How to Deal with A Pisces Man When He Becomes Distant All of Sudden

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Is your boyfriend a Pisces? Then you can consider yourself lucky. A Pisces boyfriend is a dream come true. They are sweet, romantic, and everything. They are the prince charming of all the zodiac, and you’re his damsel in distress.

They will shower you with affection and romance. A Pisces guy will make your heads fly above the clouds. They are one of the zodiacs who can be all in with emotions when it comes to relationship. They also have a special taste in girls, check out what Pisces likes in a woman.

So when he becomes distant, you can’t help but wonder. After all, Pisces isn’t Scorpio, if they become distant, it’s not like they’re playing games, unlike Scorpio who has a knack for drama. You want to find out, solve the problem, and things would become good again like it once was.

Don’t worry, based on his personality we can do things that will pull him back to your arms again. Luckily, Pisces is easy to sway. They’re emotional. So if you touch the emotional side of you again, they will get impressed and keep coming back to you again.

Here’s how to deal with a Pisces man when he becomes distant

Give him the affection he needs

Maybe it gets a bit dry between you guys right now. Probably you’ve been dating for a while and you already passed that honeymoon phase. You become comfortable, and it means you all that sweet couple stuff have starting to die down.

Well, a Pisces needs constant affection. Whether you’ve been with him a month or a year, he would still want that you look at him like it’s the first time.

So shower him with affectionate gestures. Be it hugging, kissing, or compliments, bring back romance to the atmosphere. If you are in a long distance relationship, learn how to sustain one with a Pisces. Also check out how to give affection and seduce a Pisces guy through texts.

Genuinely listen to his problems

Sometimes, a Pisces pulls away because he doesn’t feel listened to. Pisces is generous. They like to help, be a helping hand or listening ears. It’s one of the things we love about them.

But they also appreciate it if they are in the receiving end. In fact, they need it. Being the one always listening to others’ problems, it can get overwhelming for them. So next time, be the one listening.

Spend more time with him

You’re too busy and start neglecting him. And when he starts being distant, you notice something has changed. It’s his way to let you know that he needs attention. Pisces prefers quality time.

He prefers to spend with just one person and enjoy each minute of it. So, when he’s not texting you or calling you, maybe he just wants to be together with you, even if it’s just watching a movie together and talk all night.

Set up a romantic date

Pisces is a sucker for romance. Want to get him back? Woo him with load gestures of romance. Bring him to somewhere he likes, such as a favorite restaurant or a sports match.

Once in a while, you are the one who plans everything. From the dinner, the movies, and simply surprise him. He will instantly become all over yourself again.

Send a gift

If you’re dating a Pisces, you’ll notice that he has always been generous with gifts. Pisces likes giving give, but similar to being a good person with whom you often dumb all your problems, people forget to reciprocate Pisces.

People take them for granted, and you could be guilty over that too. So next time you see something he might like on a window’s store, just stop buy and buy it for him.

Participate in his interests and hobbies

Still related to quality time, one of the things to show that you actually care for him is by participating in activities he likes.

He might like running, but you, not so much. It’s s best to grab that pair of sneakers and run alongside him. He’ll appreciate the effort and you’ll get some health benefits too.

Have an honest talk

Often, a solution to a problem is by talking about it. And you’re lucky because your Pisces man is known to have a good communication skill and a good listener already.

Tell him your concern, and how’s being distant make you worry about the relationship. There’s nothing you can solve with a heart-to-heart conversation.

Let them be, for a while

Pisces is one of those zodiacs who craves for alone time every now and then. Sometimes Pisces can be hard to figure out. When he becomes distant, it could be that he wants to escape life in general, not only from you.

There’s nothing you can do except respect their wish and give them space. Hopefully, when he comes back, he’ll be recharged and his attraction to you is back to the max.

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