How To Deal With A Pisces Man When He Becomes Distant (11 Surefire Ways)

Last updated on July 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are things starting to go south with the special Pisces in your life?

Has he become distant all of a sudden? Are you wondering what you could have possibly done to make this happen?

More importantly, are you looking for ideas to bring back the times when he was close and attentive to you?

If you are wondering how to deal with a Pisces man when he becomes distant, you should think about how you feel for this man. Do you enjoy being with him? 

If a Pisces man ignores you, there may be a reason or problem going on that you don’t yet know about. The smartest decision you can make is to talk to your Pisces man about your thoughts feelings.

Don’t worry. Based on his personality we can do things that will pull him back to your arms again. Luckily, Pisces is easy to sway. They’re emotional. So if you touch the emotional side of you again, they will get impressed and keep coming back to you again.

First though, we need to discover what’s going on in his life when you’re not around. It could be that you haven’t done anything wrong at all!

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What Is It Like Dating a Pisces Man?

A Pisces man is very artistic, soft, intelligent, loyal, trustworthy, thoughtful, romantic, passionate, spiritual, caring, friendly, and unselfish. A guy like this loves being in a relationship and has a big heart. He forgives and trusts easily, so watch how you treat him. If you are dating a Pisces guy, you should treat him right and try not to break his heart.

While a Pisces guy sees no reason for the recognition of it, he does love to give back and help other people. He has a lot of empathy and a great deal of emotional intelligence. He loves serving other people with his skills, talents, and abilities. He aims to please! A Pisces man will do what it takes to make a relationship work because he is committed.

Because of his tender nature, you shouldn’t get serious with a Pisces guy until you are ready. The last thing you want to do is hurt him when he’s just such a sweet guy! He’s very wise for his age, so seek his counsel when you have a tough decision to make in your life. Pisces men are generous and want to make other people happy, so he’ll do right by you!

How to Deal with a Pisces Man When He Becomes Distant

Pisces men tend to be thoughtful and unselfish. They like to really think things through. This means that your Pisces man may have some feelings about your relationship that you don’t know about. Usually, Pisces men in relationships like talking about what’s wrong with them, but occasionally, Pisces men will become distant in relationships. 

If that sounds like the situation you are in right now, you should look for the signs that there is a problem in your relationship. Is there a sign that points to the fact that there is a problem in your relationship? 

Today, we’ll look at the things you should do if you see a sign that your man is being distant in your relationship. Plus, we’ll examine a few other things you should consider.

1. Examine yourself

Have you been keeping your distance from your boyfriend? Have you forgotten to return phone calls or emails? Did you miss a message on social media? Maybe the problems don’t stem from your man, but rather, you have been ignoring him. This may not have been intentional, but nevertheless, if it’s happened, it’s time to fix that issue.

2. Surprise him with a gift

surprise him with a gift

Think of a thoughtful gift that will make your partner smile. Is he a fan of plants? Does he love using his artistic abilities to create things? Perhaps you should buy him a little hobby gift. If you look online, you will find all sorts of creative, manly hobbies you could get started for him. Purchase him a whittling kit or something artistic like that.

3. Determine if he’s been busy

Maybe what you perceived to be “acting distant” was really him just “being busy.” Has his career or education been hectic lately? Did he just enroll in a new semester? Maybe he hasn’t had a chance to tell you how crazy his schedule is now that things have changed in his life. Perhaps, the two of you just need to talk things out.

4. Tell him your feelings

Reassure your Pisces man that you are in love with him. Tell him you love spending time with him. Share your emotions; you’ll be glad you were honest and open with him because a Pisces man is in tune with his feelings and wants to hear yours. Plus, if you are forthright with him, you’ll know you did your best and were honest about everything.

5. Be loyal to him

Right now, he may just need to know you are there for him. Maybe he is lost in artistic mode, painting his heart out, and just needs to know you will support him. Pisces men can be pretty emotional when it comes to their art and want their women to be proud of them and to like their talents. Be caring and sweet about it. Be there for him.

6. See if you’ve offended him

Since Pisces men can be emotional, they may have been hurt by something you did or said. It’s important that you try to figure out what went wrong and apologize to your man if you did something wrong. Think hard before you apologize so that you are being sincere with your words. You don’t need to fake it with him. Be honest!

7. Do something sweet and romantic

do something sweet and romantic

Do something special for him. Since he is a big romantic with a huge heart, you should consider making him a candlelit dinner or taking him on a romantic date. He’d love that, and he’ll know you thought of him and were excited to spend time with him. He’ll enjoy spending a romantic evening with you if that’s what’s been missing in your relationship.

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8. Give back

Since Pisces men are very generous and giving, they like their girlfriends to have the same mindset. That gives you something to talk about. Consider doing some volunteer work. If your man needs some space, this will also give you a chance to stay busy and give him time to think about whatever is bothering him until he’s ready to talk about it.

9. Try to read his emotions

Practice improving your emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence means you recognize what’s going on with you, but you also see feelings in other people. Try to determine what’s happening with him. What do you think has him so upset? Does he just need space? How would you feel if you were in his shoes?

10. Find your soulful, spiritual side

Get in touch with your softer side to show him you have things in common. He may not feel connected to you right now. You can easily fix this by showing him you do! Just listen closely when he talks about what he enjoys doing and how he likes to spend his time. See if you do have shared interests or hobbies. 

11. Talk to him about his feelings

talk to him about his feelings

This may be the best solution to the issue. If something is bothering him, why not find out what’s going on? Ask him to share his problems with you. Explain that you will be open-minded and not judgmental about it. Say that you just want to know what’s going on so that you can help solve it. He may need your help! You won’t know until you ask.

Something To Consider

If you are with a Pisces man who is acting distant, you may have a serious issue to deal with. Decide if he is worth the trouble. How do you feel about him? Is he worth pursuing, or should you just move on to someone without so many issues? What do you find special about this guy? How much do you really care about him? Really think it over before you chase him. Is it love?


What does it mean when a Pisces man is distant?

Often, Pisces men keep their distance from their women if they are not feeling the love in the relationship like they think they should be. Maybe he is just really busy with work right now. Many times, guys get wrapped up in their careers and forget about things.

Why does a Pisces man disappear?

If your Pisces man has completely dropped off the map, you may want to get in touch with his friends and family to see if anyone has heard from him. There may be other problems going on that you didn’t think of. Call the police if you get too worried!

How do you make a Pisces man regret losing you?

Leave a mark on his life. Make sure that you are memorable by being a great girlfriend. Perhaps, you should show him things about you that no one knows. Be creative and giving; show your boyfriend that you are his “dream girl.” He’ll regret letting you go!

Why do Pisces push you away?

Sometimes, in relationships, guys will push girls away when things start to get serious. A Pisces man has a big heart, though. He likes being in love. He may feel as if you don’t feel the same way about him as he does you. Maybe he wonders if you love him.

What do you do when a Pisces man goes silent?

A Pisces man likes to talk about his feelings, so if he’s gone silent, he may be shutting you out for one reason or another. He may have made the decision that you are not the right girl for him. Talk to him about his treatment of you.

To Sum It All Up

What do you do when a Pisces man is distant? What ideas do you have on what readers should do if they find themselves in this situation with a guy? Are you in a relationship like this right now? We’d love to hear about it in the comments. Please share!

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