Why You Should Love BTS and Join the ARMY Right Now!

Last updated on July 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Armies over here!

There are just countless reasons why you should love BTS, but you won’t mind to explain it one by one. Indeed, even a million reasons wouldn’t be enough since there will be a million more. Either you have become an Army since day one or you just recently join the family since BTS are the most talked boyband at the moment, you must know why you love them.

From their dorky and hilarious self, they can change to a charismatic performer in a second. Really, is there any reason not to love BTS? Especially for new Armies, here are a few of a million reasons for you to love the Bangtan Boys from now!

Be careful. Once you enter the fandom, there will be no turning back. Because you wish you get lost forever in it.

  1. They are Soooo Talented

Who will deny this one really? All seven members of BTS is highly talented you can hardly tell who is better than the other. From the vocal line to the rap line are all perfect. Before you done get smitten by Jin’s beautiful voice, you will be amazed with RM’s spectacular rap. Also read Why You Should Fall in Love with an Artist

No wonder all their stage performance are always fantastic and far from boring. You can enjoy it as much as you do. BTS always look like they are love to perform and meet their fans.

  1. Their Love for Armies is So Deep

Believe it or not, BTS is in a relationship with the ARMY. They never stop showing their love and affection to ARMY everywhere they are. Be it at fan signing, interviews, award ceremonies, varieties, and on stage. They know how important their fans are to them. BTS are who they are today thanks to ARMY. What sweet is, they make a special character for ARMY when they make their character based on BT21 plush line.

  1. BTS are Freaking Funny

Aside from how freaking cool they are on the stage, they are also freaking cool off stage. They are beyond funny as they are not afraid to show their silliness on camera and to their fans. When you have a really bad day, all you need is a dose of BTS to lift up your mood again. Try to see Bangtan Bombs and you will never stop laughing.

  1. Cuteness Overload!

Do you know how cute could they be? They always make this pretty expression and innocent face which is never fail to capture our heart, the ARMY. When blow kisses… oh my God, you’d be blown away by it too. They’re just too cute to be explained in words.

  1. They Always Strive to be Better

BTS is arguably the best K-Pop group right now, seeing how they now get international recognition, get invited in international scaled events and awards, as well as making endless collab with popular musicians. Also read Ways to Get a Man Like Noah Centineo

One reasons why you should love BTS is they always try to be better. They never get satisfied easily with their achievement even when they already surpassed everyone’s expectation. Each of them has improved and make us love them even more. To see how much they have changed, you may compare their old performance to the recent one.

  1. You Can’t Get Enough of Their Silliness

Seems like BTS always have new silliness everyday. Not only making the audience laugh, they never stop to make each other laugh as well. You can see how hilarious they are through the episodes of Run BTS!

If it’s not enough, there are many footages in YouTube in which Jimin tumbles, Jin do the bridging and the most hilarious is when V and Jungkook tried to imitate the worm. The latter even can spin in the ground. Oh, right, don’t forget the funny splits from Jimin.

  1. They Never Afraid to Speak Up

BTS in unlike any other boyband who talk about love and relationship. They are not afraid to touch many sensitive issues like mental health, bullying, or body shaming. They also tell their fans to study and not to focusing on them. They always stand tall on their ground, speaking on what they believe in. Also read Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World

Also, who can forget the speech RM made in the United Nations forum. Even if you’re not an ARMY, you must admit that it was good and influential. They are always such an inspiration for all of us.

  1. They Have a Good Heart

Not only they are a cool performer, but BTS also have a good heart. They endlessly involved in charity and campaign for good purpose. Love Myself campaign, which is also the title of their album with UNICEF is one of the notable. They concern in social issues like violence and sexual assaults to young people.

  1. Their Dancing Skills is Out of the World

What makes you enjoy their stage that much? Their dancing skills of course. You will always wonder how could they dance that good. Seems like they never run out of energy which makes them more amazing. Also read How to Get Your Crush's Attention Without Being Obvious at Him

  1. All of Their Songs are Meaningful

BTS’s music are not only good to listen but their lyrics are always meaningful. If you don’t understand Korean, try to Google the translation. It’s very amazing how they always encourage us to reach for our dreams.

Their debut song, “No More Dream”, challenge us to find the path to reach for our dreams. The song questioned about who you want to be.

But reaching for the dreams is not as easy as flipping through your hand. You will face many difficulties, frustrations, and despair. But listen to “Tomorrow” makes you aware that the dawn will break to replace the darkest part of the night.

  1. They Deliver the Message in the Most Unique Way

BTS have many songs about love. One of the best is “DNA”, which is a refreshment of BTS’s social issues songs. The sweet and bombastic song is about how you search love and finally find your “eureka” moment and what love can do to your DNA.

There surely many reasons why you should love BTS that will make the list endless. What else are you waiting for? Let’s join the ARMY, guys!

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