How To Make Aries And Pisces Relationship Work (11 Ways To Tell If They Have Chemistry)

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

You’re an Aries. He’s a Pisces. Or maybe it’s vice-versa. 

Either way, perhaps you’re wondering whether it’s likely to work out between you two. 

The truth is: an Aries and Pisces relationship is a fence-sitting type of relationship. In some cases, it could really work. In others, it could turn into chaos. There’s rarely a happy medium.  

The relationship really depends on the couple’s desire to maintain it. 

If they could not pass their hardest times together, it could be tough for the rest of the relationship to remain strong.

However, this guide is here to help you guys make it all the way. It is packed with tips for Aries and Pisces couples to maximise their chemistry. 

Honestly though, before you dive into this, it will be in both of your best interests for you to read the next few sentences carefully. 

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11 Ways To Make Pisces And Aries Relationship Work

Has anyone ever communicated their misgivings about your Aries-Pisces relationship? Knowing that Pisces represents water and Aries belongs to the fire element, have you been worried about how the pairing will work?

Unlike the common notion that fire and water don’t blend together, there is a way that the Aries and Pisces relationship defies this logic. Both elements share similar traits yet are still so distinct

The secret to knowing how to make Aries and Pisces’ relationship work is to understand what makes the union more compatible than what makes it impossible. Read on to know how to make your Pisces and Aries relationship work out in the end.

11 ways to make pisces and aries relationship work

1. Express your displeasure more often

Two signs usually indicate you love a guy so deeply; you won’t want to quarrel with him or make him get angry at you. These signs are especially dominant in an Aries and Pisces relationship because both the Aries man and Pisces woman hate drama. Both parties just want to love one another, communicate and grow in peace.

However, disagreement is inevitable and if you keep grudges instead of expressing your displeasure at due time, you will experience the same drama you’re trying to avoid. As such, don’t let your reserved nature as a Pisces feel intimidated by your Aries guy’s strong nature

2. Seek to be the balance your relationship needs

A relationship like the Aries and Pisces match requires balance to avoid constant clashes. While you’re not expected to always make things work, you should also know that the probability of your Aries and Pisces compatibility working out is mostly dependent on you. How patient are you willing to be to his ‘action first, talk later' attitude?

Are you going to remain the cool party in a situation where you should normally go crazy with anger? Neither of these signs is perfect but, you’re the party with the most emotional strength and that's how to make your Aries and Pisces relationship work.

3. Be more open to his adventurous spirit

Your Aries and Pisces compatibility and longevity depends solely on how you can meet your Aries love interest halfway as an adventurous person. You may not be as adventurous or exciting in action but what you lack in physical expression, you more than make up for in imagination. 

You’re a Pisces with a fertile mind, your Aries partner is rich in executing ideas; constantly engaging your mind to think up something fresh while your Aries guy helps with execution will make the relationship interesting and more grounded. 

4. Know when to tell him enough: you’re not a pushover

Aries has a ram sign, which translates to a lot of positive attitudes which can seem extreme sometimes. One of such admirable features of an Aries is his pride and stubbornness. While these traits are powerful in overcoming challenges and odds, they can seep into his actions towards you.

Know when to stand your ground and tell him no. Understand that the Pisces character may be shy and reserved but shouldn’t be a pushover. If you continue to bend to every one of his whims, he will see you as a spineless Pisces woman who cannot balance his strength and weakness. Remember, he has a depth that can be uncannily different from what you’re used to.

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5. Be the Yin to his Yang

be the yin to his yang

Having established that you’re a Pisces woman in love with an Aries guy who can be hot-headed sometimes, the sign that will assure you that the union will work is that you’ll be willing to complement him in every way. 

When he is mad about something, you’re capable of cooling him down. More so, when he is about to make a rash decision, you have the insight to warn him from that path. It’s signs like these that verify how connected you both are.

This is not to say you’re perfect as he will be so in tune with you that he’d return each of your gestures. For the Pisces-Aries dynamic to work, both parties have to get to know each other. You also have to learn to complement the good sides and try to grow through the bad. 

6. Do not reveal too much about your relationship to external influences

One of the things that destroy a relationship faster is divulging unsolicited and solicited information about your relationship to outsiders. It is no different in an Aries Pisces relationship; if you leave your relationship open to external attacks from friends and adversaries, you leave your love match open to unnecessary risks.

If you have any disagreement with each other, resolve it within hours. Even if you need advice from a third party, approach a relationship expert with no stake in the outcome of your relationship. 

7. Work towards mutual sexual gratification

The Aries-Pisces relationship is one union that could either work or combust into nothing. However, there is no doubt about how good the love match between an Aries guy and a Pisces lady can be. Your Aries man is as much a sexual being as you are and so, you need to reach an agreement on how to satisfy each other at the right pace. 

For the partner, one of the signs that show his intensity is his need to reach sexual culmination as quickly as possible while you as a Pisces are more of a slow burn participant. To maintain the Pisces and Aries sexual compatibility, you need to understand each other sexually and what makes you tick till you both reach the peak.

8. Communicate your aspirations and goals with him

An Aries man is one with depth even in his imaginations and so, he wants to help his Pisces woman achieve her dreams. However, you must first share with him what they are. As a ’take charge’ person, your Aries love wants to help you take actions rather than letting you simply fantasize about them. 

Sharing your goals and plans with him will not only make him feel like he’s a part of you but, will also strengthen your Aries-Pisces bond. You may be worried that his strong personality will want to take over your life completely but don’t be. The Aries-Pisces combo is a love match that comes with lots of sensitivity and your all-around softness will temper his dogged attitude.

9. Maintaining a solid connection means open intellectual communication

maintaining a solid communication means open intellectual communication

For the Aries and Pisces compatibility to work, it is necessary to create an atmosphere of unrestricted conversation. By this, it means no topic is off the table and you can communicate regardless of the circumstance. 

As a dreamy woman, your Pisces sensibilities lean more towards imaginations and the things that can be but, your Aries partner is more focused on how to bring that dream to a reality. If you are afraid he will shut down your ideas, the relationship may die a sudden death. Therefore, communicate with him without the fear of being shunned.

10. Stay away when it’s necessary

When either both of you are angry, give each other some space to vent or brood in private. Your Aries-born lover is most likely to be vocally volatile in the heat of anger. Your calm Pisces sensibilities cannot take the heat of his negative emotions. 

While giving each other some needed space to cool off, don’t take too long to reconcile else, you might drift apart emotionally too.

11. Pursue your dreams without complacency

If there is one thing the Aries guy hates, it is for the woman he loves and invests in to be complacent about her dreams, especially if you have shared the dreams with him. As a Pisces born, it is easy for you to drift from imagination to fascination. This usually leads to procrastination or abandonment 

The Aries partner would rather say, “do what you have to do now” instead of waiting for the right time that may not come. Being goal and action-orientated will feed the way your Aries guy will love you. This is the only way these two signs can co-exist without burning themselves out.


Are Aries and Pisces a good match?

On the surface and at first glance, they are not, and this outright disregard of the love match is due to the elements of each sign. The Pisces sign is of the water element while the Aries sign is of the fire element. Aries is intense while Pisces is more laidback. 

Do Aries hate Pisces?

Aries doesn’t hate Pisces but, an Aries born can dislike the Pisces born approach to some things. Aries loves to act rather than overthink while the Pisces sign can dream forever. What makes the Aries-Pisces relationship work is when both signs work to help each other.

Who is Pisces’ soulmate?

The Pisces element is calmness and collected coolness which can seem attractive to any of the other zodiac signs. However, for the Pisces sign to make the most out of life, they need someone who will push them out of their comfort zone, not enable them to remain there. Therefore, a Pisces soulmate needs a more proactive sign, like the Aries. 

Are Pisces controlling?

Pisces can attain a leadership role but, they aren’t naturally controlling. Pisces people are more sensitive than domineering and so, they will steer those under their leadership in a way that will make them feel at ease.

Do Pisces fall in love easily?

Even though Pisces is sensitive and emotionally active, they don’t fall in love easily. It is normal for their imagination to run away from them and think up the worst things. As such, it is a bit hard for them to trust easily, and love for them means absolute trust.

In Conclusion 

The Aries and Pisces love match is one of the most interesting yet controversial matches to ever occur. However, in an age where the impossible is becoming normal, this article has created hope that as a Pisces, you can love an Aries guy and be happy in the relationship. 

How helpful did you find this article? Please leave a comment and share this article with other people. 

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