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We can tell how flirty or knowing someone likes you by acknowledging the way someone sends a text. However, every zodiac signs have their own different way or strategies. Scorpio is related to water signs, their specific way to communicate is by talking about deep emotions to someone they are close to, care about most, or simply showing that they have a flirty feeling for you.

Texting is a great medium for Scorpio to show his/ her feeling toward someone. When Scorpio is fascinated with someone, their feeling and attention are like an unstoppable train. They will move forward with no hesitation at all.


10 Texting Characteristics And Specific Ways To Know She Likes You

Here are little things to know the texting patterns of a Scorpio woman who might be your secret admire or even your crush or arm candy.

1. Sending Flirty And Intense Text Message

A typical text that a Scorpio woman will send you is kind of very or extremely flirtatious and intensely showing her feeling. She is just that comfortable to show how attractive you are to her.

2. Send You Frequent Texts To Check On You

send you frequent texts to check on you

When Scorpio woman is attracted by someone, she will send text frequently just to make sure he is no seeing someone else.

3. Know Right Time To Text

Although she might send frequent text, she doesn’t want to be creepy. She will notice when the right time to text to is. She knows boundaries and respects his time. She does those all to make sure she still send a flirty text to her man.

4. Intense Care

It may not only happen for Scorpio woman when she likes somebody. Scorpio woman will always try to offer help for someone she is seeing to. When she knows he is sick, she will send an intense care message and bring him food and offer to entertain him.

5. Never Feel Reluctant To Give Compliment

As a woman, a Scorpio woman never feels reluctant to give a compliment to the man she likes. She will give you a compliment from your look, personality, how to handle emotions or everything when both of you are texting.

6. Make You Addicted To Her Texting Behavior

Scorpio woman loves to use texting to build a relationship, especially a romantic relationship. She will make it normal and natural for you to text her all day and every day.

You can also see the signs a Scorpio man is jealous with you to see how deep his interest to you.

7. Asking Your Day

Scorpio loves to text intensely and showing deep emotion. She will ask about your day or when she knows you are going through something. This will make you feel comfort zone to let out everything you are going through whether your rough day at work or just telling her about your family.

And this can be one of the signs a man is emotionally connected to you.

8. Planning Out The Dates

planning out the dates

As a woman, they might feel shy to ask you out for dates. But she will fish you out to ask her for a date or she will plan out a time to hang out with you. She will do anything to try to be with you.

This is one of the reasons on why Scorpio man plays hard to get.

9. Share Privacy Time With You

When Scorpio woman shares her private time with you, this is a very strong sign that the girl has a special feeling for you, for sure. Scorpio people are into privacy, they will set a privacy boundary and respect someone else’s privacy.

When they like someone, they will not hesitate to share their privacy. For example, she will invite you to her private celebration for her birthday where she usually just share the moment with her family and best friends.

10. Big Supporter

When a Scorpio girl is fascinated with you, she will love to offer help and make sure you are happy and comfortable with her company. She will show big support on everything you do and you can see that through her text. Read why is my ex texting me 6 Months later? if she happens to be her ex you think she might want to back.

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