Is It A Sin To Have Sex (Man) Before Marriage According To The Holy Quran And The Islamic Rules Of Religion?

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What does Islam say about having a girlfriend? Indeed, Islam encourages all Muslims to not having a girlfriend or boyfriend. It is haram and also has been written in the Holy book of Quran. However, there is an example; she has a boyfriend and she has sex (man) before marriage. Is it a sin to have sex (man) before marriage according to the Holy Quran and the Islamic rules of religion? Below here are the answers,

1. The great sin

In Islam, do sex before marriage it is already that human does a great sin that most hated. Allah Almighty has been written in the Holy Quran, that whosoever Muslims did this, they will be going to hell.

2. The loose of faith

In the Holy Quran, Allah says that if someone has done do sex (man) before marriage, his faith will be revoked by Him.

3. The punishment in the world 

In the time of the Messenger (PBUH) whoever did this, they would be beaten in front of Muslims and exiled for one year.

4. When in the HereAfter

Someone that does this thing, the punishment is not done just in the world. But, when in the  Hereafter someone that has done sex before marriage also has a punishment too.

5. Allah Almighty's warning in the Holy Quran

There are many verses of the Holy Quran about Allah's direct prohibition for Muslims do not to do things that are so cruel and bad because this has a great sin.

6. It is a very bad behavior

Do this thing ones, it will be your bad behavior that can happen on the next and another next day. It is also the same with your question about; are Muslim people forbidden to kiss before marriage?

7. Stop immediately or something else will happen

So, it will be bad if you do this thing sustainably. It will be great if you stop this immediately or something else will happen to you. The worst is you may pregnant at a young age.

Some Signs Of Great Sin When You Are In Dating

Well, there are some signs of great sin that you must know when you are in dating. This also answers the previous question about; is having a boyfriend haram in Islam? So, just take a look at below here.

1. Do dating is a normal

Dating is something that you think that this is a normal thing that teens do. However, do you know that having a boyfriend in Islam is considered a sin? There is no dating in Islam, but can a haram relationship become halal?

2. See or touch him

Seeing and touching the hand of someone you like (he is not your mahram) before marriage is also not permissible in Islam because it is haram.

3.  Say sweet and cute to your boyfriend

You always talk to him with the sweet and cute things to say to your boyfriend when he got mad at you.  It is also haram. Speaking cute, softly and sweetly to your boyfriend can foster a sense of his lust to you.

4. Spending time together

Furthermore, it is a common thing to do is spend time together, just alone in a quiet place. The Messenger (PBUH) once said that if there are women and men together (unmarried), between them there is Satan.

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5. Stay for a night 

It's too late to go home and you decide to spend the night at his house. Of course, this is haram especially if he is a man who hasn't married you.

6. Have sex (man) before marriage

Why Allah always warn the Muslims do not do this thing? If you a woman and you are still young has done this thing and you are pregnant. What will you do next? Allah Almighty and The Messenger (PBUH) always warn us because they care about Muslims.

How To Do Good Repentance In Islam
So then, if someone has done this how to do good repentance in Islam? Could Allah Almighty forgive us? Let's take a look below here.

1. The regret of the action  that you do 

First, you must have sincere intentions because you have regretted what you did. There some of the purposes of life according to Islam and the Qur’an

2. Leave it away

Leave all the bad things you have done. It's not enough there, you also have to start to improve yourself, for example changing how to dress according to Islam (for women).

3. Decide to not repeat this anymore

Decide from now on from the sincere intention of the heart that you will stop here and will not repeat the same mistakes. Very important, you must keep this promise.

4. Get closer to Allah

The most effective way to reduce your sins from previous sins is to get closer to Allah. Pray more, do the daily prayer on time, do the Sunnah even do fasting.

5. Find a better environment

If you feel your environment has a bad influence on you, leave it. Find a new environment with pious people. This will really help you to heal from your sins.

6. Be quiet and secret about this

Stay still and keep this great sin secret from others. Just keep your great sin in secret. It is enough just Allah knows your sin.

7. Just believe in Allah Almighty 

The final step, if you really feel guilty and want to get out of these sins. You should believe, that how much your sins, Allah will forgive you, he is the Lord of Forgiveness and Graciousness.

Hopefully, the above question about is it a sin to have sex (man) before marriage according to the Holy Quran and the Islamic rules of religion can answer your big question. After reading this, may all of you aware of your bad things and you can do the repentance as quick as possible. Goodluck.

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