How To Make Your Crush Jealous On Snapchat (31 Sneaky Ways)

Last updated on July 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you looking for some clever tricks to capture your crush’s attention on Snapchat?

More specifically, are you looking for tips to make him jealous?

If so, you’re in the right place. This article is absolutely stacked with ideas for making jealousy erupt in the soul of your most beloved crush.  

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Read on for my guide on how to use Snapchat to make him jealous.

Jealousy is a feeling that is easily manipulated. It have been done by many partners for a long time. But making the feelings surface just got easier because of the modern era.

With the birth of social media, you may know how a person’s life goes really easily. That is why you can start using this platform to your advantage by using some tricks to up your Snapchat game in order to make someone jealous. Here are some ways on how to make your crush jealous on Snapchat.


31 Ways To Make Your Crush Jealous On Snapchat

Jealousy is one of the natural feelings you can easily stir up in a person. Both men and women have been doing it since the beginning of time. 

The good news is, it just got a lot easier in this modern era of the internet and social media, where you can be in one location, yet someone else can see what's up with you from another location. 

With cutting-edge technology like Snapchat, you can catch someone's attention yet circumvent all the awkwardness that comes with calling or seeing them in person. That said if you have someone you are crushing on, but it seems they are not getting the memo, no need to worry. You can catch their attention and stir up jealousy in their heart in no time. 

Luckily, this article has tons of tips on how to make your crush jealous on Snapchat. With these tips, you'll have your crush in your corner, begging for your attention in no time.

1. Make sure your crush is following you

I know this first tip may sound a little funny, but you and your crush have to follow each other on Snapchat before you can even use the app to make him jealous. 

In case you are new to Snapchat, the app isn't like some social media platforms; you can just post status, and everyone in your contact list may probably see it. So make sure he's following you first.

2. Know when your guy crush is active

know when your guy crush is active

Another thing you need to know about Snapchat is that you can post or update your status, yet your crush won't see it. That's because he's not active. And because Snapchat has an auto-deletes feature, he may never see a post you were hoping he would notice. 

So, to take advantage of the platform in making a guy feel jealous or full of envy, you must know their Snapchat active time. This approach is the best way to ensure your moves are not going to waste.

3. Be yourself

If you spend a lot of time on social media, you can easily tell it's a platform where people fake it a lot. For whatever reason, many pretend to be who they are not; I can tell you for free that it's not the best move. You can't sustain being someone else for too long. 

Since you are trying to catch a guy's attention to make him like you, the best you can be is yourself because it's the most natural thing. Besides, you want your crush to feel jealous so that they can be all over you, right? So, you don't want them to be interested in whoever you are pretending to be. 

For example, if you are the type that loves being at home on Friday night, then it's fine to snap yourself having fun at home. No need to pretend like you are a party or club freak all the time because you want your crush to see a cool, outgoing person. Trust me; there are different definitions of being cool. The best approach is to let him see the version of cool that you are. If all goes well, your crush will love the real you on Snapchat.

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4. Change your style

I know I mentioned the importance of being yourself earlier. However, if your style needs some revamping, then it's not a bad idea to tune up your style a little. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying you should be someone else; however, some great features about you can be more obvious with a little revamp. The options are almost endless on the Internet, so the idea is to make you first, second, and all other impression counts. 

5. Look attractive

If you are going to get a guy jealous, it's necessary to look attractive. Yes, research shows that guys are visual creatures. But while you are trying to make stir up jealousy in him, the best way is to avoid sending him the wrong message with your dress style.

You don't need too much makeup; Snapchat filters will do the tricks. Try not to overdress all the time like you are in a fashion competition. It's okay to wear sweatshirts from time to time. Snap yourself like you are letting your crush into your world. When everything seems scripted, trust me, it's won't appear interesting. Also, try not to reveal too much, so you can avoid sending the "I am a slut” message.

6. Post eye-catching selfies

As mentioned earlier, you don't need too much makeup to post a flawless picture on Snapchat. With the help of filters, you can look nice effortlessly. However, to stir jealous emotions, look at the camera lens directly when you are taking pictures. 

This way, your crush will have the feeling that you are looking into his eyes. In real life, you can steal glances at the guy that'll make him weak in the knees. Similarly, you can replicate it virtually on Snapchat to make a guy jealous.

7. Frequently update your status

You are trying to stir up jealousy, right? So it's very important to maintain an active presence on Snapchat by updating your status frequently but not too much. It's simple. If you don't have things to update, you probably can't make your crush notice you, let alone get him on the jealous side. 

Be creative with your post by updating your status with questions like "Is there anything like love at first sight? Can I approach a guy first?" These types of updates can catch his attention, getting him to comment and to know your more. 

8. Make your Snaps Interesting to Watch/Read

The more interesting you are, the more the greater your chances of making a guy jealous using Snapchat. For him to be your crush, you'll probably know something about him. So use that knowledge about him to visit the "discover" section to find things that'll fascinate your crush. While you may want to shoot randomly, knowing what to snap will help get him in your corner quickly.

9. Go for the Group Message

Hiding behind your keypads is supposed to eliminate any shyness and awkwardness; however, if you are a super shy type of woman, group chat is one sneaky approach you can use to talk with your crush and make him feel jealous. 

You don't have to send the message to tons of people. Just make it look like that by introducing a convo with "hey guys." If all goes well, you'll get him responding, and you can up your game with selfies and flirty posts.

10. Be friends with cool people

In real life, the right friends can totally elevate your social status and make you look good to others. You can become more visible or noticeable when your hang around cool friends. Similarly, the same thing is applicable in the virtual world. Good-looking friends with good vibes will generally make you look more attractive to crush. 

11. Know his interest

know his interest

Your personality, interest, hobbies, etc., are going to be some of your greatest weapons if you are going to make a guy jealous. However, knowing his interest will further tip the scales in your favor. Everyone naturally prefers to be with someone they have the same interests, or would at least be willing to share their interest. 

Knowing your crush's interests is a great way of catching his attention and making him feel you'll be great together. If you don't know his interest, you can ask his friends or look him up on Facebook. People naturally post things about their life on other social media platforms as well.

12. Use his hobby and your hobby

Hobbies are usually fun things. A hobby can also be just reading a book. Posting yourself engaging in your hobby can be an excellent way of catching your crush's attention and stirring up feelings. What's more, it'll be great if you know his hobby. 

For example, if your crush is into video games, you can post a picture of you playing video games. If you really want to get him jealous, post a picture of you and a couple of your guy friends playing games together. He'll likely respond because he'll want to be the one engaging in those hobbies with you.

13. Share your opinion

Since you are not physically present with him, you don't have to be shy. Go ahead to give your opinion about something his post on his Snapchat. For example, if your crush makes a new post about a delicious meal he had, you can drop a suggestion. It can be another creative way you had such a meal. 

You can tell him whether you made it yourself at home or you had it at a nice restaurant. 

From there, you can start giving opinions to each others' posts, which can blossom into something more.

14. Be funny 

Most people naturally love hanging around someone with a great sense of humor. If you want to make a guy jealous, post creative jokes. You can even do it with some funny video with your guy friends. I know the video it's not long on snap chat, but trust me, it's long enough to send a message that'll catch his attention. 

Men find women who can make them laugh very attractive. Being funny as a woman is almost like a superpower. So trust me when I say you'll have him in your corner in no time if you can be consistently funny. 

15. Snap what you're doing

Photos of your pretty face and sexy body are no doubt great, but there are times they get boring, especially when your crush isn't a superficial person. You can switch once in a while to posting the things you are doing. 

For example, you can snap about a location, a new book, new project, cup of coffee, cooking ingredient, or even what you are cooking. Guess what? Guys love a woman that can cook, so you'll not only get catch his attention if the way to his heart is his stomach, but you'll also make imagine spending time with you.

16. Stir up his feelings with stories

Stories about yourself and what you are up to can be a cool way of catching people's attention. Since it's your crush we are talking about here, your can subtly incorporate stories about your past relationship, your ex-boyfriends into your snap stories. 

Try to leave out the horrible details if there are any, so it doesn't seem like you are bitter or not over your ex-boyfriend. Make it funny, talk about restaurants and fun places you've been, and how you may be visiting again as a way of suggesting fun places to others.

17. Talk about how great you are

Now, this may sound like you are blowing your trumpet, or showing off, but if you do it right, you'll make your crush so jealous he'll be all over you in no time. You want to make sure you are not talking about shallow things. If you into wildlife/nature, saving endangered species, humanitarian causes, musical instruments, you can totally post about them without looking like a showoff

18. Be flirty 

You are a lady. Being flirty is something you should pull off effortlessly without adding a slutty ring to it. An easy way is to post a cute selfie with the right filters and a flirty caption to help your crush know you are single and available for a "more than friend" situation. Keep the caption vague and a little mysterious so that you can get his imagination running wild. 

Since you may have a couple of guys as friends on your Snapchat, get ready to receive attention from many of them. Here are a few examples of captions you could add to a cute selfie.

"Tired of that going to the movies alone."

"I hope my crush is thinking about me now."

"Looking like an arm candy"

19. Post fun pictures with your guy friends

One of the best ways to make your crush notice you and feel jealous is by hanging out with your guy friends. There are times you need to make a guy get the memo that there are existing competitions that could make him miss out if he doesn't act fast. For example, you can snap you and your guy buddies going hiking, at the gym, or a restaurant enjoying a nice outdo evening. 

Make sure you add a caption that'll let him know they are your friends, but you can also mention that they are cute so his feelings can get stirred up with uncertainty. Trust me, he'll get red with envy seeing you on Snapchat with guys or a guy that could have been him. 

20. Play around with filters

play around with filters

If you are not new to Snapchat, then you probably know how wonderful Snapchat filters are. They can totally transform an ordinary picture of you into something spectacular. To make a guy jealous, simply up your selfie game with the right filter and see your selfies come alive. You don't have to look too fake-ish

Just make sure that the filter you choose expresses you in a cool way. You can also bring in a little bit of humor by applying a puppy if your crush likes dogs. There are other Snapchat filters you can apply that make people appear cool, like someone that'll be fun to be with. This way, your crush will be dying to be around you because you would have successfully stirred up his feelings via his visual senses.

21. The Low Time Limit

Low time limit conversation is a sneaky way to make your crush interested in you. It's one of the tricks used on Snapchat to gauge a person's overall interest in your posts or you as a person. Once you send an interesting low time limit convo, normally, they won't have a good look at it since it's probably set a second. 

If all goes well, they'll be interested in the post and ask you for it. That way, you can get talking and exchanging more things about each other.

22. Don't post too much

Snapchat is a platform that helps you express yourself for others to see. That's why you are taking advantage of it to make your crush notice you and feel jealous. However, you might want to slow down with the postings/updates. If you post all the time, you may be sending the wrong message that you don't have a life outside social media.

The guy you are trying to stir up jealousy in may even end up thinking you don't have a lot going on in your personal space. This way, he may not want to be with you. So, be strategic with your Snapchat post.

23. Avoid posting the negative aspect of your life

Avoid ranting on Snapchat or posting negative issues. The idea is to get your crush to notice you and make him jealous, so avoid sending negative vibes. Keep the bad break-up scenarios away. Avoid posting how you met an "evil guy" who broke your heart into a thousand pieces. You may think you are gathering a pity party, sadly, it's not usually a nice move. 

Nobody wants negative vibes. You may get some pity attention, but you'll push people that could be romantically interested in you away.

24. Avoid controversial conversations and post

You may think it's nice to express your opinion on every subject matter, but if you hold extreme or controversial views about a topic, avoid posting them. You may think it will make your crush notice you, make him jealous, or make you appear like an intelligent person. It's usually not a good idea as it could backfire and scare your crush away, especially when they don't share the same views.

25. Be classy

You don't need to look like a million dollars before you can look classy. When I say be classy, it's not just about looks, it's also about the things you say or post. As you try to appear trashy or slutty, you also want your online conversation and contributions to be classy. 

Why do you think many people like celebrities? It's because they always try to display a level of class. While you may say, "I'm just trying to be myself," make sure the real you isn't someone people find annoying or repulsive. So if you want to make your crush notice you to that level where you make him jealous, let him see class.

26. Deliberately send Snaps that will make him jealous

If your crush isn't getting the memo with all of the above, it might be time to turn up the heat. Make a post on Snapchat that'll undoubtedly make a guy jealous. For example, post a picture of you and one of your hot guy friends with a vague caption that doesn't say you are in a relationship or not. 

This way, his imagination will run crazy with so many "what ifs." If he doesn't chat you up immediately to see if he's still got a chance, then he's probably not interested or he's still a "boy" and doesn't know what he wants.

27. Document your activities well

If you are the type that travels a lot and visit fancy or exotic places, documenting your travels via pictures and short videos is another way to make your crush jealous. If you've got a flawless bikini body, go ahead and show it off once in a while you hit the beach. It's not too many details as long as you are not just posting random pictures of you in a bikini when you are not at a beach or pool.

28. Lure your crush to make him jealous

One of the best ways to make a guy jealous on Snapchat is to bait or lure him with a trick question. If you are already in close rapport, you can throw a romantic question at him to hear his opinion and how he'll react. For example, ask him how he'll feel if a woman like you asks him out on a date. Tell him you are asking for your friend who wants to make the first move on her crush.

He'll probably figure out you are talking about him, or he'll feel it's about another guy, but you are repainting the situation to make it look like it's your friend that's involved. Either way, you'll make him feel jealous.

29. Try out new things

When your schedule is full of activities and various outings, it's only natural that your life will appear interesting and attractive to others. You don't need to fake it, as mentioned earlier; you only need to genuinely invest some time in trying new things such as visiting fun places.

Also, start a new project, begin a new fitness/workout plan. Make a new post of these activities on Snapchat and see how your crush will notice you more.

30. Be mysterious

be mysterious

Mystery is always attractive, and guys have always been known to love the challenge of winning over a woman with a little hint of mystery. Think of being mysterious as a way of playing a little hard to get. You don't need me to tell you how playing hard to get makes a guy jealous.

 As you let your crush into your world with your snap stories, messages, and selfies, disappear for a while. Make him miss you. Let him always be in that "bubble" that he can't get enough of you. Just before he starts to forget, let him have another dose of your cuteness and mystery.

31. The Direct Approach

Well, there no guarantees, so if all of the above isn't working fast and you can't think of any flirty or sneaky way to make him jealous, just directly send him a chat or snap. Once every other approach fails, this direct approach is usually the best way to make a guy notice you

There are times you just have to use it. Whether your crush replies or not, it's a good thing. You can either try some other time or move on. If all goes well, you'll probably be moving to the next base. 


How do you get your crush's attention on Snapchat?

Once you both follow each other, make sure your look attractive. Guys are naturally visual creatures, so they'll notice the outward you before they get to know the real you. Furthermore, you can post nice selfies with catchy captions to show that you are single and ready to mingle. 

How do you make your crush jealous?

One of the best ways to make your crush jealous is by bringing another guy into the picture. It could be one of your male buddies. You can post a picture of you both with the caption, "great weekend." It's a vague caption, so he'll keep wondering if he can still win you over. If he knows what he wants and all goes well, it won't take too long before you'll have him by your side.

How do you know if your crush likes you?

Naturally, your crush will respond and contribute to your posts online. He'll always like your pictures and never miss telling you how gorgeous you look. Even if he's a little shy or not sure if you have a boyfriend, you'll notice subtle ways of trying to get close to you both online and offline.

How do I make my crush fall for me in chat?

Flirting is one of the natural weapons of a lady. Try to flirt with him. Make sure you are not being slutty or desperate. Make him know you are available, then withdraw and let him chase you. Men always love a little mystery, the process of trying to unravel you will naturally make him fall for you.

How can I impress my crush?

All men love beautiful ladies, so if you are going to impress, you need to look drop-dead gorgeous. Also being yourself is key. You don't need to pretend to be someone else. Apart from not being able to pretend for too long, being you is effortless. You have a better chance at impressing anyone including your crush by being you. However, you can improve if you are not the best version of yourself.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed the article. Combining the tips will undoubtedly help as long as your crush is totally into you. Like I said, if all fails or isn't working as fast as you want, you can directly approach him with a snap or message, telling him how you feel. Suppose all goes well, good for you. Feel free to drop a comment and share it with your friends as well.

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