Why Do Douchebags Wear Affliction And Other Certain Clothing Brands

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There are around 101 ways to be a douchebag and here is one of them: mind your clothing. If you think douchebag wears what everyone else wear, maybe you have never been close enough with them – well, you don’t have to.

Douchebags have their own clothing code that has widely known. Including white sunglasses and affliction. Well, if someone wears one of them or both, he’s a douchebag for sure. Even when he’s not, he wears the douchebags item.

Speaking about affliction, it’s brand that owned by Ed Hardy and, well, pretty distinctive in design. Everyone could easily notice that it’s Affliction. But why do douchebags wear Affliction? No one really knows for sure.

But if you go urbandictionary.com and looking for the definition of Affliction, the top one would be “Shirt that douchebags wear.” According to the site, it’s the kind of clothing a douchebag would keep in his wardrobe.

So let’s dig further into why do douchebags wear Affliction.

1. It’s A Douchey Brand

Affliction is widely known as the douchebags brand of clothing. While men avoid to wear it, women consider Affliction as one of the biggest turn off for them. They’d rather stay away from men who wear Affliction since there is a huge chance that he’s a douchebag.

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Nothing is more suitable for a douchebag than a douchy brand itself.

2. It Costs You Money

Douchebags want to look like they own the world with everything. They show their igh status by buying an expensive clothing brand, or so they think. For your information, Affliction is not cheap. Not at all. A single short may costs you $75 to $100.

Instead of looking cool and wealthy, it makes a douchebag so, so stupid. Who will pay that much for a shirt when you can get a cheaper price?

3. They Want To Look Strong

they want to look strong

There are many types of douchebags: one that looks like a player and one that looks like they hit the gym everyday. The second type douchebag loves t show off his physique. It’s true that he is a gymworm, but the fact that he wears Affliction only proves his douchy status.

He wants to look strong and reliable, but instead women notice him at the first glance as douchebag. 

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4. They Wish To Hook Up With A Girl

A man can be so clueless about the world the he tends to choose the wrong way. We’re talking about a nice guy who want to try something new, so he asks some suggestions from (unfortunately) a douchebag.

So he wears Affliction, wishing he could hook up with a girl because a “cool” guy told him so. It can be case or it’s not. He might wear it on purpose since he, indeed, a douchebag.

5. They Want To Act Like A Cool Man

Affliction often worn by a newbie douchebag (one who is still clueless about it) because the want to look like a real man. You may find some of them at the gym and wearing the clothes, or walking the street looking bulky and wearing the shirt.

They’d really think they look cool because everyone (especially women) turn their heads to their direction. Only if they know it doesn’t make him look cool but tacky instead. 

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The Douchiest Clothing You Should Notice Faster

Modern men pay more attention to their look than they did in the past. They are now picky about styles and brand. The way they dress themselves show a man’s true personality. Which makes you easier to spot certain types of men, douchebags, in this matter.

So here are the list of douchiest clothing often worn by douchebags. Well, knowing the reasons why do douchebags wear Affliction is not enough, for sure.

1. Trump Signature Collection

Douchebags scattered all over the place. Men in nice shirts and uniform could be one of the. The brand clothing above usually worn by a financial advisor who makes you want to invest as soon as possible. Beware. 

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2. TapouT

It’s nothing wrong with a brand, but if their image has been lured in a wrong direction, you might as well avoid it. TapouT is one of the. Men who wear TapouT give off feeling that they are a total hardass, failed kickboxers, and anything but cool things.

3. Crocs

Guys wearing Crocs appear tacky for others. Well, who wears clogs anyway?

4. Dolce & Gabbana

dolce & gabbana

Knowing their worth, Dolce & Gabbana is brand that worn by international playboys who go beyond style by ripping his jeans. A guy who wears this usually write down their phone number on a tissue when they hit the bars.

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A douchebag can look as dapper as he wants and women would line up in front of him. Well, it’s a perk of being a high class doucebags.

5. True Religion

People said it’s the forefront jeans brand for douchebags. Anything else to say?

6. Callaway Golf

You don’t have to go golfing to wear this brand. In the internet you’ll find that Callaway Golf is worn by divorcees, guys who stressed out in impressing clients, and country club daddies. The pleated khaki short is their code.

7. Ed Hardy

As one of first people who wear Affliction, Ed Hardy’s taste in fashion is not far away from it. The skull graphic design on the clothes is just so awful that normal people wouldn’t wear that.

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So after you know the reasons why do douchebags wear Affliction and another douchey clothing they often wear, you can be more careful. Don’t believe in people who said that dating douchebag will be adventurous. They’re kind of person who don’t deserve to love and to be loved at all.

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