5 Signs You Are Already Ready To Start A New Relationship After A Heartbreak

Last updated on April 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Did you know about Thomas Alva Edison, the one who invented the bulbs? Thomas invented it in 1879 after many long and complex experiments in his laboratory above the train.

He starts the experiments from the early of 1879 and well knew that he must try around 999 times experiments to create a stable and longlasting bulb one year later. The interesting point of that story is he won't be called failed 999 times but he just invented 999 wrong ways to make the bulb.

From him, we can know that he does not look at his mistake as a failure but keep learn from it to chase his dream. He moves from one experiment to another one full of hope that sometimes he will get what he wants while he tries to fix himself.

And so is love, to be honest finding your true love at your first shoot is a rare thing that not many people may get it and it's normal. It's okay if you need so much time or even so much trial to get your true love because that is life. The point is not how many you get knocked down but how many you can stand up again.

If you have ever been disappointed by someone, cheated, fell into a toxic relationship then put your chin up. Forgive them and of course, forgive yourself so you can start a new chapter on your life cheerfully, just like Thomas try his new ideas on the bulb.

After talking about tips to talk to your girlfriend's father for the first time, here is the signs that you are already ready to start a new relationship after a heartbreak:


1. You Let Everything In The Past

you let everything in the past

It does not mean that you forget about your memory with your ex-partner, you still remember everything about them but you are fully realized that it's only a memory and none of it can be repeated. Humans did mistakes so as long as you recognize yourself as a human it's very normal to ever do mistakes.

Forgive yourself for making a wrong decision, forgive your ex for making a lot of mistakes, and walk away to your brighter future today. You will know when you need to let someone go after reading signs its time to let go of someone you love.

2. You Can Focus On Your Task

Having a broken heart certainly feels so painful and it can distract anything you do, your job, your homework, your project, and anything else. For some moment you cannot focus on doing your task and it's very annoying. After you let everything in the past and gain your focus again it means that you are ready to love again.

3. Look Everything Positively

Heartbreak not only feels so painful but sometimes it can be so traumatic. The wise man says that if you broke someone's heart is not only affects their current condition but also their way to look on a relationship.

They may take it as the worst moment and won't involve in any relationship again because it was so scared. They will always see a relationship or even other things in a negative way and become so pessimistic.

That is why if you can see everything positively and become more optimistic it means you may ready to start a new relationship.

4. Observing And Sensitive To Your Current Environment

When you start to move on from your heartbreaking moment, you will realize that there is so much happiness you can get from around. An only small thing such as others smiling at you, helped by your friends, liked by people on Instagram may bring you happiness more than you thought.

That will be your turning point to more sensitive to your surrounding. After that, you will start to more observing them and give them a hand if they need it so you can also spread happiness to them. 

5. Become More Realistic

Finding out that someone you loved so much doing such a bad thing to you may hurt you deeply but it is really that bad for you? Nothing comes for no meaning, everything that happened to you always brings something that you can learn from.

From heartbreak, you can learn that nobody is perfect, they always have their shortcoming. If you can deal with it then maybe you both can be a good partner but if not, just let them go. You are no more chasing a utopia such as eternal love but you will believe that all you need is finding someone who matches you as much as possible.

6. Believe In Love, Again

believe in love again

No matter how traumatic it is, human is a social creature that always needs a partner or at least, a friend. Just because your last relationship was so bad it does not mean that you cannot find the matches one for you.

If you already know it all, realize that the problem is in your partner that you choose not in love concept that you believe means you are ready to start the new way of happiness in love. 

All those things do not come easily. Even it is the simplest ones, you may need to experience some kind of activity to realize that. Of course, everything good takes time and you don't need to be in rush if you still cannot feel all those things just focus on healing yourself and find your own happiness.

But, if you already feel all of them it means you are ready to start to love someone new that might gonna be your true love. When you ready to start, you can read tips to make your girlfriend fall in love with you all over again and you can apply some tips, too.

To increase the chance of a successful relationship, you can read key habits to build a successful relationship and tips on how to be a better lover.

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