What is The Best Answer to Say to A Girl When She Asks What You Want?

Last updated on February 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

What is the best answer to say to a girl when she asks what you want than telling her the truth? There is no point to keep making a story to cover the real purpose of you wanting something from her. So in case she ask you again, here's what you can say to her.

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  • I want to know if we have something in common

Just be honest, you want to see if you and her have something in common. From there, you can consider whether she will be a good fit for you to get to know her deeper to undergo a relationship together.

Then tell her that. This statement will help you to kind of see into her, whether she wants to get to know you better too or not. You can sense it whether she has the signs a shy girl wants you to ask her out or simply feeling uncomfortable with you being around her.

  • There is nothing wrong with having more friends

Being in a relationship with someone also means that we need to get to know that person first before deciding to have a relationship. Many cases of a broken friendship because one of the person like his friend without knowing  how to tell a friend you like him without ruining your friendship.

This shows that relationship started with friendship. Whatever motive you have to her, you will always be friend with her first. So, what you can say once she asked is there is nothing wrong with having more friends.

  • Never mind, sorry I'm disturbing you

Well, not all conversation can turn out to be an interactive and friendly conversation. Especially once we met and talked to a stranger, they can be offensive and sensitive sometimes. Once you saw that in her, cut all of the sugarcoating words you were about to say.

Just say it directly that you are sorry if you were disturbing her because you never meant it. There is no need to questioning should you ask a girl if she thinks you’re attractive or not once she went offensive. Because she really is not interested with you.

Ways to be friend with girl you like

After knowing what is the best answer to say to a girl when she asks what you want, the next step for you is to know the ways on how to be friends with her. To help you with it, here are some tips you can use.

  • Introduce yourself to her and her friends

How can you be friend with someone if both of you knew nothing about each other? Take the initiative and start introducing yourself to her. Not only her, you also need to introduce yourself to her friends.

Because you want to be friend with her, means you need to connect with people close to her too. You might want to know more on how to be friends with a Virgo woman to help you better.

  • Set some boundaries

Secondly, you need to set some boundaries. Some men will think that once they have a girl friend, they will need to help her in any possible ways. This is not true and can be one of the factors that broke the friendship itself.

There are some dangers and boundaries for being friends with an ex and so does your friendship with her will need some boundaries. You don't need to keep offering her your help. Just help her when she asks and you can offer your help when you see her get overwhelmed with something, you know the line.

  • Respect each other's privacy

Respect should be there in any kind of relationship and we even need to give respect to the stranger that we just met. Just because you have become her friend, this does not mean that you can take her privacy away from her.

In every relationship, surely she expects to see the signs a man is emotionally connected to you. And you surely expect the same thing. In order to achieve a good friendship then you need to firstly respect her and trust her for her own privacy, her private life.

Once you get over with the question of what is the best answer to say to a girl when she asks what you want you can start knowing more on what to say when a girl says what do you want to know about me. You need to understand her because usually, girls who ask such questions are those who get hurt and have a huge insecurities and trust issues.

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