Is Having A Boyfriend Haram In Islam? Here's The Rules

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Firstly, check once again about this on you are a Muslim who is not supposed to Date, how do you find love then? It is yes, that having a boyfriend haram in Islam. It because of various reasons, then you should read below these are now.

1. Bad Deeds

In Islam, believing that someone does dating is a bad thing and it can make us closer to the wrong road and it makes us worse.

2. This action is indeed prohibited

Why does Islam forbid us from dating? Because dating is haram and everything we do with our opposite like seeing, shaking hands, having fun with her or him only. Indeed, it is among adultery in Islam

3. Bow your eyes

In a number of verses in the Holy Quran, it has been explained that it is better for every man and woman to bow their eyes or turn their eyes immediately from things that are haram.

4. Cover the body with a hijab

For Muslim women, they should extend the hijab to their entire body so that they are not disturbed by men. This polite manner of dress that only reveals faces and both palms are also written in the verses in the Holy Qur'an.

5. Being with a lover only is not permitted

You are going with your boyfriend to the cinema. In Islam, that is not permitted. Indeed, if a woman is traveling with a man who is not her husband, there will be demons who follow them.

6. Do Fasting

A young Muslim who has not been able to get married, it is better to bow his eyes by fasting. By doing fasting, this will control your view to the woman and it will protect yourself from other bad deeds.

7.  Get married as soon as possible

In Islam when you like and love a woman and you want to have it, it is recommended to get married as soon as possible.  It's better than dating. Well, you should see the advantages of love and arranged marriage. It's good for you.

8. Avoid the bad things that happen

When dating, many possibilities occur, one of which is the woman can pregnant before marriage. This is the reason why Islam forbids and it is haram for a Muslim.


How is halal dating in Islam

Is having a boyfriend haram in Islam? It is yes. But, how if I like or loved someone? Well, you should know of some these below steps. It will help you.

1. Do a positive thing together

The holy month is coming, it's Ramadhan. You can do some positive things together, such as like recite the holy of Quran together even share blessings with sharing food for iftar to around people.

2. Invite your friends

While you want to meet with him, invite your friends to meet him too. It makes the atmosphere becomes cheerful. Everything feels warm.

3. Avoid touching him

Shaking even touch his hands, hugging and even kissing him is prohibited. As much as possible you should be able to avoid this.

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4. Remind him of the prayer times

You can remind him of the prayer times regularly. This aims to make both of you closer to God because only God can turn all of the people's hearts.

5. Gives him a motivated

Your boyfriend dreams want to be a successful entrepreneur one day. You can give him positive motivation and let him catch his dreams. The young entrepreneur has this, it is some things to know before you date a young entrepreneur.

The signs that he is a Muslim guy  who right's for you

How can I recognize that he is a Muslim guy that is right for me? Well. you should see these some signs. These signs can help you to decide, he is the right one or not.

1. See how he prays

The first thing that can be seen is the way he prays. If he prays in a timely, then he is someone who is close to his God.

2. Loved his mother

If he has a good relationship with his mother, then he is a good boy that obeys his mother. It's very good. Well have a mother is a blessing, you should know these some reasons why a mother is more important than a father.

3. A high sense of caring

This high sense of caring is not only shown to family, relatives, and even friends. He also has a high sense of caring for young children.

4. Attitude towards others

You can also see how he interacts with other people, like his neighbors. If he is able to build a good community with his relationship with the neighbors, this is a very good thing for him when he becomes the head of the family soon.

5. Keeping promises

A good man will always keep the promises he has made. This trait is very important for a dream Muslim man who will be your future husband. How about the white lies? Does telling little white lies causing big problems in a relationship? Check this one.

6. Do not wasteful

Men also apply to not be too excessive in spending the money. He also must be able to control income and expenses properly.

7. Maintaining his views

A young Muslim man when he met a woman. He will always keep his eyes by lowering his eyes. Maintaining a view is a preventive measure to avoid his desire.

8. The responsible man

Able to fulfill all tasks or work that he has is one of the examples that he is a responsible man.

Hopefully, the above on is having a boyfriend haram in Islam, may these answers can benefit for you. It is right, Islam prohibited from having a boyfriend or girlfriend. It is for our's good and our future.

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