What to Do When Your Boyfriend Isn't Talking to You so Suddenly? Is He Ghosting You?

Last updated on June 14, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Having a boyfriend doesn’t only mean you get to go out on a date every week, enjoying good food together, cuddling in the middle of the night, not even having someone to pick you up anytime. It's also not just about what to do with a girl when it's cold outside.

It’s not as simple as that, you need to understand. Having boyfriend also means having someone you care the most about not being on your side, disagree with what you’re thinking, and most of the time, mad or pissed off with what you do.

When this kind of arguments or quarrel happen, what would boys do? Most boys will be silenced, won’t talking to you, and simply ignore your text all the way.

When this kind of things occurs in your relationship, what to do when your boyfriend isn’t talking to you? Find out how below :

1. Relax and chill

Does this mean you should take what he did lightly? Nope, a big no. What he feels is also important, so you shouldn’t take it too lightly. But, being all panic won’t help you at all.

Relax, take a deep breath to reconsider what to do instead of rushing and panicking all the way. Doing things in a rush might end up with an unpleasing result. You might even do things that worsen everything because you’re still emotional and he’s also emotional. Make sure to take deep breath, then do something about the situation.

2. Take your time to think

If you want to be understood, make sure you can understand others too. When a guy stop talking to you, there should at least be a reasonable reason underlying.

Why does he say nothing? Think carefully, perhaps you did something terrible, said something irresponsible, or doing any other things that pissed him off. If you find nothing, then perhaps you should go to the next step.

3. Ask him out about it

Being direct is sometimes needed in a relationship. Playing with feelings and codes might sounds interesting, but it’s not the best way to pertain a relationship for a long term.

When you can’t think of a reason that make him behave that way, you should start moving for real. Ask him, is there anything that bother him? Is there anything you can do to help him sort it out? Or perhaps is there anything for you to fix and repent? Make sure you know that it’s the right moment to ask him things.

4. Fix what you’ve done wrong

Whether he told you what caused him to act that way or you know for sure what kind of mistakes you’ve done, you should not stop there. What to do when your boyfriend isn’t talking to you?

Fix, try to fix what’s wrong if it’s under your control. If it’s your behavior or anything that comes out of you that pissed him off, then you surely need to do something about it. This is the most efficient way to eliminate his bad mood and even making things clear in your relationship in the future.

5. Understand him

Don’t just do things with a heavy heart. Don’t do all of the steps above just because you’re also pissed with his silence. Try to understand him and his heart, especially if he’s being reasonable.

Guys might not say much, but they do hold things in their mind and heart just like the way girls do. Unless when he’s being silly, you need to learn the art of understanding and putting yourself in someone’s shoe.My boyfriend does not understand me and i feel tortured, what should i do? This kind of question often slip out of our mouth, but can we think about the otherwise?

6. Give him time, if needed

When a problem occurs, people sometimes need time for themselves, but there are also times when they wish they would be able to walk hand in hand with their significant other.

You may ask him directly, whether he wants to be alone or not. If he needs some me time, make sure you give him enough for him to think and cool down, this could also be a good solution on how to fix an emotionally draining relationship. If he doesn’t, stay by his side and never let go of him.

7. Do things you love

It’s surely uncomfortable, being in a quarrel with someone we love the most. However, when that person need time, we have to give them enough time. It can be so frustrating and terrible waiting for that person to come back to normal.

What should you do then? Have yourself some me time won’t hurt. Do things you love, refresh your mind as he refreshes his. You might also share him stories about this later when he’s back. This can also be what to do when your boyfriend ignores you after a fight.

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8. Do things you both love

If it’s just too hard for both of you to start a new conversation together after a break, try not saying much. There are ways to make your crush notice you without talking to him, so there must be ways to make things normal without talking much.

Be together, do things you both love can be a way to start a new and fun conversation. Perhaps you can watch funny movies together, cooking dinner, or any other hobbies that both of you share.

When a guy love you, he won’t ignore you without reason. What to do when your boyfriend isn’t talking to you? This is something that you still need to know since this kind of situation is very likely to happen in a relationship. As long as you know how to take care of this, everything is going to be fine.

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