How to Ask Your Crush Out without Embarrassing Yourself

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When you have a crush on someone, you can't just stay still or they will be snatched out by someone else. You have to make a move. But honestly, whether you are a girl or a boy, asking your crush out is probably the most difficult part in a relationship. It takes more than courage to do it and nothing less important is: how to ask your crush out without embarrassing yourself.

You can't figure out how is your crush feeling about you all along. If they are kind to you, maybe because they are naturally kind and they treat others just the same. There is no guarantee that they will not reject you. Of course, the fear of rejection is the biggest thing that holding you back from confessing your feeling.

But at least you should give it a go. So that you are no longer wondering whether they like you or not. Rejection is painful but it's better to have it rather than later when your feeling for them grow stronger. Hey, what if they like you back and you end up going out together? It's always worth to try.

Here are the ways how to ask your crush out without embarrassing yourself in front of them:

1. Gather Your Courage

The most important thing is for you have gather all of your courage before you ask them out. It requires a big bravery from you as rejection is at stake. But make sure that this person is really worth the effort. It may look scary at first (because it is scary), but there come a big relieve soon after. See also How to Get Closer to Your Crush in School and Fall for You

2. Seek Advice from Your Friends

Share your worry with your friends, along with your plan to ask the out. Ask for some useful advice from them along with the encouragement that you can do it. You are in a big advantage if your friends happen to know your crush well.

3. Don't Worry About What Others Think

Your love confession can be embarrassing only when you care about what others would think about it. You can't control their mind, so that they always see things through their own perspective. Prepare yourself for this. Don't worry about what they think. You are more important in this. See also How to Get Your Crush to Notice You for Guys

4. Don't Worry About Their Answer

This is probably the biggest thing that holding you back. You are not sure about how your crush feeling toward you and you get scared of rejection. Think about all the possible answer before you meet them, and don't worry about it much. Your courage to tell them is all matters.

5. Talk with Them Alone

No one ask you to do a public confession. This is why you need to stressed less about it. Ask a private meeting with them. Telling your crush in private minimize the embarrassment you may get or feel. It's only between you and them. They are the only one who knows what you say and they won't be feel burdensome since they can say their answer directly to you. They might feel the embarrassment too! See also Signs A Coworker Has A Crush On You Secretly

6. Start the Conversation Lightly

At this moment, thousand of butterflies surely flying in your stomach. Exciting but scary at the same time. Set the mood of the conversation by starting it lightly. You can also make some jokes to break your tension. After that, calmly say all the prepared speech to confess your feeling. And you're done.

7. Respond to Their Answer

Yet another scary moment. Get ready to hear their answer. Whether it's good or bad for you, give the reaction you have rehearsed. Don't be surprised and stick with the plan. It's how you can make it less embarrassing.

8. Congratulate Yourself

Regardless of what their answer was, one sure thing is you have to congratulate yourself. Cheer on you for the courage you have shown. You have been braver than anyone else. And if they reciprocate your feeling, it's double celebration.

What If They Reject You

The worst thing that could happen is rejection. Remember that rejection doesn't mean failure. You're still doing well for your braver. Here are some ways to cope with the rejection from your crush. See also How to Get Your Crush’s Attention Without Being Obvious at Him

  • Don't be Angry

You may be shocked after the rejection and it's normal. You can be upset and heartbroken, but don't be angry. It doesn't make anything better. Anger only do damage to yourself and everyone around you. Wish them good luck and wear your nicest smile all the time even though you are broken on the inside.

  • Spend Time with Your Friends

Find peace and joy in your friends. They will be understand about how messy your feeling and always know how to lift your mood back. Spend many times with them, do a lot of fun activities and laugh.

  • Ask for Help

Heartbreak can take its toll on someone. Every person react differently to rejection. Some may have it easy but for others it can be the hardest thing they've ever experienced (especially when it's a first). If it's happen to you, seek for a help for someone you trust. You can go to counselor or therapist near you.

  • Don't Let It Traumatize You

One rejection doesn't define who you are nor it's a failure. Don't be traumatic with it that you are afraid of rejection in the future. Open up to new person and new opportunity that comes along.

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