25 Sexy Reasons Why You Should Date Guys with Tattoos

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Tattoos is a symbol of freedom and as an expression of one's self. Elders often shake their heads upon seeing guys with tattoo, but younger people find it as manly and sexy. If one of the Reasons Why You Should Date a Man with a Beard is because he looks mature and sexy, you must find out as well why you should date guys with tattoo. They are no less charming that any other guy, and here are the reasons why:

1. His Life is a Canvas, Just Like His Body

For him, his body is like a canvas to paint his life. All of his memorable moments, meaningful things, and favorite quotes are painted on them. He expresses himself through tattoos, and for him nothing more perfect than his own body as a medium.

2. He's Mysterious Like His Tattoos 

The pierced ink in his body holds some mystery in it. The more you look at it, the more it become mysterious. Every time you look at him will make you wonder how did he get all his tattoos and what is the meaning behind them.

3. He is Impulsive 

Acting impulsive is not always bad, childish, and immature. But it's not that simple. It means he is brave and not afraid to take action, even though it will lead him to a mistake. Whatever hits him, he put it into action right away.

4. He Gives Off Romantic Vibes

There is somethings charming about tattooed guy which makes him has the signs he is boyfriend material. He looks tough, manly, but also soft and romantic. He makes you want to get closer with him.

5. He is Manly and Fearless

If the Reasons You Should Date a Nerd is because he looks sexy with his smartness, then tattooed guy is the real definition of sexy. Moreover, he is manly and all the tattoos make him even fearless. Being on his side make you feel safe and protected.

6. He is not Afraid to be Himself

Tattoo often got a negative stigma in the society. But he is not afraid to show them, which means he is not afraid to be himself. Honesty and bravery to show who he really is is one quality that every guy should possessed.

7. He is Honest

He never hide anything and never want to. His past probably not something he can be proud of, but he is not a coward who ran away. He takes his mistake as something that shape him today. Hopefully with his honesty he will never have the Signs of a Cheater Guy in the future.

8. He is Caring

He may looks scary on the outside, but he has a lot of softer side you never know. All of the tattoos won't make him act nonchalantly to his surrounding. In fact, he has a caring nature towards everyone, especially to the one he loves.

9. He Loves to Color His Life

His life is never bland and empty. He is not afraid to put some colors in it, starting from his body. He is not afraid of emotion and likes it when things tend to get complicated. That is the way of living, he says.

10. He is Open Minded

He wears his emotion on his sleeve, as well as his heart. He doesn't hide anything nor judge anything quickly. He is open to change and not afraid of tomorrow. He is a selfless person who will never make you to find the Ways to Deal with a Selfish Boyfriend.

11. His Story is Worth Listened

It's about time his mystery got unveiled! Every story behind each of his tattoos are all worth listened. You will finally find out why did he make all the tattoos and what are their meaning for him. It surely a lot deeper than you think.

12. That Bad Boy Look

Who doesn't like a bad boy? That vibes always draws women closer and make men somehow more attractive. He shows his feeling and express them through his tattoos and it is very sexy indeed.

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13. He's Committed to You

Not only he is honest, he is loyal as well. There is no need to you to find the Ways to Make Him Commit and Want Only You, because commitment is his nature, just like how he did to his tattoos. So, tell your father about these reasons why you should date guys with tattoos.

14. Look at How He Rolls Up His Sleeves

Him covering the tattoos on his arms with his shirts is sexy, let alone when he rolls them up. It's like unveiling a mystery which lead to another mystery. Oh my God!

15. He Sees Things Differently

A man with tattoos is indeed different than any other man. He has a different view in life and he sees things differently. He have his thought out of the box and he will never cease to amaze you.

More Reasons Why Guys with Tattoos Are Hot

Here are more reasons why you should date guys with tattoos

  1. He has an artistic side.
  2. He can take the pain well.
  3. He is a tough guy.
  4. He knows what he wants in life.
  5. He doesn't mind with judgement and controversies.
  6. He does what he want to, as long as it doesn't harm others.
  7. You want to know the story behind each of his tattoos.
  8. He never fake himself for the sake of others.
  9. He is surprisingly loyal to you.
  10. He is sexy and hot, makes you want to cuddle with him all the time.

After reading all of the reasons why you should date guys with tattoos, instead of thinking they are scary you'd think they are sexy. How many tattoos painted on his body has nothing to do with his personality, so you better not judge them by their appearance. Once you start to know him well, you will be crazily in love with him in no time.

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