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Word that can perfectly describe a Pisces probably is unique. People born under Pisces star really concerns to others and basically kind-hearted. They treat their acquaintances well and very friendly to people they don't know yet. However, it is only their outer case so you can't say you know Pisces yet at this point.

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Here Are Reasons Why Are Pisces Hard To Keep

Having relationship with a Pisces is one thing you should be feeling grateful because they would care so much to their partner. Moreover, Pisces is known for their Romanticism. But before that, it won't be easy to make your Pisces partner that loyal. With that being said, here are reasons why are Pisces hard to keep.

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1. Mysterious Well-Being

Reasons why are Pisces hard to keep you need to know is because a Pisces such a mysterious person. And, what kind of mysterious is that? All we know that Pisces is very kind and that is how they hide their true motive. Also, they just won't tell you their secret or even all of their side. Mysterious enough, huh?

2. Quite Manipulative

Pisces might be easy to trust their partner. However, it doesn't mean they would just let them play around with those. That is why they are quite manipulative too as a form of their protection from getting hurt.

3. Can't Be Controlled

If you want to know reasons why are Pisces hard to keep, you should learn the basic of their character too. They have quite leadership skill on their emotional mind so if you think you can bossed around a Pisces this is your big mistake. Pisces would be the one that control you!

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4. Pisces Has Few Sides

The Pisces you might know at the moment must be genial and type of person that really open to everyone. However, this is when reasons why are Pisces hard to keep appear, because that was only one of their sides. You need to know them better so you will know what next is going to show from them. Probably, you won't even recognize that super friendly person anymore.

5. Great Observant

great observant

Pisces loves to observe their ambience and often even deeper they can easily look into people personality. That sometimes makes them too judgemental. It is one of reasons why are Pisces hard to keep.

6. Moody

Pisces might be an independent one. However, they can turn into an emotional person around their partner and that turns into their moody form--which we all know Pisces has more than one side.

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7. Love Their Alone Time More

You must find reasons why are Pisces hard to keep because it seems they love their time to be alone more. It is actually normal since Pisces such an independent person and that's it they just love hanging around by themselves.

8. Pisces Doesn't Like Being Criticized

If you want to keep a Pisces, which is reasons why are Pisces hard to keep, you shouldn't go and throw even a little bad opinion about them. They don't like being criticized that much!

9. Have High Standards For Everything

Reasons why are Pisces hard to keep? One of them because they have high standards for almost everything--and of course for being a their partner too. You need to keep up with their thing and maxing up your quality.

10. Extremely Sensitive

Everyone must be look a Pisces as a strong individual with their dependency. However, whats on their inside is their extremely sensitive feeling which couldn't handle even a little problem. And also, with that character of them, a Pisces find that they will be hard to forget and forgive everyone that happened to hurt them.

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Signs You Are Getting Along With Pisces

How are reasons why are Pisces hard to keep? You already know about the flaws they had. What you need to do is work all the thing up so you can handle that. If you did it, here are signs you are getting along with Pisces.

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1. Understand Their Emotional State

As you already know a Pisces can be very sensitive and turns into an emotional person. If you are getting along with them, you can understand it really well and even know how to comfort them.

2. Give They Time To Be Alone A Lot

A Pisces seems to ask for more time to be alone. You won't deny these and give them all the time they want. You are now very understandable towards them.

3. Can Handle Their Funny Side

You should know that a Pisces has funny side that sometimes people didn't enjoy it. You might already getting along with them if you can handle their funny jokes.

4. You Always Find A Way to Make Them Feel Special

Pisces always crave for a romantic moment. Knowing this, you always find a way to make them feel special. You are good with them now!

5. They Trust You More

Pisces basically already give their trust easily to others. However, if you are in the state that really close and getting along well with them, they will obviously trust you even more.

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More Things About Pisces Everyone Should Know

more things about pisces everyone should know

Besides reasons why are Pisces hard to keep, they also have reasons why most people love them. Here are more thing about Pisces everyone should know.

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1. Compassionate

This one maybe everyone already know. Pisces can be the kindest person on Earth because it is they way they are. They are very compassionate and dislike every cruelty in any kind of it.

2. Good Listener

Pisces can be your personal listener too. They will patiently hear you stories about what you going through today.

3. Accept Everyone's Flaws

Since they are very compassionate, they accept everyone's flaws without exception. That is why everyone would love a Pisces and glad they are around.

4. Appreciate What They Have

Pisces will prefer quantity over quality. This is the reason why they appreciate so much about what they have so much, their best friends for example.

5. Wise Person

If you want to find someone that can give you good advice, you can come to a Pisces. Despite not like being criticized, they can give the advice you need because they are such a wise person.

6. Can Bring The Best Version Of Others

One of Pisces strength is they can bring the best version of others! They love to share only the good vibes so that is why they can do that thing.

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