30 Romantic Things To Say To Express Your Love To Your Boyfriend

by Michelle Devani

Do you love your boyfriend so much that words can't express it?

Or maybe you're just the kind of woman who doesn't know the appropriate words to say to a romantic partner? 

Perhaps you're not comfortable expressing yourself like this?

If so, you have nothing to worry about. There are lots of people who feel this way. This guide is here to give you a helping hand to give you the words to say to express your love to a boyfriend. 

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With that said, let’s take a deeper look at some specific words you can say to your special man.


30 Things To Say To Express Your Love To Your Boyfriend

1. 'I wouldn't want to live my life without you' 

 Saying that you couldn't live without him would sound cringe, but that you wouldn't live your life without him is true.

2. 'I still have butterflies in my stomach every time you're around'

Bring back the memories when you just first met, how you always feel nervous when you see him.

3. 'I'd give up everything just to see that smile'

His happiness is your happiness and it's true that seeing his smile is all you want from him.

4. 'I'm addicted to you'

Love is the most dangerous drug that would make you addicted to. Thank God it appears in the form of him.

5. 'I feel safe when I'm with you'

I feel safe when I'm with you

Your boyfriend will love if you depend on him, and he will make  sure to protect you from anything. It's good to say when he's showing Signs That Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon.

6. 'If anything bad ever happens to you, I'd be crazy'

Love is about caring your boyfriend and make sure he is okay. Make him know just how much you care about him.

7. 'You are the best definition of love'

After going with some unhealthy relationship, you finally find the best love in him. Check out the Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend.

8. 'I wouldn't change anything about you'

It means that you love him the way he is, and you put your faith in him. This will make your boyfriend comfortable.

9. 'I want to thank God for sending you to me' 

Show him how grateful you are for your existence and that he means so much to you.

10. 'I feel proud when someone talks good things about you'

As if you are one with him, his goodness make you feel proud and lucky that he is yours.

11. 'Every single day you make me fall in love'

You will never get enough of him, and he is very charming that you feel like falling in love with him every day.

12. 'Thank you for coming into my life'

The best way of showing someone that you love him is by feeling grateful that he comes into your life.

13. 'No one understand me better than you do'

Accepting each other the way they were is an important foundation of a relationship. This way you show him that you don't hold back anything from him.

14. 'You know how to make me smile even when I don't want to'

Tell him that you appreciate how he always try to make you smile even when you're down. And he never failed it.

15. 'To me, you are perfect'

to me, you are perfect

Nobody is perfect in this world, but for you he is the definition of perfect. Everything he did for you is perfect, and let him know that.

16. 'My problems disappear every time I see you'

This is simple but full of meaning. Well said, he is the remedies for your problems.

17. 'I want to grow old with you'

If you love someone, you want to keep him company as long as possible. As much as you love your boyfriend, you simply want to be with him forever. To keep him fall in love with you even after marriage, learn the Ways to be a Good Wife to Your Husband.

18. 'My friends are jealous that I have you'

Emphasize how good he is as a boyfriend that your friends grew some jealousy. This is kind of indirect compliment.

19. 'I feel empty without you'

If saying 'I miss you' is too plain and simple, try another words to say it. This one is really good.

20. 'You are my favorite person'

As it means you never get enough, tell him this over and over again. He will know how much you love him.

21. 'I never cease to love you'

Your boyfriend needs to know that your love for him is forever and true, that you will not cease to do it.

22. 'You're a habit that I can't leave'

This show how much you attached to him. That he has become your habit, and he has to be exist everyday in your life.

23. 'Just hearing your voice make me smile'

This is one of the sweetest things to say to express your love to your boyfriend. It really works when you try to find Ways to Handle a Long Distance Relationship.

24. 'You are the first thing come into my mind every morning' 

Knowing that he is the first person come into your mind will make him assured about your love.

25. 'Thank you for always listening to me'

thank you for always listening to me

The fact that he patiently listening to everything you say is one prove just how much he loves you, and you have to tell him that you feel the same way too.

26. 'I feel like a spoiled kid with you'

Just how much he cares about and love you, make you feel like a kid all of a sudden, who is spoiled by her dad.

27. 'Your arms is my home'

After a long and hard day, all we need is arms to hug us tight. The arms of the one we really love.

28. 'You always show me the right way when I'm too blind to see'

When you love someone, you don't want her to take the wrong path in her life.

29. 'Your love is like the air, I can't breathe without it'

This is also one of the sweetest things to say to express your love to your boyfriend.

30. 'I love you'

There's no need to explain. You simply love him.


So those are the things to say to express your love to your boyfriend. Try every one of them and he surely be deeply touched! If you are married already, here are some Sweet Things to Say to Your Husband.

Michelle Devani
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