6 Ways On How To End Date In The First Date In A Proper Way

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After moving on to your last heartbreak, you may want to take another date with someone new. The first date with someone new, you may think about it or not is full of possibilities. The possibility of you may like it, hate it or even it can be so awful, and make you want to escape.

On your first date, you must don't know much about your new partner because he or she is still strange to you and it's very normal. It takes time to get to know your partner especially her or his characteristic. The problem is not about you like it or not but it's about how if your partner turns into a very annoying person.

If you find out that your partner is too fussy or pervert you must have to end your first date as fast as possible. It's okay to stay away from a person who makes you feel uncomfortable.

It is better to show your stand that you do not want with him or her instead of pretending that you like your new partner and end up with a heartbreaking moment both for you or for your partner. All you need is just how to show it correctly without hurting your lover's feelings. This is the 6 ways to end your first date correctly:


1. Use The Good Reason Why You Have To Go, Even It Is A Lie

use the good reason why you have to go, even it is a lie

The first step before you settle your first date is to choose a good reason even it is a lie. Try to get an image that you have to do something else matter and you can't stay there. It's better to not lie but if your new partner is that annoying there is no other way.

Some reason that you may use like; you have another appointment with your friend, work schedule, family time, or maybe you have a pet that has to feed. Give your new partner a clear explanation so he or she does not leave questioning is you are telling the truth or not. You can also find the first date conversation ideas.

2. Say Thanks

Thanks are one of the magic words. Say thank you because you have been asked for a date in such a nice place. Say thank you for the food if she or he pays it for you, say thank you if he or she picks you up, say thank you for such a nice conversation if it is what happened.

Show your gratitude without lay it on thick. Keep everything natural but don't let him or her think you did not enjoy it. If you have been picked up, you can go back by yourself so you will not be feeling that guilty.

3. Pay The Bill

If you are the one who asks for the date, pay all the bill both your and your lover's bill. This is a good attitude from someone who asks for a date and wants to leave it. It shows responsibility.

If you are the one who asked for, try to pay your own bill to show that you are the independent one and to erase the guilty feeling for leaving. It's okay if, in the end, your new partner refuses it and insist to pay your bill.

Just accept it because it does not make you not independent. It's even better if you offer to pay her or his bill, in case you want it. You also want to read : Relationship Advice If You are Dating Someone With A Kid You Need to Know.

4. Be Clear, Do Not Say That You Want To Date Again If You Are Going To Ghost

be clear, do not say that you want to date again if you are going to ghost

As I said before, you don't have to be sink. Just straight into the point to show that you don't want to continue your relationship. Avoid saying let's have it again at another time or you want another date the next time if in the fact you don't like it at all.

Being honest is the key because pretending like you want to go further with your partner will not bring anything but hurt. Try to not hurt your new partner is a good thing but never do it by a lie that you like him or her. Fake smile and gratitude are more than enough so you don't need anything more.

5. Goodbye

Of course, it's a must to say goodbye nicely to someone who asked you for a date. Just say a normal goodbye and do not promise anything. It's better if you show some signs that you do not want to continue your new relationship in a nice way.

Try to say bye-bye or goodbye instead of seeing you because it will make you look like want to another date. Make sure before you say goodbye your new partner had nothing left to say so it does not look like you leaving your partner.

Two things that you need to notes are trying to not end your date that fast. For example, at least finish your dinner first before you are going. The second one is to do all the tips naturally.

Do not let your partner think that you are lying to him or her. Read what you can't say on the first date here. If you do all the tips, you can walk away without any guilty feeling because you are already treating your new partner as well.

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