How to Tell Your Crush You Want to be More Than Friends

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People say that the easiest yet hardest thing is falling in love to your own friends. It's easiest since you have known your friends through and though, so that you have many reasons to fall for them. Hardest because your friendship is at stake. One wrong move may damage it forever.

But you can't choose to whom you will be falling in love. You can develop crush to your friends even after all the years that pass. Because of the friendship, you find it hard how to tell your crush you want to be more than friends. You are afraid that they may take it as a joke, seeing how long you have been friends.

Before Doing So...

While you are thinking about how to tell your crush you want to be more than friends, you have to be close to them first. At least they are one of your friends unless you can it from them. The problem is to tell them not to be friends when you already are.

It is indeed to have crush with stranger rather than your own friend, right?

Be brave and take an action. Make sure that anything you do won't ruin your friendship. Here are the ways how to tell your crush you want to be more than friends.

1. Keep Hinting About It

You shouldn't be in a rush to tell them that you want to be more than friends. But you can start building your base slowly. Give them endless hint to show that you have been developing crush to them. Ask them to play pretend as your lover in a school reunion or other occasion is a good start. Also read How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him for the First Time 

2. Show Your Jealousy

There is no jealousy between friends. Once you feel jealous to them, from then on you are crushing them. Let them know about your jealousy and never try to hold back. Tell them that you don't like that particular boy/girl they often hang out with. When they ask, "Are you jealous?" It will be a good chance for you tell them what you want.

3. Reserve the Weekend for a Quality Time

It's another clear hint you can show them. Ask them to free their weekend to spend with you. Say that you need them to go somewhere with you and it will be fun. Plan different activities every weekend so that it becomes a habit for them. In turn, they will be the one to reserve your weekend. Also read Signs Your Best Friend is in Love with You

4. Tell Them About the Ideal Lover They Should Have

If you are a close friend, you might discuss about your love life every now and then. You share each other about your relationship, breakup, and many more. Make this as an opportunity to advertise yourself. Tell them that they should date someone who knows them so well and many other things that point out to you.

5. Ask Them to Watch Movie That Relates

You never know that they might have the same feeling as you are. Maybe they hold it back all these time because they don't want to ruin the friendship. Show them that it doesn't always have to be that way by ask them to watch movies about friends turn lover. Movies like 13 Going On 30 or When Harry Met Sally may open their eyes to the possibility. Also read Signs Your Best Friend is Secretly Jealous of You

6. Separate Yourself from Others

When you hang out with a large number of friends, stick together with them all the time. Bring them somewhere you can be alone. Slowly they will wonder why would you want to separate yourself from others and asking you about it.

7. Talk About Love with Them

Talk about love in general. Not necessarily about you and them. Have a deep conversation with them regarding that matter, figure out if you have something in common. You may make this opportunity to make them realize that you are looking for the same thing in love and you don't have to search afar. Also read Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul Sister

8. Simply Tell Them

As much as we close to our friend, it will be difficult for them to notice that we have crush to them. If all your effort is not enough to wake them up, then you have to say it directly, clearly, and simply. It's important to keep things calm and casual because they will be surprised for sure. Just a simple word, "I think I have crush on you" will do.

9. Don't Make It Burdensome

Why is important to make things calm and casual when you tell your friend you want more from them? Because it makes them less burdensome. If you say it will all tense and nervousness, they will have a hard time to react knowing to you hope for more. When you make them feel burdensome, they might as well running away scared. Also read Signs That Your Boyfriend Loves You More Than Anyone Else

10. Give Them Time

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Transitioning from not feeling anything to like you takes time, let alone changing from friends to lover. You can rush them to like you back immediately. Instead, tell them that it's okay if they don't like you back and would rather stay as friends. This way they realize how mature you and and they find themselves comfortable around you.

11. Show Them the Other Side of You

You treat your loved ones and your friend differently. They may never know the romantic side of you, so you can try steal their heart by doing so. Show them what you're capable of as a lover and leave the rest to their judgement. Also read Reasons Your Boyfriend Should Be Your Biggest Fan

Dating your best friend is said to be one of the best thing could happen. There must be enough reason for both of you to fall in love with each other. But it's normal if you don't know how to tell your crush you want to be more than friends. Remember that even if your friend doesn't show any love interest at you, be mature and don't let it ruin your friendship. Some people are better stay as friends.

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