Ways On How To Make A Guy Have Crush On You (No.3 Works!)

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Do you have a lovely guy that makes you want him more? Or are you in a long-distance relationship that makes you think if your relationship does have a label? Do you want to make a guy have a crush on you but you don't know how to? If you are a shy heart and want to know how to treat a guy to fall head over heels for you, you have to know some tricks to get him in your arms. Here, are some tricks about how to make a guy have a crush on you.

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1. First, Investigate If He Is Single Or Not

Make some investigation to find out about his relationship status. Yep, this is the first important thing that you have to do before making a move with the guy you like. 

2. Make Him Notice

If you have never spoken to him before, you have to make him notice you. You have to act the part and make him be mindful of you. Your guy will remember even calling you. You can get his attention on the first try if you give him a strong impression.

3. Be A Friendly Girl

be a friendly girl

You may wonder how to make a guy crush on you? You have to be friendly to everyone around you including him. You have to be polite, soft (not rude), and not snooty for everyone. You have to be a sociable girl if you want him closer to you. There is no one that wants to have a closer relationship with a rude and snooty girl.

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4. Make A Comfort Friend Zone

Making a comfortable friend zone is a way to get him closer quietly. From a comfortable connection and you can know and understand each other better. Friendship is a common relationship that can be done by everyone even if they love and have sex appeal to each other. You can start from this basic relationship.

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5. Get Your Guy's Attention

If you want to be a memorable girl, you have to get your guy's attention. You have to be a noticeable girl that interesting in his life.

6. Get More Information

If you want to be still on track in getting what you want, you should have more information about your target. You have to know more about your guy. You have to know his likes or dislikes, his favorite and activities. 

7. Make Chatting Time

Chatting time can make a loving time for some people. You have to notice that and you can try it for him. You have to make an effort to have a chat with him directly. You can see his expressions and evaluate them. Do not try to dominate your chatting, you have to equal, be a good talker and listener at the same time.

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8. Keep In Touch With Him

If you want to build up a relationship with a guy, you have to keep in touch with him. You have to be still in good contact. Calling, sending messages, and the meeting is the way to keep you in touch.

9. Find His Common Interests

Yep, to get connected with his heart, you have to find his common interests. You have to find the same interests. You have to find your enjoyed interests that can connect with his interests.

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10. Dress Up To Get Your Guy Up!

dress up to get your guy up

As a visual human, a guy will love what he sees for the first time. He will determine her visual sight then. So, you have to dress up to get his awareness that you're an interesting girl. Being classy, sexy, and smart are the common interests that you can offer.

11. Give Him What He Likes To See

In getting someone interest, for the first time, you have to offer what they like. It is also valid for your guy. You have to give him what he likes to see. You have to make an impression on his eyes. You have to show that you have beautiful hair, hygiene, sexy, and confidence in yourself. You have to show your positive personality and appearance.

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12. Be A Fun Girl

For being a girl that loves to have fun, you have to be an easy-going person. You have to show your joyfulness in everything you around. You have to show your gratefulness and happiness for everything you have (now). You have to be a fun girl in front of him that is easy going and cheerful.

13. Be A Humorous Girl

Everyone loves humor. So it is a plus point if you can be a funny girl to get his interests in you. Do not be excessive in your humor because you have to be careful about making jokes with your guy if you do not know his sense of humor. Being natural in humor is the most important thing to make your plans proceed successfully.

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14. Be Playful

There is no one that hates fun time. Everyone loves to play and enjoy games. You can be a playful girl that makes his day never flat. You can color her day and avoid his monotone life.

15. Laugh At His Jokes

As a response to your jokes, he tosses a joke that's not funny for you. If you do not feel it funny, you have to try to laugh at his jokes to appreciate his effort. There is nothing wrong, just try to give it naturally. Do not make it too much, at least you have to also be honest with yourself.

16. Touch More

touch more

Touching is the most common thing that you can do to show your sensitive or deep feeling. You have to be an approachable girl. You have to open yourself for his touches. Then you have to also give a touch more often to send a signal to him.

17. Make More Nice Glance

Eyes are the reflection that can happen in someone's heart. That is why you can make a more nice glance, eye contact with him. It can be a sign of him if you are an interesting guy for him. You have a special interest in him.

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18. Involve Yourself On His Interests

You can keep in touch by calling, sending messages, and meeting, and you can also still be on his line by involving yourself in his interests. Find his interest, learn it, and get a match for it then enjoy with your new interests.

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19. Hang Out At His Places (Favorite)

After involving yourself in his interests and now you know his favorite places, you can make something from it. If you do not have an idea to invite him to your hang-out agenda, you can try to hangouts at his places instead. It is a gamble but you have a big opportunity to meet him. You can pretend if your meeting is an accidental meeting.

20. Hang Out With Him More Often

If you have better courage and you do not have a partner on your Saturday night, you can do something about it. You can invite the guy you like in your hangout agendas. You have to hang out with him more often and give a sign to him that he is special.

21. Make A Memorable Time Together

If you want to be part of him, you have to find a way. You have to be together with him. You have to make a nice memory together.

22. Have A Harmony

He will even become closer to you if you have a nice friendship with him. You have harmony with him. You can understand him very well. You can get his sense of humor. You have the same interests as him.

23. Be Yourself, Despite Your Worries

Do not ever think that you'll have a long relationship by pretending to be other-selves. Be yourself and despite your worries, do not think about their responses. You love him, want to make him have a crush on you but you do not have to forget yourself.

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24. Make Friends

make friends

Are you in an effort to make a guy crush on you? You have to be friends with your friends. But do not go too far. Do not be too close to his friends. He will get misunderstanding if you try to be close with his friends instead.

25. Flirting, Your Signal

Flirting is common for a person that has an interest in someone. You can flirt as long as you can, as far as you have some opportunities to do. Flirting can be a signal for him to make a progress in your relationship. You can get to the next level of a relationship by flirting. Be confident in flirting to impress him more.

More Tricks To Get His Attention

If you're not sure whether he has a crush on you or not, you want to urge your guy into a better relationship. You can make him notice these things that can help you to evaluate them or prove them. Here, are some tricks that you have to do.

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1. Become Less Available

If usually, you are often available for him, occasionally you have to omit from his life. You have to make yourself less available suddenly for him. You have to deactivate your phone and not come to his place. You have to hide from his sight.

2. Make Him Jealous

Jealousy is a sign of worrying. He will worry if he crushes on you but he finds another guy in your life. He feels jealous because he does not want to get you lost.

Indeed, there are many ways on how to make a guy crush on you. Yet, the first thing you need to do is just be beautiful inside and out, beautiful as you are. If he still does not open his heart, then you gotta find someone new. In case you ever heard, always spread love on every corner of the world.

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