Classy Ways On How to Get A Girl to Leave Her Boyfriend for You

Last updated on July 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

A change of heart is never an easy matter, especially if you want to manipulate it so her attention can be directed towards you instead of her boyfriend. Curious on how to try it?

Although making someone fall far you is hard, everyone knows that making someone that is already taken fall for you is really hard. But it is not entirely impossible. All you need to do is to try these ways on how to get a girl to leave her boyfriend for you;


1. Be A Bit Mysterious

Not letting all your information fall out will actually make her more curious about you in the long run.

2. Find A Way To Regularly Communicate With Her

Communication is the base on any relationship, especially a romantic one. That is why this is crucial.

3. See Her ‘Accidentally’ From Time To Time

Popping in to her life physically is a way to keep you in her mind all the time.

4. Hang Out With Her More

Not only will this make you know about her more, she will also have the chance to adore you more.

5. Defend Her From Her Boyfriend When He Is Emotional

When things get bad in her relationship, be the one to stand up and protect her from him.

6. Always Listen To Her

A girl will definitely show the Signs She is Into Me if you are showing her that you are a good and intent listener.

7. Be Curious On How She Is Doing

This simple gesture makes her know that you are doing the Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved

8. Be Her Shoulder To Cry On

When she is the most emotional, she will appreciate you a lot if you are there to make her calm.

9. Use ‘If I Am Your Boyfriend, I Would..’

This sentence lets her have a glimpse on being your girlfriend and it might make her hooked.

10. Take It Slow

Love games like this is not instant, you need to take it slow to make the feelings blossom.

11. Don’t Be Too Pushy

Being too pushy on making her love you and leave her boyfriend will just disgust her.

12. Always Find An Opportunity To Treat Her

always find an opportunity to treat her

Treating her to a great food or gifts is always nice and makes you have the (material)

13. Don’t Be Too Close To Her Boyfriend

If you are too close to her boyfriend, she might show you the (friendzone)

14. Be A Little Nosey On Her Relationship Issue

Trying to find out more information on these issues will make you know the good and the bad.

15. Examine The Problems In Him And The Relationship

Every problems that exist in her relationship and in him can be used to your advantage every time. 

16. Show The Qualities He Lack In The Relationship

If he is not gentle enough, be really gentle. Always show the qualities that he doesn’t have in the relationship.

17. Always Be Kind To Her

Kindness melts any person’s heart, especially a girl’s. That is why you always need to show this to her.

18. Be Patient When Dealing With Her

Patience really shows that you have the Signs A Man Loves You and she will love that.

19. Dress Up Nicely When Meeting Her

Whenever you want to meet her, always dress to impress to make her blown away.

20. Make Her Your Priority

By making her your priority, you let her know that you really want her to fall for you.

Tips On How To Make A Taken Girl Fall For You

A girl who is taken doesn’t have much space in her heart left unless you are pushing out the boyfriend from her heart. That is why you need to do these tips on how to make her crazy for you;

1. Make Sure She Knows Your Intention

If she does not really know that you want her to be with you, she might not make any move to leave her boyfriend at all.

2. Never Bail On Her Without Reason

Actions like leaving her without any explanation will not gain you her trust and it will ruin everything you built.

3. Introduce Her To Your Friends

introduce her to your friends

Letting her be in your life slowly will make her feel like she truly belongs there.

4. Convince Her On Being Yours

If she have any doubt in her mind about being with you, slowly convince her to be yours with your words and action

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5. Know The Timing

Know when to wait and when to leave. This is the often forgotten ways on how to get a girl to leave her boyfriend for you

6. Don’t Be Played By Her

Your blind love can make her play you without you knowing. Don’t let that happen, leave immediately when you notice that she is doing it. 

Signs That She Wants To Be With You More

If you’ve done the tips above, you will slowly see the rewarding and lovely signs that she is choosing you over her boyfriend ;

1. Defending You More

In any situation, she will defend you more than she will defend her own boyfriend. This is when you know she really loves you.

2. Vocal About Her Love Towards You

She is not afraid to use the Ways to Make Him Feel Loved Without Even Saying It on you, even in front of other people.

3. Being More Flirty With You

Showing a bit of playfulness by using the  Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush is always a good sign.

4. Breaking It Up With Her Current Boyfriend

The final sign is that she is breaking up with her boyfriend to be with you.

Having someone’s heart to adore you is precious. If that heart is already directed to someone else, you need to do the ways on how to get a girl to leave her boyfriend for you. Once you’ve done that, both of you will make a beautiful love story that will color your life!

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