile and even talking with their smile which is a few of another country can’t do it related to their language too. Their charming way when smile can definitely make you fall in love that very moment.

8. Shy But Cute

The Asian girl is quite a shy person. However, that what makes them cute or in Japanese it is called kawaii.

9. Petite

An Asian girl mostly doesn’t look like a Western or other countries in height term. They are smaller or petite. However, this is more reasons why you should date an Asian girl, it is very comfortable to hug them!

10. Good Cook

Food in Asian continent mostly use many ingredient and seasoning which make it different from other country specialty food. This is what makes a lot of Asian girl is a good cook so you won’t regret date one. They will make you yummy lunch box or cook your own dinner.

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What You Can Do to Attract an Asian Girl

Reach at this point now you already know reasons why you should date an Asian girl. You might want to date an Asian girl after reading all of that. So, here are what you can do to attract an Asian girl.

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1. Be Easy Going

Asian girl is kind of shy. So if you want to talk to them try to reach them first and be easy going.

2. Mind Your Attitude

Politeness is everything for an Asian girl. You need to mind your attitude so you didn’t leave a bad impression in front of them.

3. Respect Their Culture

An Asian usually has different culture from Western. If you find one, you better respect it.

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4. Do Romantic Thing

A cute Asian girl basically is like the other girls and they will love if someone bring them bouquet of flowers or stuff. You need to try this if you want to attract them!

5. Get Close to Their Family

Most of Asian girl is family-oriented. So if you want to get closer to them, you need to get close to their family first.

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More Thing About An Asian Girl

Here are more thing about an an Asian girl if you want to date an one that you should know.

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1. They Are Smart

Because an Asian girl is such a hard worker, they tend to be very smart too. And besides, in some of Asia country they look up kind of high people with a good score in school and so no matter what they need to follow that system.

2. English Is Not Their Mother Language

One of problem that you can meet probably is language. Some of Asian girl doesn’t speak English fluently and can’t understand it well since it is not their mother language. And some of them, they speak English in a funny accent until the point you couldn’t understand what they said.

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3. They Put Off Their Shoes in the House

If you happen to visit their house, don’t forget to put off  your shoes!

4. Asian Is Not Only Chinese and Japanese

The popular stereotype of an Asian girl is they tend to be a Chinese or Japanese. However, it is not always that. And also, the prevent racist act, you are better not asking like that in the first time you speak with them.

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