Why Is My Libra Man Hot And Cold, Get The Best Tips

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If you want to have a relationship with Libra man, or you are chasing a Libra man to be your boyfriend, it will be better to know why is my Libra man hot and cold. Since, this is commonly happen if a Libra man change their mood is a sudden and do this not only once, but can happen for many times. Therefore, it is important to understand what to do to bring back his mood, such as dirty things to say to get your boyfriend in the mood again. If you want to know the details, check below several reasons of why is my Libra man hot and cold, including tips to make his mood good.


Reasons Why My Libra Man Is Hot And Cold

It is sometimes unclear, why is my Libra man hot and cold? You might thinking whether you make any mistake, or you look not attractive to him, or anything? Well, this is normal if you are chasing a serious relationship with a Libra man. It is important that they can change their mood easily. Therefore, make sure to know the reason of this changing and stay away or try hard to avoid this reasons.

1. He Is Focusing On Something

he is focusing on something

A Libra man can be a type of man that take his works or study seriously. Therefore, it is normal if he is suddenly cold when he gets busy, and then he gets hot with you when he has nothing to worry at work. Therefore, try to understand whether he is in the middle of a serious works deadline, or he is in a relax situation. Try to know what to say to your boyfriend when he is going through a hard time Since this can affect his mood and his attitude to you.

2. Not Sure About You

Yes, it might be an unpleasant reasons. But, Libra man can easily change their mood and being cold because he feel not sure about you, mainly your relationship. It takes him thinking hard on what to do next. Whether he will accept you as a girlfriend, or he will only like you as a friend. That is why it will be normal if your Libra man act cold to you, but sometimes he can be so hot. This is because his doubting his feeling to you, and still need time to decide.

3. He Feels Uncomfortable

Check your attitude whether there is something bother him or not. A Libra man can easily change his mood because a small attitude that not match with his expectation. Therefore, do not do too much confrontation with him to keep his feeling stable. If you are a stubborn girl, then it is normal if he feel cold suddenly after your date.

4. Feeling Not Confidence

He might feeling not confidence to be with you. Therefore, he likes you and feel hot with you. But, when it comes to his thinking that he might not be able with you, it drops his mood and suddenly becomes cold.

Tips To Make Libra Man Hot Again

tips to make libra man hot again

Of course, all woman wants to make his guy feels hot again. Therefore, if you're looking the same things, this is how to deal with a guy with mood swings to make you Libra man hot again. Take a look below lists.

  • Try to give him a lovely surprise, he will love it. When a girl pay attention to a guy, no guy will resist it. Just make sure that you're looking at the right time to do this. Example, after hours or during weekend. Know his heart situation first before giving your best surprise.
  • Try to tease him in a right time. Try on how to get your crushs attention without being obvious at him. Do a good listener for few hours and make him feel comfort when he stays with you. This make his feeling comes better and feel hot anymore with you. Therefore, it will then going to be a good moment for your relationship.
  • Try to attract him with sensual appearance. Example, wear a seducing perfume or hot lipstick. It can make him feel hard to ignore this sensuality and feeling hot with you in that moment. Even a hot simple dress can turn him feeling hot and sensual too.

Those all some reasons and tips on why is my Libra man hot and cold. It is never easy to face someone that having mood changing in a sudden. It needs wise effort and big patient. Therefore, if you wish on how to get a Libra man to commit to a relationship, this things shall be your biggest strength. By keep being wise and patient in facing a Libra man, then you will able to win his heart anytime. Try it!

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