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This Is What to Say to Your Boyfriend on Your 5 Month Anniversary

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Boyfriends are a girl’s best protector, best friend, partner in crime, and more. It’s hard to find a boyfriend you can click with, moreover a loving relationship that can last 5 month. This is worth celebrating!


For ages, the power of words have always prevailed. That is why, use some sweet words in this 5 months anniversary to make him feel your love and to make sure that your relationship survives through the hurdles.

Here are the sweetest things on what to say to your boyfriend on your 5 month anniversary:

  1. I Am Lucky To Be Yours
  2. I Want To Be Yours Forever And Always
  3. I Always Have Faith In Our Relationship And Look At Us Now
  4. We Made It Through Our First Five Months, Here Is To Many More Because I Know You Are The One
  5. These Past Five Months Have Been Amazing And Sensational All Thanks To You
  6. I Am So Grateful That You Walked Into My Life Five Years Ago Today. I Love You Baby.
  7. I Am The Luckiest Girl To Have The Opportunity To Go Through Five Amazing Years With You
  8. Use The Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Love You Even More
  9. These Five Months Have Gone So Fast Because They Say Time Flies Faster When You’re Enjoying Yourself
  10. Through The Obstacles, Hardships, and Everything, You Have Been My Home For The Past Five Months And I Am Grateful For That
  11. You Are The Light Of My Life, Thank you For Being You And Being With Me These Past Five Months
  12. I Am So Lucky To Have You, My Darling.
  13. I Realize Through These Past Five Months That Life Have Been So Much Easier Because You Are Here With Me In My Every Step
  14. Say The Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Realize You Love Him
  15. Today Is Really Special Because This Is The Day That A Special Guy Is Finally Mine
  16. I Am So Proud Of You And Grateful That You Are In My Life
  17. Thank You For Endlessly And Unconditionally Loving Me. It Is Much More Than I Could Ever Ask For.
  18. You Are The Person I Always Come Back To. Happy Five Months Anniversary, Honey.
  19. I Will Never Get Bored Of Cherishing You And Making You Happy
  20. Your Happiness Matters. These Past Five Months Have Put Me Into A Realization That The Thing I Want The Most In Life Is To See You Smile
  21. I Have Never Felt So Strongly For Someone. Because Of You, I Truly Know What Love Is.
  22. The Months Fly By So Fast When I Am With My Favorite Person.
  23. Promise To Never Leave Me This Anniversary. I Love You So Much.
  24. Sweetly Whisper The Things to Say to Get Your Boyfriend in the Mood 
  25. In This Five Months Anniversary, Please Know That I Will Never Stop Loving You And Cherishing You.
  26. My Heart Is Yours Forever And Always, My King.
  27. Because Of The Five Months We Have Been Through Together, I Really Belief That The Future Ahead Is Bright For Our Relationship.
  28. Thank You For Loving Me Even When I Am At My Lowest And When I Am Undesirable.
  29. Your Unconditional Love Is The Fire That Keeps My Heart Warm Every Single Day.

  30. I Never Get Tired Of Seeing You Laugh
  31. My Favorite Thing To Do Is To Give All My Love Towards You
  32. Thank God The Universe Choose To Cross Our Path. I Hope We Never Fall Apart.
  33. Text Him The The 10 Second Text That Will Make Him Smile for Hours Thank You So Much For Five Months Of Adventures And Laugh. I Love You From The Bottom Of My Heart.
  34. I Still Can’t Believe That You Are My Boyfriend. This Past Five Months, Thank You For Always Choosing Me Again and Again.
  35. Spending Time With You Is My Favorite Moment These Past Five Months.
  36. As Five Months Pass, I Realize More and More That You Are The Perfect One For Me and I For You.
  37. Thank You For Standing By My Side Through The Storm These Past Five Month. I Thank The Universe For Your Existence.
  38. I Pinch Myself When I Look At You Because I Can’t Believe That I Have The Dreamiest Guy In The Entire Universe!
  39. Text Him The How to Tell a Guy You Want to Hook Up in a Text

It is so easy to use what to say to your boyfriend on your 5 month anniversary. May your relationship blossom for months to come!

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