This is How to Break Up with Someone Nicely and Still Be Friends!

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A relationship gives you many happy memories. It forms a strong bond between you and that person until you can’t even imagine your life without them. But all things have to come to an end.

Sure, a relationship might be great but when you are really unhappy in the relationship, you might want to consider a break up. If you still value your connection with them and do not want the bond to be severed, maybe you need to follow these ways on how to break up with someone nicely and still be friends:

  1. Know What You Really Want

Do you really want a break up or is this just a bad phase in the relationhship? Really know what you want to avoid a mistake.

  1. Do Not Call Them Names

Calling them names will just make them feel hurt in the long run and it will ruin the chance of friendship.

  1. Use A Soft Tone

Don’t scream at them because it will make the argument more heated and fragile.

  1. Do Not Embarass Them

Make sure not to embarass them when you are breaking up with them so that they will not look back in anger.

  1. Be In A Private Place

Private place to break up saves them from the embarassment of being seen when they are sad.

  1. Be Mature At What You Do

Wanna know how to break up with someone nicely and still be friends? When you have maturity as the base of your action, you will see that the break up will run well.

  1. Don’t Put All The Blame On Them

Putting the blame on them will just make you look cocky and make them really hurt.

  1. Admit To Your Mistake In The Relationship

Of course you made some mistake, admitting them will make you look good and friendly towards them.

  1. Say Why You Are Hurt In The Relationship

Genuinely say how the relationship isn’t making you happy. Based on the (pointof view), this is really important.

  1. Don’t See Them As Your Enemy

Remember that you use to show the  Signs That Someone is In Love With You Secretly to them so see them in a compassionate eye.

  1. Say Why The Relationship Isn’t Working Out

Start to gently say why the relationship isn’t working out for good.

  1. Think Back On The Good Memory

Don’t constantly remind them of the fights you had with them, remembering the happy memories make them really want to be friends with you.

  1. Be There For Their Emotional Reaction

If they are sad or angry, stay with them to give them emotional support.

  1. Be Patient On Handling Them

They will experience some ups and downs and all you need to do is to be patient in handling them.

  1. Don’t Block Their Contact

Blocking them stops you from being their friends and from reaching out to them again.

  1. Give Them Space If They Need It

In order to do the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship you really need some space to heal yourself and you should give them that.

  1. Be Available For Them

Being available for them is the real sign of friendship and this will make them open up to you again. 

  1. Don’t Interrupt Their Life Anymore

If you want to be their friend, do not show the signs Signs of A Possessive Male Friend because it means that you still want to tie them down.

  1. Don’t Disappear From Their Life

Disappearing from their life stops you from having any friendship with them.

  1. Still Talk To Them Nicely

Gentle talking is a way to increase the rate of friendship in your relationship.

  1. Still Be Kind To Them

Kindness wins anyone’s heart over.


Tips On Breaking Up Without Destroying The Connection

It’s such a shame to destroy a connection just because you guys are not romantically involved anymore. Because of this you need to follow these tips on breaking up without destroying the connection ;

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  1. Don’t Talk Bad About Them Anywhere

If you want to be a true friend, do not talk bad about them.

  1. Don’t Give Them False Hope Anymore

Doing the  Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush means that you are giving false hope of getting back together and it will make them despise you when they know you do not want that.

  1. Hang Out With Them

What friends do is hanging out with each other. 

  1. Say What You Want Out Of The Relationship

Blatantly say that you want a friendship and not another romantic relationship with them to make them not confused about where things are going.

  1. Don’t Try To Make Them Jealous

Never do the Signs Your Ex Boyfriend is Trying to Make You Jealous because it will piss them off.

  1. Be Yourself

This makes things less awkward and forced.

Signs That They Want To Be Your Friend

It is a tricky thing to be friends with your ex because you still have all that left over feelings. But if you did the right steps in breaking up with them, they will show these signs that they want to be your friends;

  1. They Have Moved On

They show the Signs You are Ready for a New Relationship which means that they are not hurting over the sight of you anymore.

  1. They Don’t Mind Your Actions Towards Them

Their response is actually embracing your attempt to be friends with them.

  1. They Aren’t Jealous About Your Romantic Journey

If you have a new date or if you make any romantic moves on anyone, they do not get jealous because they only see you as friends.

  1. They Don’t Get Hurt By You A Lot

This means that they are not still putting their heart on your hands.

Connections that have been made shouldn’t be severed just because of a break up. That is why you need to know how to break up with someone nicely and still be friends. If you do it, you will have a beatiful friendship and a great life!

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