Why Is My Ex Texting Me 6 Months Later? This Is the Reasons

by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering why your ex is texting you six months or more after you broke up?

It can be confusing and discomforting when someone you really cared about reappears out of the blue like that…

Maybe it’s playing on your mind and you need to know why he texted you? At the same time, you don’t want to reply to him. 

Well, don’t panic! This guide is here to help! It features 11 common reasons why your ex would decide to message you after such a long time.

Please let me begin by revealing an online tool, which can quickly make it a lot clearer why your ex has decided to re-emerge. 

It’s this online communications tracker tool.

Provided you know a few of your ex’s most basic contact details, you can use it to connect with and track his personal devices.

Once you’ve done that, the tool can produce a detailed database of his communications history. 

You will find out who he has been calling and texting recently, what smartphone apps he’s using, what online services he’s registered to and more. 

This information could make it very clear if he’s broken up with his new beau (for example). It will also reveal any other big changes in his life that could have happened. 

You don’t need to worry about him finding out that you’re using this clever tool, because 100% discretion is guaranteed. So, why not put your mind at rest and use it?

Otherwise, your only other options are to ask him why he’s texting or to guess. The list below will help you with the latter.

Reasons Why Your Ex Is Texting You All Of A Sudden

Moving on is not easy for anyone. In fact, many have it harder than others. It may take months and even years, depending on how deep your relationship were. One of the fastest way to completely is by shutting your ex out of your life. You started by deleting their number, unfollow all their social media account, and everything you keep them away.

After 6 months, when you barely make it, they suddenly text you. Out of the blue, your ex. You must be wondering “why is my ex texting me after 6 months?” Mixed thoughts suddenly fill your mind, just as sudden as their text came to you. Indeed, why exactly?

Now that you have been holding on for half a year, you shouldn’t be shaken so easily. Let us tell you why did they text you after all those time. You might be surprise as it’s nowhere close to what you initially thought.

1. No, They Don’t Still Love You

This must be the first thing came to your mind. If this is true, then you’re still in love with them. That thought reflect your inner heart. You still have some sparks left and wishing them to be the same. But no, it’s not. They’re not. At least you shouldn’t let yourself think so.

It’s not always the reason why they text you after quite a while. Then why? Well, that’s what we’re trying to tell you. Now move on to the next point.

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2. They Probably Miss You

they probably miss you

Your ex can miss you even when they’re no longer love you. Chances are, it’s not you that they miss but they simply miss the feeling and memories. They probably feel just now that you left a huge space in his life and his heart. You can verify this if they text you at night, as they have nothing to do and to think about, so they will inevitably missing you.

No, missing the nights where you called and told each other to have sweet dreams. What a good old days.

3. They Are Curious About Something

For your information, not everyone can be bold enough to text their ex just because they miss them. They are more likely curious about something. Probably they heard that you date someone new and they want to know who it is.

Well, they do this not because they’re jealous or something. They want to compare your new lover with themselves, just to make sure that your new muse is nothing better than them.

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4. They Are Reminded About Something

When you were dating, you must had this inside jokes which only both of you can relate. It’s just the old things come back suddenly in their mind and they want to share it with you. This might not be the first time they feel so, but this is the first time they could gather enough courage to text you for real.

But once again, it has nothing to do with his feeling towards you.

5. They’re Testing Their Luck

So, this is the probable answer to “why is my ex texting me after 6 months” kind of question. They’re curious whether you blocked them or not, so they’re testing their luck by send you text messages.

They want to know if you feel any resentment towards them that makes you block their numbers.

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6. They Want To Sort Things Out

After a bad breakup, you still have these nasty feeling left to your ex. Time will heal everything, but having closure is better. If your ex was to be blamed for the failure of your relationship, they must be feeling guilty and want to sort things out with you.

They want to apologize for what they have done and wishing there are no hard feeling left. People need to do it so that they can move forward to the future with a lighter heart.

7. They Are Lonely

Loneliness is the real deal after a breakup. At first, you’ll feel freedom and independency to do anything you want, but at some point you gonna miss your old companion.

For example, winter is about to come but they have no one to cuddle with. As they haven’t find someone new, they have no choice but to turn back to the old one: their ex. You.

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8. They Were Hurt By Someone

they were hurt by someone

Shortly after breakup, they thought you were the worst person to date and how they regret to ever date you at the first place. You separated from each other only for them to find that nobody is better than you.

They tried to meet someone new, but they were hurt by them instead. While hitting the rock bottom, they are reminded of you and start to regret that they ever let you go. Well, everything become more valuable when you lose them.

9. You Don’t Block Their Number

Either you never block them or delete their number, that’s why they can text you after months. This would never happen if you still block them though. Hopefully you unblocked their number because you have completely over them and not to be easily swayed by little things.

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10. They Haven’t Get Over It

The fact that your ex texts you after 6 months shows that they haven’t let it go yet. They had a hard time to realize that you’re no longer together. They try to hold on to you and want you back. They simple can’t cope with loss and grief because someone important left them for good.

11. They Want To Be Friends With You

It usually don’t work with many people, but they are some who ended things in a good term and remain friendly with their ex. Well, they want to reassure about this and want to treat you as a friend to whom they can share everything.

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Now that you have arrived at the bottom of this article means you have found the answer to “why is my ex texting me after 6 months.” One thing you must know is that it’s not always about love.

Michelle Devani
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