25 Clear Signs Sagittarius Woman in Love with You

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Even though personalities changed as we grow older, affected by people around us and our surroundings, there is one undeniable facts that some features in our personalities are driven by our zodiac signs. Just like how we know perfectly All About Taurus Woman Personality, there are also different Sagittarius woman in love. The case is surely different with the Signs Man Fall in Love. If you want to give it a go with a Sagittarius woman or if you have a crush with her, these signs of Sagittarius woman in love can be very useful to you.

1. She Express It Through Action

A Sagittarius woman likes someone who can show his affections well, so she’ll starts it from herself. If she is in love, she won’t be hesitate to take your hand while walking together or squeeze your hand when she’s worried. A Sagittarius woman is always honest after all.

2. She Tells Everything to You

She never hold back or keep a secret from you because Sagittarius woman is very open minded. She’ll open up to you and try be as honest as possible. She wants the same things from you, too. If someone starts to speak her deepest mind, it’s a Signs She is Into Me.

3. She Drives All of Her Attention to You

A Sagittarius woman hates boredom and being neglected. To someone she is falling in love with, she will never do such things. On the contrary, she’ll asked anything about you like where you last traveled to and what kind of foods you ate last night.

4. She Shows You What Spirit is

As she falls deeper for you, a Sagittarius woman will open up about herself to you. She is someone who is always full of spirit and energy, and soon she’ll take you to an outdoor activities which requires lots of energy. Just enjoy it together with her.

5. She Wants to be Involved in Your Life

In everything you do and achieve, as Sagittarius woman would love to take part when she’s in love with you. Don’t be surprised if suddenly she never missed your basketball games even once. Whether you win or lose, she wants to be the part of it. When she’s not around you’ll miss her. She really knows the Ways to Get Him Miss You like crazy.

6. She Tries to be Friend with Your Friends

Her natural personality is to be frank and talkative when she meets someone one. Try and ask her to hang out with your friends and see how he behaved. Once she meets them, she’ll try to be as friendly as possible with them. She will never let you down and ignore your inner circle.

7. She’d Do Everything to Entertain You

Beside all of the romantic Things to Say to Express Your Love to Your Boyfriend, Sagittarius woman knows how to keeps you in a good mood. As much as she hates to be bored, she won’t make you bored as well. She’ll crack jokes and do something funny to make you laugh and entertained.

8. She Flirts to You

In the book of life of a Sagittarius woman, there is no things as shyness when it comes to love. She won’t be hesitating to make the first move and flirts to you first. This is the ultimate signs Sagittarius woman in love with you. Don’t be surprise if she talk to you first and ask everything about you.

9. She is Always There for You

As a lover, you can count on Sagittarius woman a lot. She is strong, independent, and ready to have your back at any times. Call her whenever you need her, and she’ll try her best to be there with you. She shows you how much you mean for her by doing so.

10. She’ll Never Ignore You

When some girls like to beat around the bush and giving you a hard times by playing push and pull, it doesn’t happen with a Sagittarius woman. As honest person as she is, she’ll never ignore your text and call. Just remember that everything she does, she means it. When she reply your text she means it, but when she doesn’t then doesn’t want it. If she disappear for some days, that’s when she needs her own space.

Things to Know When You Date a Sagittarius Woman

  1. Don’t take her to the same place to date for the second times.
  2. She likes to try new things and hates boredom the most.
  3. Give her the personal space as much as she needs it.
  4. Don’t force her to match with your lifestyle or preferences.
  5. She’s straightforward in everything so don’t be offended easily.
  6. Let her wear any clothes she wants, don’t criticize her badly only because of her clothes.
  7. Keep up with her excessive energy and spirits.
  8. Take her for a traveling. She likes adventure and discovery of new things.
  9. Be smart and make sure you know all the latest affair.
  10. Keep her entertained so she won’t lose her good mood.
  11. Dating in an outdoor space is better than a romantic dinner inside the best restaurant.
  12. Try to be honest with your feeling.
  13. She is an independent woman, she doesn’t like to depend on her man.
  14. Sometimes she’ll criticize your personality to encourage your growth.
  15. Talk everything with her, she likes to communicate and hates to hide things.

Is it enough yet? Well, if you found most of those signs in your Sagittarius crush, no doubt it’s a signs Sagittarius woman in love. So what are you waiting for? Go to her and confess you love. Dating a Sagittarius will never be waste, as long as you know the right thing to do when you’re dating her as well.